Best Of Beeswax Wraps For Healthy Homemakers

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Ready To Stop Buying Plastic Wrap + Sandwich Bags?

best of beeswax wrapsDetoxing your kitchen + Trying to reduce your plastic use?

Beeswax wraps are way healthier and a more Eco friendly option than single use plastic wrap and sandwich bags.

Choose one of the options from the best of beeswax wraps mentioned in this post and start giving plastic the flick.

What did we all use before cling wrap and plastic zip lock sandwich bags came into existence? Sure they are everyday items now but they didn’t always exist.

We managed to carry our lunch to work and cook dinner without the use of plastic not that long ago.

There’s no arguing that plastic wrap and sandwich bags are convenient but are they healthy? And what about all that single use plastic ending up in landfill?

A study of 25,000 participants showed that a majority of the population use plastic freezer and sandwich bags. That’s a LOT of plastic being used only once before being discarded and ending up in an ever growing mountain of plastic landfill or washed out into our oceans.

Plastic bags have only been in existence for about 50 years, so the truth is we don’t know how long they take to completely breakdown. Some reports say 500 years, some say 1000 years! Whatever the figure, the truth is they take a long time to degrade, as much as several lifetimes anyway. Just think about that…. Plastic will still be around when your great great great great great great grandchildren are born. That’s some legacy!

Apart from the environmental impact, there’s the health aspect. Reputable brands of cling wrap and sandwich bags now market them as being BPA free and even microwave safe.

best of beeswax wraps for healthy homemakersSince 2006, almost all plastic wrap manufactured in the U.S. is phthalate – free.

But instead, nowadays they are made from polvinylidene (PVDC) or low density polythene (LDPE). However, LDPE can contain diethylexyl (DEHA) which is an endocrine disruptor linked to breast cancer. Endocrine disruptors have many effects on health.

The worrying aspect is that companies are not required to list the chemicals used in the manufacture of their plastic wrap on the packaging.

Personally I don’t want to run the risk of hearing in a few years- ‘Oops sorry we made a mistake we’ve found another chemical in these plastic products that’s not as safe as we thought after all’.

Why contribute to the growing problem of single use plastic in landfill. Or risk finding out in a few years even these ‘healthier’ plastic items aren’t as healthy as was once believed? There are, and have always been, safe ways to carry a sandwich to work and wrap food.

Beeswax wraps are becoming increasingly popular as a healthy and Eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap and sandwich bags. They are functional, super easy to use and reusable again and again for up to a year. It’s easy to rinse them clean with mild soap and a soft sponge using cool water. Hang them up for a short time to air dry. Just remember not to use warm or hot water during cleaning or the natural beeswax will melt.

You’ll find beeswax wraps great for wrapping that half avocado, lemon or apple to keep in the fridge for later, or wrapping your sandwich for work. The warmth of your hands makes it easy to mold beeswax wraps around food or large bowls forming a tight antibacterial seal from the beeswax. As well as using them to wrap leftovers, I also use mine to wrap around lettuce and it kept way fresher than by just placing it in the salad drawer unwrapped.

Made from tightly woven fabric, beeswax is blended with natural oils to make the product more supple. They provide a secure but breathable cover for bowls and plates of food too.

Just remember, if you’re taking a plate of food to a gathering don’t leave your wrap behind after the party is over. Don’t forget to take it home with you.

Note – Beeswax wraps are great for using with many types of food but they’re not suitable for wrapping raw meat or fish.


3 Important Things To Consider When Choosing Beeswax Wraps

1. What will you be using the wraps for ? – Are you planning on wrapping small snacks and left over pieces of food? Are you using wraps to cover bowls and plates? Or are you using them to wrap sandwiches.

2. What size bowls/plates do you use the most? – If you plan on covering a few bowls and plates you may need more of the large size wraps, rather than the small wraps more suitable for snacks and leftover foods. 

3. How many wraps do you need? – Some brands make larger variety packs containing more wraps which may be a more economical way to buy them if you have a family or like to cook a lot.

Now Read On – for some great Beeswax Wrap Options

Option 1. SuperBee Beeswax Wraps | Set Of 3

Made from 100% natural ingredients including beeswax, organic coconut oil and golden tree resin. Superbee wraps are handmade in Thailand from GOTS Certified 100% organic cotton.

