Best Of Adjustable Beds And Bases – Top 6 Picks For 2019

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Spending Too Much Time In Bed – Is It Possible?

If you are a chronic fatigue syndrome sufferer, you probably spend way more time than you want to in bed. Having a  good quality adjustable bed makes spending this time way more comfortable.

Adjustable bed frames used to be something only hospital patients had access to. However, nowadays this is not the case as they are readily available for home use too.These adjustable bed frames are not only super comfortable, but have contemporary good looks too.

As well as the comfort they provide, which will make spending extended periods in bed less tedious, they also offer several other benefits for your health. All of the beds mentioned in this ‘best of adjustable beds’ post offer the following health benefits:


Pain Relief

Pain from aching muscles is bad enough on its own, but feeling anxious about your pain can cause sleep problems too. Due to having several different sleep positions, adjustable bed frames make it possible to give your body the most comfortable, pain relieving and restful position to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.


Alleviate Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Raising the head of your mattress can elevate the position of your head taking the pressure of your windpipe which allows for a better airflow position while you are lying down. Breathing issues can contribute to sleep apnea and snoring, but sleeping with your head in an elevated position can alleviate these problems.


Leg Swelling Reduction

Some health conditions like leg lymphedema, injuries or standing on your feet all day can cause your legs to swell. Sleeping with your legs elevated can help reduce the swelling and an adjustable bed can easily be used for this.


Impaired Mobility

If your mobility is impaired or for those with chronic fatigue syndrome who find it difficult to get in and out of bed, an adjustable bed can help. By raising one end of the mattress it makes it much easier to find support  for standing up or lying down.


7 Important Points To Consider When Choosing An Adjustable Bed

  • Sleep Patterns – Almost all adjustable bed bases fold in two places which effectively divides the mattress into 3 sections, the head section, the middle section, and the foot section.
  • Can you sleep on your side with an adjustable bed? – You should realize that if you are a side sleeper it will be difficult for you to sleep on an adjustable bed with the foot or head raised. Of course, you can still enjoy an adjustable bed for relaxing during the day to read or watch movies etc., but you will need to move the bed to a flat, or almost flat position for sleep.
  • Installation – Your bed should be easy to assemble, with no special skills or tools required.
  • Adjustable Leg Height – If you need your bed to be a specific height to work with existing bedroom furniture such as bed frames and bedside tables, adjustable legs are a bonus. You need to check that the allowed leg heights of the model you choose work for you.
  • Mattress Type – Can any mattress be used on adjustable beds? Generally standard coil only mattresses are not suitable for use with adjustable beds. You need a memory foam, latex or hybrid type mattress to ensure it ‘folds’ in the correct way and retains its stability when adjusted to your preferred position.
  • Bed Type – Do you want a bed base to fit into an existing bed frame or do you want it to be a stand alone bed? If you need it to be stand alone, you might want to consider how it will look in your room and give consideration to the leg style etc.
  • Available Warranty – Your adjustable bed frame has moving parts, so it is wise to check on the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Our suggested options here include a cost effective option, a splurge worthy option and everything in between to make choosing your adjustable bed frame easy. You are sure to find the ideal adjustable bed for your particular needs.


1. Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base With Lucid 10” Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

COST EFFECTIVE OPTION – This bed base is the only one included here which comes with a mattress.  This makes the whole buying process a lot easier.

The Lucid L300 has an adjustable bed base and a 10-inch memory foam mattress to make being in bed a lot more comfortable. Each side adjusts independently of the other so you and your partner can customise your own side of the bed for maximum comfort.

Adjustable Base

The L300 adjustable base is 15 inches high and made of steel so it is strong. There are two retainer bars at the end of the bed so the mattress does not slip down when you adjust the angle of the bed. The platform for the mattress has polyester fabric upholstery for a stylish appearance.

This Lucid base has two motors so the bottom and top of the bed are adjustable separately. The top of the bed is adjustable up to 60 degrees and the end of the bed adjusts up to 45 degrees. It comes with a wireless remote control for easy adjustment and the motors have quiet operation. It has a 750-pound weight capacity.

Bed base features

Using the L300 remote control you can save your favourite positions. One click on the remote and the L300 adjusts the bed base to preset angles. The remote also has a flat feature. One click and the bed base adjusts itself into the flat position. So it is very easy to use.

