11 Best Selling Gadgets For The Chronically Ill – Practical Help You Need

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How You Can Use Gadgets To Make Life More Manageable

Chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome mean that pain and exhaustion are your everyday companions. Just trying to live a normal life can be a bit of a struggle when your energy levels are constantly low. And trying to avoid an energy ‘crash’ is an ever present concern.

Your mind might be willing you to just get up and get on with it, but if you push yourself too hard you know you’ll end up spending the next day or two in bed, flat on your back, energy drained, possibly in pain and definitely in recovery mode. Just like the Energizer bunny you’ll be all out of battery power.

Unfortunately, not many of us can afford full time help for domestic duties, like shopping and cleaning. Nor do we have cash to spare to have a masseuse on hand who will help soothe away those ever present aches and pains that chronic illness often leaves you with.

But most of us can afford one or two best selling gadgets for the chronically ill that make life a little easier. Ignore anyone who may criticize you for spending money on something they might think is a nonessential item or a novelty, only you know how much a gadget can help your current condition.

Simple actions like chopping vegetables or doing the vacuuming can leave you crying in pain and fatigue if you push yourself beyond your energy envelope.

Particularly if you live alone you need gadgets to help you prepare meals and create a clean and tidy home environment. Everyone, no matter their health status feels better if their home environment is hygenic and well organized.

Gadgets can help you maintain some level of independence and make carrying out daily chores a lot less frustrating and energy sapping.

Luckily, there are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos available that can provide practical help and support you in dealing with your chronic illness.

For example – there are products to help…

  • Assist you to remain mobile, providing support so that you can get out and about for short periods.
  • Make you more comfortable at home in your bedroom and lounge room during extended periods when you are sofa or bed bound.
  • Help you carry out domestic chores and cooking in the least energy sapping way so you stay within your energy envelope and prevent constant crashes. 


Gadgets For Help With Domestic Chores

The thing about domestic chores is they are just never ending. And you need to stay on top of them if you want to keep your home environment pleasant and orderly.

This takes energy, usually precious energy which is in short supply if you are living with a chronic illness. The good news is, there are gadgets that can help you save heaps of time and energy when carrying out the tasks you need to do around the home.

The Roborock E25 Robotic Vacuum

chronic illness meal prep

Dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner around and mopping floors is a real energy sapper. Whoever invented these robotic vacuum cleaners deserves a medal, they are a boon if you are suffering from any type of chronic illness, or even if you are not and you’re in perfect health.

It’s important to keep floors clean and dirt free and this multipurpose machine not only vacuums but mops too which is great if your home has a lot of timber or tile floors. Using this robotic vacuum you can avoid that yucky feeling of crumbs and dirt sticking to your bare feet from a timber floor that hasn’t had its regular cleaning.

And if you have pets, you know how difficult it can be to keep floors pet hair free, it is a constant battle. But, this nifty little machine will ensure your floors stay spotless without any effort on your part as it has a floor mapping function using laser navigation to make keeping your floors pristine effortlessly.

Using App control you can start, stop, charge, schedule and customize your vacuum. It also has great features allowing you to spot clean and control movement direction. Wifi enabled and compatible with Android, IOS, and Alexa, just set it up and let this robotic vacuum do its thing. 

Using this robotic vacuum cleaner you can strike floor cleaning off your to do list, the Roborock E25 will take care of it all for you.

If you have all carpet flooring and you don’t need the additional mop function, there are many other robotic vacuums available without the mopping function.



Whitmor Commercial Rolling Laundry Butler

chronic illness survival kit

Doing laundry is another domestic chore that is a major energy sapper. So anything that can make this easier will conserve your energy. There are a lot of useful laundry items that make doing your weekly laundry a lot more energy efficient. And using this handy laundry basket on wheels is one of them. It means you don’t need to lug a heavy basket of wet laundry around.

Loading and unloading the washing machine and dryer is easy with one of these baskets on wheels. You’ll feel like you are in your very own laundromat. It is even sturdy enough to wheel outside if you are hanging your laundry on an outdoor clothesline.

With the handy hanging rack and a few coathangers at the ready you can remove the clothes from the dryer and hang them on the rack straight away. Hanging them up immediately allows creases to fall out of your clothing meaning there’s a lot less ironing to do too. Yeah! Another domestic chore you can avoid.