Their ingredients are sustainably harvested and the packaging is produced using 100% recycled paper. These are some of the prettiest wraps around and this set of 3 includes 3 different fabric patterns.

SuperBee wraps are handmade in Northern Thailand. The company promotes social and environmental change through empowering women and creating employment in the local Thai communities. A good reason to buy this brand, they seem to have it all worked out.

This set of 3 wraps is a good pack to try if you haven’t used beeswax wraps before. It lets you work out which sizes you will use the most before investing in more wraps.

Each Pack Includes – 1 x SMALL 7.9 x 7.9″ | 1 x MEDIUM 10.2 x 10.2″ | 1 x LARGE 13 x 13″

Click Here For The Latest Price And Reviews Of SuperBee Beeswax Wraps At Amazon


Option 2. Mind Your Own Beeswax Wraps | Food Storage Kit

These beeswax wraps are made from natural cotton, beeswax, tree resin for its anti bacterial qualities and jojoba oil to make the wraps more supple.

This food storage kit contains 4 wraps, each a different size.

A modern and fun looking green and white fabric print is used to give the wraps an original fresh look.

As a bonus, there are clips included in the package which can be used to help when air drying the wraps.

Just clip the corner of the wrap and loop them over the kitchen tap or towel rail.

Each Pack Includes – 1 x SMALL 7.9″ | 1x MEDIUM 10.6″ |1 x LARGE 11.8″ |1 x SANDWICH WRAP 13×13″ that can also be used to cover a bowl or plate.

Click Here For The Latest Price And Reviews Of Mind Your Own Beeswax Wraps At Amazon


Option 3. Land Work Provisions | 5 Piece Variety Pack

Land Work Provisions wraps are made with 100% Organic Cotton, Beeswax, Jojoba oil and Tree resin. Naturally antibacterial they help preserve the food by slowing down deterioration and helps keep the food fresh for longer.

The wraps are hand crafted and come in a variety of patterns which can change as new fabrics become available. So the patterns shown in the photos may not always be available.

The sizes offered in this pack are great for covering plates and bowls, wrapping snacks and sandwiches. The 3 small wraps included are handy for covering half an avocado to keep for later.

Each Pack Includes – 3 x SMALL 7X7” |1x MEDIUM 10X10″ | 1 x LARGE14X14”

Click Here For The Latest Price And Reviews Of Land Work Provisions Wraps At Amazon


Option 4. Bees Wrap Eco Friendly Reusable Sandwich Wraps

Manufactured from organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil. The wraps are available in a natural color printed with a honeycomb pattern. Each wrap has a natural string and button to make wrapping sandwiches securely a breeze.

The printed fabric is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, and the packaging made from 100% recycled paper and biodegradable cellulose.

Bee’s Wrap is Green America Certified and aims to better the lives of employees, customers, the community and the planet by using the business as a way to drive social change. The wraps are handcrafted in Vermont U.S.A.

Each Pack Includes – 2 x SANDWICH WRAPS – each measuring 13×13″
Click Here For The Latest Price And Reviews Of Bees Wrap Eco Friendly Sandwich Wraps At Amazon


Option 5. Planetcare Premium Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag + Wraps

This ECO Lunch set from Planetcare is a natural and healthy sandwich wrap and lunch bag set. It’s ideal for taking lunch and sandwiches to school or the office.

Made from 100% biodegradable and synthetic free materials the wraps use beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. The lunch bag is durably made from 16 oz heavyweight canvas fabric finished with quality stitching. It’s also conveniently water and stain resistant.

Planetcare wraps come printed with baby sea turtles. Partnering with SEE TURTLES.ORG, every purchase made contributes towards saving sea turtles.
Planetcare offer a 30-day money back guarantee for their products.

Each Pack Includes – 1 x Lunch Bag | 1 x SMALL 7×8″ | 1 x MEDIUM 10×11″ | 1 x LARGE 13×14″

Click Here For The Latest Price And Reviews Of Planetcare Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag + Wraps At Amazon


Option 6. Superbee Beeswax Wraps | Set Of 10

This larger pack includes 10 wraps which may be a more economical way to buy beeswax wraps if you cook a lot or have a large family.