Built in to the bed base are two USB ports on either side. You can plug in your tablet, phone and any device that charges using a USB cord while you sleep. The bed base plugs in to a standard power outlet and also has a 9-volt battery option as a backup power source.

Easy Assembly

You do not need any tools to assemble the L300 bed base. It comes with two legs already attached. All you have to do is to screw the other four legs into place. Then flip it over to attach the mattress retaining bars and plug it into the wall power socket.

Charcoal And Aloe Vera Infused Mattress

The mattress supplied with this bed base is hypoallergenic. Made from 10-inch memory foam it is infused with bamboo charcoal and aloe vera. The bamboo charcoal infusion works by destroying odours and keeps moisture from your skin. The aloe vera infused into the mattress promotes a relaxing, calm, restful night’s sleep so you wake refreshed every morning.

Made from memory foam it has a plush feel and a comfortable medium firmness. It has individually wrapped coils covered by 2 inches of foam to make it super comfortable. The mattress comes in different sizes and has a 10-year warranty.

Warranty – 10 Years

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2. Leggett + Platt S-Cape 2 Adjustable Wall Hugger Bed Base

SPLURGE WORTHY OPTION – American made, the Leggett + Platt S-Cape adjustable wall hugging bed base lets you use it with case goods and ornamental bed frames. Made from stylish steel construction, it is solid and durable and fits any mattress height. You do not have to sacrifice the décor of the bedroom by adding this functional bed base for added comfort.

The Leggett + Platt name is well known for manufacturing functional mechanisms for all types of motion furniture, reclining sofas and chairs etc.

Wall Hugging Bed Features

This bed base has six height adjustments to fit different types of bed frames and your preference. You can adjust either side of the base to suit each individual’s personal preferences using the wireless remote control.

With one touch of a button, adjust the base leg height, the head and foot of the bed base for maximum comfort. Separately adjust each side for reading, watching television or working on your tablet.

With the wall hugger technology, it ensures your bedside tables remain within easy reach even when the head of the bed elevated. It adds comfort and convenience to any bedroom.

The backlit remote control has a one touch flat button, so it takes only seconds to return to the flat position for sleeping. A zero gravity setting is also included as well as under bed lighting. There is also a one touch programmable feature so you can set your favourite positions and massage level.

This bed base has a massage feature for a full body therapeutic massage. It uses a wave motion to relax your muscles at the end of a long day. There is nothing better just before you drift off to sleep. The motors are quiet and the massage function has two speeds. It also has a locking feature to prevent accidental use by the kids.

With adjustable legs you’ll find the right height to suit your bed frame.

Warranty – This bed base is manufactured in the USA and comes with a 25 year warranty. 

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3. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Posture +

Adjustable Bed Base With Massage, Wireless Remote And USB Ports

The Classic Brands adjustable bed base is high tech. The base is a clean, simple design made from steel for solid, sturdiness and comes in several sizes. Its attachable mattress retaining bar and the base supports up to 850 lbs and up to 425 using the power lift function.

It comes with three different leg heights: 9, 6 and 3 inches so you can choose the height from the floor. The mattress base comes upholstered in a grey mesh fabric and has two USB ports for charging your devices. And it is suitable for latex, air and foam mattresses.

Classic Brands Bed Base Features

This Classic Brands bed base has a remote control to adjust the base to the perfect angle. You can adjust the top of the bed up to 65 degrees and the foot up to 50 degrees.

Program three of your favourite settings into the wireless remote control. It only takes an instant for the base to adjust to the perfect position. The remote control also has television and anti-snore preset modes.

There is a zero-gravity option that adjusts the bed base to the ideal position to sleep. You’re probably wondering ‘what is zero gravity on an adjustable bed? It’s an adjustment that allows the head and legs to be raised at just the right angle to allow reduced pressure on the spine which allows increases circulation.

This bed comes with a full body vibrating massager. Use the wireless remote to control the 3-speed massage option for total relaxation. It also has a flashlight option and lets you set timers. It is simple to assemble and you have a choice of three sizes.

The motors work quickly and are whisper quiet so do not to disturb the quiet ambience of the bedroom.