Gadgets For Help In The Kitchen

Cooking is a domestic chore which many find enjoyable and some not so much, personally I find it relaxing. But, cooking becomes less enjoyable with limited energy or painful stiff hands.

Luckily there are many gadgets that can help you save energy in the kitchen while still allowing you to prepare nutritious food and drinks.

And, if you are dealing with any type of chronic illness eating healthy nutritious food is a must when you are trying to recover.  The nutritious fresh food you eat provides the building blocks for energy your body so desperately needs.

Filling up on fast foods because it is easy can be a big mistake. It might ease your hunger but will do little to fill your nutritional needs and can be detrimental to your health by increasing inflammation in your body.


Nutrichef Auto Hot Water Dispenser

chronic illness gifts

If lifting a heavy kettle is difficult or painful for you, this Nutrichef Auto Hot Water Dispenser will make life easier. You can make your herbal teas and hot drinks instantly with just the touch of a button. With its quick heating function your drinks will be ready in no time. And you can adjust the temperature too so your drink will be just the way you like it.

Some of the functions include:-

  • TOUCH BUTTONS – Simple and easy functionality built in with the digital touch button panel on the top of the unit for convenience. You can start and stop the water flow, control the temperature as well as the quantity of water dispensed.  
  • LOW WATER ALERT – If water levels in the tank get too low an audio alert notifies you. The transparent water tank is easy and convenient to refill.  
  • WATER FILTER –  The water heater has a replaceable water filter to ensure water is kept clean and healthy.
  • DRIP TRAY – The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning.



Sammons Preston Rocker Knife with Wooden Handle

chronic illness backpack

A rocker knife is a very handy gadget for those who like to cook but have difficulty gripping a standard knife due to pain, weakness or stiffness in the hands. It is designed to make slicing, cutting and chopping easier.

With a curved wooden handle and a 3.5″ curved blade it easily cuts meat and tough foods. It can also be used as a mezzaluna for chopping herbs and is a great pizza cutter too.

You can use it single handed or use both hands to exert a little more power if your hands are weak. However you choose to use it the sharp single edged blade coupled with the rocking action makes chopping and preparing food easy. Prepping veggies for healthy salads and soups is so much easier using this handy rocker knife.



BirdRock Home Grabber Pick Up Tool with LED Light

chronic illness accessories

While not strictly a kitchen gadget, this grabber tool can be useful in the kitchen to reach up into tall cupboards or at the back of the fridge. No need to use precious energy moving a chair or ladder into place, just use this handy grabber tool instead. You can even use it to help pull laundry out of the bottom of a washing machine or dryer.

This Birdrock Home Grabber Tool is lightweight and comes equipped with an LED light allowing you to see in dark hard to reach places around the home. The rubber grabber jaw pinches closely enough to pick up items as skinny as a piece of paper or as fat as a book or phone.

With a comfortable contoured rubber handle it is easy and painfree to use. The handle rotates so you can use the grabber both horizontally or vertically depending on the item you are trying to catch hold of.



All Clad Programmable Slow Cooker With Ceramic Insert

chronic illness supplies

Slow cookers are an absolute must have kitchen gadget for making healthy nutritious food with minimum effort. In the morning, simply brown some vegetables and meat, add your favorite seasonings and together with some stock throw the whole lot into your slow cooker.

Set it to cook slowly throughout the day, and enjoy the wonderful cooking aromas. And you’ll have a delicious meal ready by dinner time. Just plate it up and tuck in. Try my tasty slow cooker  Osso Bucco recipe, it’s such an easy dish but impressive enough to serve up to guests, they’ll think you’ve been slaving over a hot stove for hours.

A slow cooker is also fantastic for making healthy gut healing bone broths. The cool thing about a programmable slow cooker is you can set your broth to cook for hours allowing all the minerals from the bones to be extracted into your broth. No need to worry about the pot going dry or a gas flame blowing out under the pot as you would with conventional stove top cooking. Slow cooking is truly a hassle free way to make nutritious bone broth.

As with all cookware it’s important to choose a toxin free slow cooker with a ceramic liner rather than a non stick liner to avoid any possibility of toxins leaching into your food. Check out my full review of the All Clad Programmable Slow Cooker With Ceramic Liner. 


