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What Is The Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12″ Cast Iron  Skillet?

If you are looking to change your cookware and want the best cast iron pans….. keep reading and I’ll share the features of this pan with you so you can decide if it fits your needs.

The Calphalon Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is a high quality, well-designed cast iron skillet which is a little lighter at 6.8lbs than other pans of this size. At the same time as retaining the great cooking qualities, this makes the pan easier to handle.

Another great feature of the pan’s design is the way the bottom and sides meet in a curve. Therefore, making cleaning a snap and allowing food to move around the pan easily during cooking.

If you need to finish off a dish in the oven, being made completely from cast iron without timber or plastic handles this is no problem. It is an ideal pan for searing, sauteing and baking.

Handling the pan is easy with the over sized handles making moving the pan from stove top to oven or straight to the table-top easy.


Who Is The Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12″ Cast Iron Skillet For?

In short, anyone looking for a family sized, quality cast iron skillet. To learn more about the health benefits of using cast iron cookware click here

Some great benefits of using cast iron cookware include:

Best cast iron pans

  • Cast iron is pretty damage proof. It is almost impossible to damage cast iron pots and pans.


  • Great heat retention. A cast iron pot gets hot and stays hot making it is great for cooking meat. You can reduce the heat level to medium as the cast iron retains the heat.


  • Seasoning cast iron. Rubbing a small amount of oil into the surface of the pan every time you use it will protect it from rusting while not in use. Therefore, this additional seasoning helps make the pans even more non-stick over time. And means you need to use little oil, which makes for healthy cooking. A non-stick finish can be made in this way. I fry eggs in my pan and they never stick.
  • Serve up food in cast iron. Food like pies look great displayed in cast iron cookware, meaning you can serve food in a cast iron pan straight on the table.
  • Heats evenly. No matter whether using cast iron in the oven, or on the stove top, best cast iron pans distributes the heat evenly to cook food perfectly.
  • Adds iron to the food. Small amounts of iron enters the food during the cooking process which makes cast iron pans a good source of dietary iron.

Pros and Cons Of The Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12″ Skillet

best cast iron pans


  • Pre-seasoned and ready to use straight out of the box.
  • Durable cast iron heats up evenly and retains heat for serving food.
  • Good looking enough to serve from.
  • Oversize handles for safe and easy lifting and moving.
  • Curved sides and base make cleaning easier.
  • Pouring lips at the sides.
  • Oven safe.
  • Comes with a full 10 year warranty.
  • Large size for family cooking.
  • Well priced for a quality item.
  • Hand washable.



  • The size of this pan may be a little too big for some people. On the one hand, it’s great for families but may be too big for singles.  Therefore, it would be great if they also made a 9″ or 10″ size too.
  • As with ALL cast iron pans even with its lighter weight for size, it may still be too heavy for some people to handle easily.


Final Thoughts On The Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12″ Skillet

If you are looking for a good all round, quality, well-made and designed cast iron skillet at a reasonable price, this could an ideal choice for you.

How Much Does The Calphalon 12″ Pre-Seasoned Skillet Cost?

Check out the latest price by clicking here

Please leave any comments below. 




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  1. Thank you for this excellent review! I have been thinking a lot lately about buying a cast iron skillet but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Your review was very insightful and detailed.

    I haven’t fully decided to buy one yet, but, after reading your review, I’ve definitely found a top contender!

    • Hi Taylor, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Cast iron is great to cook with. I’m sure you’ll love it once you take the leap. 

  2. Hey Ann,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of detailed information on the Calphalon Skillet. In my opinion I think that, this is a really good skilled because of the fact that it offers a long-term warranty, it’s affordable, and it’s easy to clean. I’ve been using this skillet for quite sometime and I personally think it’s one of the best skillets out there.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this article for us Ann. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello.  I have purchased many cast iron skillets in the past and I tend to be disappointed by them mainly due to their lack of durability. The Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12″ Cast Iron  Skillet on be other hand has been a great addition to my kitchen and it’s huge size has been a pro instead of a con to me due to my large family size. I recommend it for anyone tired of the regular cqsr iron skillets. Thanks

  4. I’m looking for a pan for a long time. Some people recommend non-stick pans, which  have some great benefits too. I almost bought one. However, it is said that the ingredients of the non-stick pan may not be  healthy and may contain harmful substances. It’s hard to say which is better, and I didn’t buy one. This kind of cast iron pan looks fine.

    • Thanks for your comment, yes non stick pans are not so healthy. Cast iron skillets are fantastic to cook with, they brown steak and fish nicely and provide a good even heat once the pan is hot. Try one!

  5. The question has always been what I seek answer for and it is, what makes up the best cooking pan?
    I found the answer to this in your post ,its so educative and enlightening ,recommended for every household kitchenware .

    The quality of the Calphalon Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is worth needed in every kitchen, well-designed of about a little lighter at 6.8lbs than other pans of this size.
    I found out my best quality look out in the calphalon cast iron skillet which is ,its ability to be easily handled.