Made from 100% natural ingredients including beeswax, organic coconut oil and golden tree resin. Superbee wraps are handmade in Thailand from GOTS Certified 100% organic cotton.

Their ingredients are sustainably harvested and the packaging is produced using 100% recycled paper. I think these are some of the prettiest wraps around.

SuperBee wraps are handmade in Northern Thailand. The company promotes social and environmental change by empowering women and creating employment in the local Thai communities.

Each Pack Includes – 3 x SMALL 7.9 x 7.9″ | 3 x MEDIUM 10.2 x 10.2″ | 3 x LARGE 13 x 13″ | 1 x XL – 15.8 x 19.7″

ClickHere For The Latest Price And Reviews Of Superbee Beeswax Wraps Set Of 10 At Amazon

Putting It All Together

Make the change to beeswax wraps, they are easy to handle and completely reusable. They are Eco friendly and made from natural healthy materials. Choose the option that suits you best from the 6 above and make a start on reducing your single use plastic products. Look after your health and the planet by making this one small change.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.







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  1. I like to wrap my food whenever I am even when I’m not at work as I don’t like to overeat. I always leave a small piece of food to eat later. And a good packaging of the food also helps you know what you eat during a day. I mean it helps you measure it. Finally, i like to pack food in a good way just to keep things organized. 

  2. wow! I am so glad that I found this post, these beeswax wraps look awesome, so much nicer than a bit of clingfilm or a sandwich bag. I had never seen or heard of these before but I hope that they take off, it would reduce plastic waste which is getting to absurd levels,  and also beautify our packed lunches. Win win!

  3. I love this idea.  Everyday for work I pack my lunch which consists of a sandwich and a salad.  I don’t want to use petroleum based plastic, I don’t believe exposing my food to chemical laden plastic is healthy.  So currently I use pyrex bowls.  The problem with them is that they are very heavy, and the lid is still plastic.

    If I switch to these bees wax wraps for my sandwich, that will cut the weight down in at least half, which will be a big help and space saver in my book bag.

    Can’t wait to try them. Thank you.

    • Hi James, yes I use glass containers rather than plastic at home too, but as you say they’re heavy to carry to work. I’m sure you’ll find the beeswax wraps a great option to wrap your sandwich. 

  4. Hi! Thank you very much for this beeswax wraps review! The health benefits are a key factor! And being ECO friendly is a huge plus.

    These practical tips we have to bear in mind when choosing Beeswax Wraps will prove to be very useful. And I also greatly appreciate all these options you have highlighted for us.

  5. I love these! I recently made the change to beeswax wraps and hands down love everything about them, everything is literally better than wraps riddled with bad chemicals. My favorite is option 2 for the simple reason it is fun and natural looking. I love the anti-bacterial qualities from the tree resin as this is what’s important to me the most. Thanks for the great write up!

  6. Hi Ann,

    My wife an I have given up using standard plastic a long time ago in favour of glass and reusable BPA Free plastic containers. The glass is a little tricky as you have to be careful with it and it is a little heavier but it is the healthiest option.

    There is a growing movement to use natural product such as bees wax but do you think this product is sustainable? A product such as bamboo is able to produce large volumes quickly with no negative side effects so in my opinion these types of products might be better suited.


    • Hi Richard thanks for stopping by. I agree the movement towards healthier options to plastic is definitely growing strength. As far as sustainability of beeswax wraps is concerned i think they are sustainable. Once the wraps have been used many times they can be composted. I’m interested in learning about food wraps /containers made from bamboo. Could you make some suggestions for product I can check out?

  7. I do really commend you taking times and writing reviews of the type of wrapping which is called beeswax and how this product is totally made of all natural sources and how this kind of wrap could be a healthy wrap for our usage in our kitchen, the question here is it safe if I use it when I want to store my food in refrigerator below 0 degrees? 

    • Thanks for your comment. Beeswax wraps are not recommended for use in the freezer. I think they would become very hard and brittle. I’m still looking for some safe non plastic food containers for freezer storage. 

  8. Oh how I love this. I have honestly never heard of beeswax wraps before but they sound like a wonderful alternative to plastic. It is so scary how much single use plastic there is even though everyone knows the dangers and the effect it is having on our planet. 
    We all need to start making more of an effort to stop single use plastics when it comes to buying our products and for use at home. I’m going to check out these beeswax wraps to buy for home and for my family and friends. Beeswax wraps will make an amazing gift for others, especially those that are green conscious. 