Gadgets That Make Your Home More Comfortable

There are SO many gadgets to help make your living space more comfortable, I’ve selected just a few of my favorites here. From furniture and furnishings that make waiting out a crash more comfortable, to cool stools for helping you take a daily shower, you are sure to find something useful to make daily life with your chronic illness easier.

EcoDecors Serenity Shower Stool

easy meals for chronically ill

If it is difficult to shower, either due to mobility issues or because your fatigue doesn’t allow you to stand for long this shower stool is a boon. Made from natural recycled teak the look and design will transport you straight to your own relaxing Oriental spa.

This sturdy stool comes fully assembled and has adjustable stoppers on each leg making it easy to level for stability on a sloping shower floor. And the curved seat is comfortable to use no matter your body shape.

With a handy shelf under the seat you can keep all of your shower needs within easy reach. Keep this cool stool in your shower, no need to remove it after showering. Or leave it outside the shower in a convenient spot for you to sit on while drying yourself and dressing. A stylish and practical addition to any bathroom.



Frivity Power Recliner/Lift Chair With USB Charging Port

amazon products for chronic illness

I’ll admit, recliner chairs in general are not the most stylish furniture pieces, but they are definitely comfortable and very practical for anyone with a chronic illness. For days when you can get out of bed but not out of the house a recliner chair is somewhere to relax, read, binge watch Netflix and just wait out a crash in comfort.

This Frivity fabric recliner chair is upholstered in soft velvet type fabric which adds to the comfort factor. And it has a more streamlined contemporary and dare I say ‘feminine’ look than many other recliner models on the market.

Touch button power operation allows you to recline at the degree you want without using any effort. It also has a lift function making it easier to stand up from the chair.

The one button control includes a USB port so you can charge your laptop or tablet without needing to move out of your chair.



Ecuadane Woven Blanket 

chronic illness essentialsOn days when you need to rest up in your recliner or sofa, stay snug and comfortable with a throw blanket. There are so many delightfully cheerful patterns and colors to choose from in this Ecuadane range you are sure to find one of the South Western styles to suit you.

Made from eco friendly non allergenic fibres one of these colorful blankets will brighten any interior. And if your environmental impact is a concern rest easy as these artisan blankets are made from recycled modacrylic, wool and real alpaca in Ecuador.

Ultra soft, breathable and lightweight these blankets are suitable for use in all seasons. You can machine wash your blanket using the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low temperature, making them ultra easy to care for too.



Platinum Health Acrobat Overbed or Laptop Table

chronic illness must haves

Mobile side tables are an excellent gadget to have around for anyone with chronic illness. They are practical and easy to use when spending time on your laptop and can be easily rolled around to wherever they are needed.

This one is ideal as not only does it tilt making using a laptop easier but the top is split into two parts. You can place your laptop or tablet on the larger tilting section and a mouse or other accessories on the smaller static section.

Being able to tilt your laptop moves the screen a little higher too, preventing neck strain.The tray has a raised edge to prevent your laptop or tablet falling off when in the tilt position.

This sturdy table is fully height adjustable. And with the cool tilting capability it works with many different types of chairs and sofa styles.

In the fully flat position you can be easily roll it into the bedroom for use as an overbed table for meals. And when not in use, although I can’t imagine when that would be, it folds down neatly for storage.



Gadgets To Help You Get Out And About

There will be days when you are able to get outdoors for a walk or a spot of socializing. Both activities are important for your physical and mental health. In fact research suggests social isolation is a serious concern for those suffering a chronic illness.

Your physical health will benefit from increased blood and lymph circulation. While mental health benefits come from getting outdoors in fresh air, catching up with friends and family and helping reduce any negative feelings of isolation a chronic illness can bring.

Drive Medical Euro Nitro Rollator

products for chronic illness

The cool and sporty look of this rollator will give you all the confidence you need to get up and get going. As well as its sporty good looks this rollator is also easy to fold, which can easily be achieved with just one hand.

Combined with its light weight, you can easily lift and carry this rollator into your vehicle or when using it on public transport.

Another cool feature of this rollator is the seat and backrest, handy if you run out of energy or need to pace yourself as you can easily stop and rest for a few minutes.

Learn more useful information about the Drive Medical Nitro Rollator by checking out my full review. 


Putting It All Together

So there you have it, a collection of gadgets for the chronically ill that provide you with practical help each day. No need to struggle at home or getting out and about. These cool gadgets will provide the practical help you need.

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