    Another great feature of the pan’s design is the way the bottom and sides meet in a curve. Therefore, making cleaning a snap and allowing food to move around the pan easily during cooking.
    I recommend this to every kitchen user.

    • Hi there thanks for the comment, ummmh, I’m not totally sure what you are saying, I think you are saying that you have this pan and you like it?

  6. Hi,

    Excellent review! Thank you for sharing an insightful review about The Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12″ Cast Iron Skillet. I strongly agree with you, because the advantages of this pan are sound good which makes it more reliable. Its design is very stylish. Its 10-year warranty is very beneficial for the customer. Obviously, I am going to buying this affordable pan for my family cooking.

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. It’s a great value for money skillet and I’m sure you’ll get many years of happy cooking from it. 

  7. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. This has really comes in a right direction, have been looking for how to get cast iron skillet. But your review has been a pro to me in getting this added to my kitchen. Thanks for taking your time to write this post. Regards

  8. Having holes in your pans or losing a pot handle can be a serious discomfort while cooking. 

    That is why obtaining quality cook wares is the best bet against unforeseen occurrences like I mentioned earlier. 

    So, I’d advice anyone that wants a beautiful experience in the kitchen to go for Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12″ Cast Iron  Skillet, because of its durability. 

    • Thanks for your comment, holes in your cooking pans would be a serious inconvenience, not sure I’ve ever seen that happen. In any case with a cast iron skillet like the Calphalon one shown here that definitely won’t happen as cast iron will last for many years if taken care of. 

  9. Hi Ann,

    I am pleased to come across your product review.

    I am using some Kmart cookware which I also bought for the same price point. In terms of the benefits and quality, they are nothing closer to Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12″ Cast Iron Skillet.

    Thanks for the honest review. I am thinking of buying one now.

  10. Hi there

    This is really educating and informative review. I have been contemplating recently on buying iron skillet. But I just haven’t taken the decision yet, because I don’t really know the exact one for me to buy. reading this review has really helped me made that decision. Thank you for this wonderful info

  11. Thanks for this review Ann. I am in the market for a non stick pan so this actually sounds perfect for me. I had no idea you could get dietary iron from a pan that is so cool and good to know!

    • Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. It seems you’ve found your new skillet, hope you enjoy using it and get many years of use from this cast iron skillet.

  12. Hi 

    This is an excellent informative review about Calphalon Pre-Seasoned 12″ Skillet. After reading your review, I have no doubt about it that this product is very high quality. I love it’s 10 years warranty feature. I hope that my mother will love to see this pan. I am going to purchase one of these for my family soon. Thanks for writing this helpful review.

  13. I love my cast iron skillet. It has lasted for over a decade. I have burned the seasoning off it more than once and all I have to do is reseason it. It is indestructible!

    • Hi and thanks for checking out my review. I agree, cast iron is great, you can abuse it and bring it back to life by cleaning and re- seasoning it easily. They are not only indestructible but fantastic to cook with too.

  14. We’ve been looking to upgrade various sections of our cookware for quite some time now, and iron cast has always seemed like the obvious choice. 

    The one worry I have is about the weight of this item – my mother suffers from bad thumbs/pain and wrist problems due to her age. Would this item be too heavy a choice for her to use?

  15. This cast iron pan looks incredible. You wouldn’t believe, I used to have some cast iron pans, but this was before I knew about the benefits, and in the time I had them, I never used them, and eventually during a phase of spring cleaning, threw them all in the bin! 🙁 If only I knew then what I know now! So here I am researching buying some more cast iron pan reviews when I had some perfectly good ones given to me! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one!

    • Hi there, I’m sure you are not alone, many people have probably thrown their disused cast iron pans away. Even if they haven’t been used and get a bit rusty you can clean it off with steel wool, season the pan again and off you go. They last for years. 

  16. I have been learning to cook slowly over the months. After reading your article I think I’m ready to start cooking with cast iron. I’m not yet in the market for a new cast iron skillet, but when I am I think this one would serve me well. I have 4 kids so a skillet that is larger is best, and I like the larger handles this has as well as the side pour options. Additionally, having a bit of iron added to each meal would be good for myself and the kiddos. Thank you for the review. I’ll be back for more great info on your site. 

    • Thanks for visiting my site and I’m so glad you’ve found some interesting reading. Cast iron is really easy to cook with. I love my cast iron skillet, great for cooking everything from eggs to a well seared steak and the more you cook with it the better the seasoned finish gets. I hope you’ll try one soon. 

  17. I love cast iron cook wear. As much as possible I use my cast iron pan and the best part about it is that I can put it straight from the stove into the oven without worrying about plastic handles melting. I did not know that cast iron pans will actually add some iron into your food, a lot better than the dangerous teflon. Thank you for some great information about cast iron pans, I love the review on the Calphalon skillet cast iron pan.


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