Apricot Almond Choc Bombs Recipe – Sugar free Gluten Free

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Eating Healthy But Looking For A Chocolate Fix?

Your diet is healthy, each day you monitor your macros and make sure you get good proportions of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. You eat lots of leafy greens, fresh fruit and fish but sometimes you just get a craving for chocolate that all of the healthy food in the world can’t satisfy.

I love chocolate, but hate the sugar inside store bought chocolate bars. Even the healthy 80% cocoa chocolate contains sugar. Other commercial so called ‘healthy’ chocolate bar versions have weird sweeteners made from sugar alcohols that can have a detrimental effect on the digestive system. For example maltilol one of the more commonly used sweeteners gives me a very badly bloated stomach.

Once you quit eating sugar your taste buds adjust and you find that anything with sugar in it tastes way too sweet. I find these Apricot Almond Chocolate Bombs plenty sweet. For information on how to quit sugar, click here.

Enter The Chocolate Bomb

Made from healthy natural ingredients and sweetened slightly with liquid stevia, chocolate bombs came to my rescue. They are so rich and chocolaty that just half of one of these bombs is enough to satisfy my most severe chocolate craving.

I started making simple chocolate bombs, but recently I tried making them using some different natural flavors. This one with natural sugar free apricot jam in the center is the recipe I’m sharing with you below.


Using All Natural Ingredients

  • Raw organic cacao – has almost four times the antioxidant level of average dark chocolate and more than twenty times the antioxidant power of blueberries. It is also a good source of magnesium, protein, calcium and essential fatty acids. This recipe does not cook the cacao so the nutritional benefits remain intact.
  • Organic virgin coconut oil – Containing naturally occurring medium chain fatty acids that increase the good HDL cholesterol in the body and assist in turning the bad LDL cholesterol into a more harmless form. It has anti microbial and anti fungal qualities and is easy to digest.
  • Almond butter – A good source of protein and high in monounsaturated fat which is linked to a decrease in heart disease and helps in controlling blood sugar levels. It’s also high in calcium, magnesium and potassium as well as being a good source of fiber. Make sure you use unsweetened smooth almond butter for this recipe.
  • Apricot jam – I used St Dalfour Thick Apricot Jam which is described as ‘spreadable fruit’ and contains no added sweeteners. The jam is sweetened only with fruit juice concentrate and I find it plenty sweet enough. The small spoonful of jam in each chocolate bomb gives a zingy fruity apricot flavor contrasting nicely with the creamy chocolate.

These chocolate bombs are nutrient dense and low carb, however they are high in calories so make sure to only eat a small serve. Keep them in the freezer and use them as an occasional treat. Once in the fridge they will last for a few days.

apricot almond choc bombs

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or queries below. If you make these chocolate bombs, let me know how you like them. 



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  1. I enjoyed eating Chocolates a lot but i found out that it makes me to add too much weight because I almost take it everyday. I abstained from taking chocolates for over a month now. I believe that this Apricot Almond Choc Bombs is gonna taste great because it’s made up of natural ingredients from the review.

    • Hi Matron, thanks for commenting. Yes chocolate is usually full of refined sugar which is not great for your health or weight. These Apricot Almond Choc Bombs are sweetened naturally with stevia which doesn’t affect your blood sugar. They are pretty high fat and calories, allbeit healthy fats, so don’t eat too many. I find one every couple of days is enough to satisfy any chocolate cravings I have. They are a great treat.


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