Warranty – Classic Brands offers a 3-year warranty on this innovative product.

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4. Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Base With Wireless Remote

The Blissful Nights Split King adjustable bed base has four-piece legs to adjust the height. Made of solid steel construction for sturdiness and durability. It has a mattress retaining bar to stabilise the mattress while in motion. The bed base is upholstered in a grey linen look fabric.  It has a weight limit of 750 lbs, and comes in four sizes and will fit many bed frames.

Each side of this bed base is fully customisable for any convenient position using the remote control for anything you do in bed. Convenient for reading a book, watching television or for working on your laptop. Now you and your partner can enjoy individual maximum comfort.

Dual massage motors and USB ports at the head of the base along with an under bed night light provide a full comfort package for this adjustable bed frame. 

The wireless remote-control settings allow you to adjust the top and bottom of the bed. It instantly returns the base to the flat position at the touch of a button. The whisper quiet motor adjusts to your ideal position in a matter of seconds.

You do not need any tools to assemble this bed base. It is simple and easy to do.  Using just your hands simply screw in the legs and plug it in to the wall socket. This bed frame comes with a backup battery power box included in case you ever lose power.

Warranty – 10 year limited manufacturing warranty period. 

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5. IDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

The iDealBed 4i is a stylish adjustable bed base made from the highest quality materials. Its sleek sturdy design suits any décor. It has a three in one leg design adjustable from 4 inches to 7 inches and to 11 inches in total. This gives you a range of height options for your comfort.

The mattress deck has foam padding to strengthen the structure and to protect the mattress. Using the remote control, you can adjust the top of the bed by up to 70 degrees and the foot of the bed by up to 45 degrees.

iDealBed features

iDealBed pack in the features. The wireless backlit remote control has 18 buttons for multi operation. It operates the one touch preset memory functions that include flat, zero gravity and anti-snore options. The options are endless so you will always find your ideal comfort in bed.

The remote also operates the massage function for a full body massage. There is a choice of four modes with three levels of intensity. Using the massage function allows for better blood circulation and relaxation. Ideal if you need to spend a lot of time bedridden. The massage option also has a timer.

There are two USB ports. These are conveniently located on each side of the base so you can charge your phone, tablet or any other device that has a USB connection.

The iDealBed also has a bright white safety LED flashlight built into the remote control. Additional features include programmable memory positions and a remote safety lock.

Quality ultra quiet motors from Leggett and Platt power the adjustable function which offers an 850 lb lift weight capacity.

Two-step Assembly

The iDealBed is ultra simple to set up and requires no tools. Put it together in two simple steps and this bed base is ready to use. This bed base is designed to fit inside existing bed frames.

Warranty – 10 Year warranty.

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6. Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Base Steel Frame

The Lucid L100 adjustable bed base is solid steel construction for stability and durability. It fits into most bed frames and comes in two different sizes. Compatible with all Lucid mattresses as well as most other mattresses not more than 14 inches.

For the ultimate in relaxing and sleeping, the head of the bed inclines up to 58 degrees and the foot up to 40 degrees. This gives you ideal comfort to sit up in bed to watch television, read a book or work on your laptop. No longer do you need all those extra pillows to prop you up.

It comes with a wired remote control to quickly adjust the bed for maximum comfort and you will never lose it.

The premium, reliable motor is quiet so it will not disturb your partner as they sleep. It has a 600 lb weight lift limit.

Super-fast assembly

The Lucid L100 is super-fast to assemble. It takes only 5 minutes and you do not need any tools. It arrives folded so all you need to do is unfold it, screw on the legs, plug it in and it is ready to use.

Warranty – The L100 has a US 5-year limited warranty.

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Putting It All Together

An adjustable bed can make relaxing a whole lot more comfortable. And if you have an illness which means you need to spend a lot of time in bed an adjustable bed can make life a whole lot more bearable too. By checking out all of the available features in this best of adjustable beds post you’ll find the adjustable bed that’s just right for you.

Need more bedroom items and accessories? Check here for some great ideas.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. I’ve never realised I could have an adjustable bed at home, this review gives insightful and concise information. 

    I don’t suffer from chronic fatigue, quite the opposite in fact but would still consider these beds as they would help anyone to sleep better, by that I mean to have a better quality deep sleep. I like the sound of the bed with massage option, that sounds wonderful.

    Thank you for bringing these beds to my attention.

    • Hi and thanks for leaving a comment. I agree, many people think that adjustable beds are only found in hospitals, but they are becoming increasingly more popular even for those not suffering from chronic illness due to the convenient comfort options they provide. 

  2. I’m definitely one of those people with chronic fatigue, even if I slept 10 hours a day I still need to take naps throughout the day. From your review it seems that the first one that comes with a memory foam is ideal for me because I don’t want to buy another mattress for it.

    I also love the ones that have a USB charging port which means I can listen to some music or watch YouTube videos until I fall asleep which I often do. I also like how these beds have long warranties. Thanks for the article.

  3. What a great article.  I found your site because I was looking for snoring cures as my husband has been going through a snoring phase and I am finding it difficult to get to sleep especially if I waken in the night.  I was intrigued with the idea that we could simply raise the bed to help with this.  I must admit it is much more attractive to me than those contraptions that fit over the face.  I tried to look at the LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress on Amazon but unfortunately its not available at the moment.  I will check later but thank you for bringing this option to my attention..

    • Thanks for leaving a comment and glad to hear you’ve found some info that could help with your husband’s snoring. The Lucid L300 with memory foam mattress is a popular choice with a cost benefit, so it probably sold out, I’m sure it will be back soon. 

  4. What an informative article. I never knew that one could have so many options of adjustable beds and that some of them can fit into an existing frame. I have a friend who suffers from Chronic fatigue syndrome and will certainly suggest to her to look at an adjustable bed.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Definitely if you spend a lot of time in bed as many of those with chronic illness and chronic fatigue syndrome do, an adjustable bed paired with a great mattress can offer a great deal of comfort.

  5. Hey,,I read your post very well and I think that the benefits of an adjustable bed are numerous. There are also several reasons why traditional mattresses may not be as suited for a good night’s sleep as an adjustable bed. One of the primary benefits of an adjustable sleep system is that it allows for ergonomically correct positioning which allows for natural curvature of the spine during sleep. By promoting a healthy posture during sleep, many of the discomforts and problems that inhibit deep, restful sleep can be avoided. I prefer Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed in a few beds given to you.

  6. For someone who has only experienced, an old fashioned,steel spring mattress and beds, these wonderful beds, with adjustable tops and feet, electric motors, and charging facilities for your phone, are the ultimate luxury.

    As I am a side sleeper,my bed has to be flat for sleeping,and as I don’t spend a lot of time in bed,the only time that I would use the inclined head section,is for reading,of which I do a fair amount.

    I have grown up with,polished wooden old fashioned beds,which are fairly ornate,and I don’t much care, for the look of the dark steel beds.

    The Lucid L300 is the bed I would choose as it is simple, comes with it’s own mattress,is individually,separately adjustable,has a flat position,and a charging facility.

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. If you don’t like the more contemporary look of the bed frame on its own you can fit them into a wooden bed frame. In this way you have all the comfort of an adjustable bed and the more traditional look of a timber bed. 

  7. Thank you for this great post.  We actually purchased an adjustable bed when my husband suffered a back injury in a car accident.  I wish we had a post like this at the time.  We actually ended up with a Sleep /number bed and it was one of the best purchases we’ve made.  Not because it’s a Sleep Number but because we opted for the adjustable base.

    It has helped his back immensely.  Sadly, I did have to go from a side and stomach sleeper to sleeping on my back most of the time.  I can sneak in a side sleep from time-to-time.

    I’ve been told that it also helps with my fictitious snoring issue.  I can’t confirm this as I have never heard it myself.

    I do have a question for you.  Can you recommend an option for a motor home?  I know this is probably an odd request but we have a 34′ 5th-wheel trailer and I’d like to start using it more.

    Thanks again,


    • Thanks for leaving a comment. Great to hear you are already benefiting from using an adjustable bed. Unfortunately I don’t have any info on adjustable beds for a motorhome. If models do exist I think they’d need to be a specialty item and fitted to suit your particular size/space requirements etc. 

  8. My mother had problems with sleeping in her bed for some time now and I was thinking of getting a new bed to help her with this. I never thought about an adjustable bed but seeing the benefits of it in your article it made me thinking about it. It seems that such a bed can really help even if the price is a bit higher than what I was planning. I will definitely give it a serious thought. Thank you for give us a lot of options to consider.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and I’m glad my post provides some helpful information. Hope you find the ideal adjustable base for your mother. 

  9. Hi Ann, Thanks for this very informative article on the Best Adjustable Beds and Bases. I knew these were a thing but have never seen such an informed write up about them. The number one benefit for me would be the help with snoring, and it would benefit my wife who has back issues. The only annoying thing is that I would need to replace my mattress with one that works with the base, its only a small annoyance 

    • Hi and thanks for leaving a comment, so glad you found the information useful. Unfortunately sprung mattresses don’t work with adjustable bed bases. Perhaps when it’s time to buy a new mattress you can make the change then. 

  10. Well, sleeping well is my #1 problem in these days.

    I overwork sometimes then I think I got stressed so much.

    I haven’t slept well since last month. It drives me really crazy.

    After the suffering, I finally realized that the mattress is a very important factor in honey sleep.

    I like your suggestion!!

    Especially, Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Base With Wireless Remote is the one I was looking for!

    Wow, remote control!! It’s amazing! Also, the features of this bed really suit me.

    Thanks for the good recommendation 🙂

  11. This is a great thorough review of the types of adjustable beds that are available. I had no idea they could look so appealing too. The ones you’ve listed here look amazing and modern. I like the idea of having a bed that comes with the mattress already as part of it, because otherwise you have to also consider which mattress would work well with an adjustable bed. Number 4 also looks very stylish and with having wireless controls makes it very appealing. This is very helpful for anyone considering getting an adjustable bed. 

    • Thanks for stopping by. I agree, nowadays you can get some contemporary looking adjustable bed bases, great for modern interiors. Generally mattresses that work with adjustable beds are non coiled (sprung) types.

  12. This is a really fabulous post especially for someone like me who cherishes his sleep alot. I think k this beds are all nice, and it’s hard to choose which one is like to take. I have a friend who uses adjustable beds and I envy him everytime. After checking everything out, I think I’d pick the Blissful Nights Split King adjustable bed because it also comes with a base and a remote control, who doesn’t want that comfort. Lol, the llittle problem I can have here is sometimes when I sleep, I can switch to sleeping on my side but I should be able to regulate that too. Thanks for posting this up here, ill check it out

    • Thanks for taking the time to check out this post, glad you found the information useful and hope you enjoy your new bed. 

  13. My daughter and her husband have recently purchased a tilting bed and they are thrilled with their purchase. Rob snores heavily and my daughter has been sleeping in another room to get some sleep and now they are able to sleep in the same bed, no problems at all. A great idea for people who have apnea and snoring issues that is for sure- Thank you

    • Thanks for leaving your comment. Yes for snorers these adjustable beds can really help elevate their heads and prevent snoring. 

  14. It’s great to live in times when adjustable beds are available not just for hospitals, but for home too. Sleep is very important and quality sleep is something that we all strive to get. It’s great information to know that an elevated head can help with snoring, and that the positioning can help also with leg swelling. This makes sense as the adjustable positioning can really work wonders for blood circulation I am sure. You’ve provided 7 solid points to consider when purchasing an adjustable bed, thank you. From your choices I really like the Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Base Steel Frame as it looks both sturdy and comfortable, is easy to set-up and has a quiet motor. I will be saving your post for when it’s soon time for another bed purchase, excellent post!

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. Adjustable beds are terrific for anyone with leg swelling as you say. I have leg lymphodema and find that being able to elevate the foot of the bed really helps the swelling decrease by the morning. 

  15. Having an adjustable bed and base can help you get a better night of sleep for sure from my experience. This can make all the difference in the world too as you go through your day. Since we spend so much of our life in bed sleeping, it just makes sense to me to invest some money into something that will give you the best sleep experience.

    Particularly if you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, you are likely spending even more time than average in bed. That is where having an adjustable bed really comes in handy. It can make all the difference in making what is bad, not worse. With a regular bed, you can develop sore points. 

    My mother has this happen and when we upgraded the bed, we were able to get her some better rest and no more bedsores. This is why I am such a believer in what you are advocating in this article, and the points you bring up when buying one are spot on. They will help get the right bed. Thanks for this useful and important article. 

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m happy to hear your family member has already benefited from a more comfortable bed. 

  16. Thanks for this great article! I didn’t know that they made beds that could change their shape like this. I kind of do something similar but using pillows to make elevation where I need it, usually under the knees to take pressure off the spine. 

    that’s a good point that when you have chronic fatigue, you don’t have as much energy as you would sometimes like to, and then it helps to have a comfortable bed if you will spend more of your time there. It looks like you could also have a nice place to use your computer while laying in a reclined position which will also save you some energy. Thanks for your expertise on the subject, have a great day.

    • Thanks for visiting my site. Yes it is true that with a chronic illness which forces you to spend days doing bed rest it is important to have a comfortable bed and an adjustable bed is ideal. 

  17. This is an interesting list of some great beds that would definitely be great to get. Though I like them majorly for their structures and the benefits associated with their usage. But then, the one I love most among the listed ones on this list is the Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Base With Wireless Remote. I really like it especially for the confort and the opportunity it avails me to sleep alone to myself. Thumbs up on this and thank you

  18. Excellent article on Best of Adjustable Beds,really the kind of bed someone sleeps on determines how fit the person will be,those conditions that must be considered before buying any bed are very vital,I bought a bed last 6 years but am still using it till today because of the durability,the buyer has to know the warranty of the product before buying it,thank you for sharing this helpful write-up.

  19. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful oost. There have been so many cases where I got a bed and it doesn’t serve the purpose i got it for. However going by the list of bed I have seen here, I feel it would helobalot in helping me deal with the pain I feel around my back after a day job which is becoming serious by the day. I’ll love to get the Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base With Lucid 10” Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, which us because i have heard alot about memory foam mattress for a while now.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope you enjoy the Lucid L300 bed. Drop by again and let us know what you think of it. 

  20. I don’t about other beds on the list (they look great though), but IDealBed 4i is the best bed I’ve ever used. I was really scared to buy something like this through the internet. I got it anyway, and It works as described. The zero gravity is very fantastic. I always don’t want to get out of bed (lol!). Also the 70% head angle is so wonderful for reading and also for watching tv. I have no complaints whatsoever. I will be buying another one for the guest room soon.


    • Thanks for visiting my site. It seems you are already enjoying the benefits of using an adjustable bed. I agree, they are very comfortable for reading and watching TV for sure. 

  21. My Mom has to spend a lot of time in bed now, and so we’re looking at adjustable beds, and I’m super excited that I found your article.  It’s so funny how when you start researching something you thought you knew about, you learn so many interesting things like the fact that a 10-inch memory foam mattress is infused with bamboo charcoal and aloe vera.  That’s so cool!  (No pun intended lol).  I also absolutely love that some of the beds have a message feature.  So much great information – just wanted to pop in here and say thanks for putting all this together.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and for your kind words about this article. I hope it provides enough info for you to make a decision on just the right bed for your mom. 

  22. After whole day working or stress sleep in like heaven. But when we go to bed and can’t fall in sleep it’s very disappointing and makes anxious which cause sleepless. This bed really very effective for pain relief and sound sleep. Sound sleep can make a person full energetic and happy. Sometimes we pass whole night to praying for sleep and that is the main cause not to come sleep. I love this bed for my sound sleep and a happy life.  

  23. I think many people may be having this chronic fatigue including me, personally I always feel more comfortable while am at bed than any other places, I always like when I have my off days I do spend 70% of my time on bed, this I believe having an adjustable bed can be the best solution to make my resting time even more comfortable, I like the features in the different types of adjustable beds, can’t wait to grab one soon, I had never thought about it before, I really appreciate for coming across this post, thank you for sharing it with the public, I believe many people will be informed about them.

    Thank you.

  24. Greetings, 

    The many times i have had bad days because i woke up

    With a neck or back pain due to a bad night sleep.

    The article spoke to me decisively on a need to explore

    getting one of those.

    A good night sleep sets me up for the next day activities 

    thus it is crucial to ensure that i got one.

    There is technology nowadays to assist people like me and 

    I appreciate your in depth research to bring this forth.

    Thank you so much.


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