    • Thanks for visiting my site. I love using beeswax wraps and since starting using them about a year ago, I wouldn’t be without them. I swear they keep food fresh longer too. Like you I’ve given them as pressies to friends who are also now ‘converts’. 

  9. You’re absolutely right in trying to help reduce plastic,

    I am a gardener and I am always looking for alternative garden products , particularly pots and containers in which I buy new plants. 

    Single use plastics are banned in some countries, I wish every country would do the same.

    I stopped using clingfilm years ago because of the health scares associated with it. I use greasproof paper instead, but I love these beeswax wraps, they are a wonderful product as they are environmentally friendly, can be used over and over and safe to use on our food.

    • Like you I stopped using cling wrap years ago and now when I see food wrapped in it it gives me the heebyjeebies. Bring back brown paper bags I say. 

  10. This is a really interesting review of this article. I learned a new thing here that plastics and other containers are not too safe for health, moreover, plastics take a thousand years to decompose. I go for beeswax wrap for the fact that it is reusable, good for health and cost-effective. I really appreciate this piece of information. Thank you for this.

  11. Hi Ann, this was an enlightening article for me to read.  I am unfortunately, a fan of plastic.  I think it must be partly due to my age.  Lately I have been trying to figure out small steps to become greener in my home.  I love the idea of the plastic wraps, and have never actually seen or used them, so this very detailed review was very helpful. 

    The wraps that are made in Thailand and offer work incentives are an extra bonus and even more reason to buy them.  I also liked the wraps that had a holder to hang them out to dry. 

    As a matter of interest during summer my sons lunchbox is left outside in his bag, and his food gets pretty warm, will these bags leave an oily feel to his food under these circumstances?

    Our town is trying to go plastic free and as I make three sets of packed sandwiches every night I am unfortunately a big contributor to land waste.  You have given me an alternative to using plastic, and something to consider in terms of my families health.  Thank you for this review, Denise.

    • Hi there, I’m not sure where you live or the temperatures you experience, but I don’t think you’ll have any issue with these wraps leaving an oily feel on food. The temps would have to be pretty high for that to happen. I live in Thailand and sometimes leave bread in a wax wrap out of the fridge overnight without air con on and there is no oily feel to the food. It’s great we are becoming more conscious of single use plastic and the damage to the environment. Fab that your town is trying to go plastic free. 

  12. Hi Ann, thanks for sharing this informative and enlightening post. Wow!

    I’m so happy to have found this post considering the health hazard that has been associated with the plastic wraps. I have seen some of my colleagues use this Beeswax wraps but I have not been able to question them about it. This seems like a hell lot more better option to the plastic wraps I make use. And considering the fact that it has no red flag raised against our health is another plus. It also looks more fancier. I think I prefer the Planetcare Premium Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag+ wraps more than the others simply because its a lunch bag.

  13. Good Morning Ann,

    On your About Me page, I read about chronic fatigue. These days I received a newsletter from my anti-aging doctor saying this is one of the possible symptoms you can have when having too low levels of Testosterone.

    Very good you have this post on how to reduce our use of plastic. It takes centuries to break down and in the meantime, it is a danger to marine life and birds. The microwave oven is also one of those dangerous man-made inventions.

    Your idea of swapping all that bad plastic for beeswax wraps is a super solution. I personally like the Planet Care lunch bag.

    Thank you for all this useful information.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Thanks for stopping by my website. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a multi factorial illness there can be many reasons for it which is why it can be difficult to diagnose, treat and recover from.  While I had it I reduced all possible toxins in my home to reduce my toxic load and give myself the best possible chance of recovery. It’s for this reason I write about all manner of health topics. These beeswax wraps are not only good for the environment but reducing plastic potentially reduces your exposure to toxic chemicals too. 

  14. I actually had no idea about the number of chemicals that were used in the production of plastic wraps and bags… nor did I know that the companies aren’t forced to tell us what is in them, as they are supposed to ingredients in food. It’s a bit scary really. I avoid plastics as much as possible, but sometimes it has been impossible not to. I look forward to trying the beeswax wraps as you have suggested. Thanks for sharing these reviews. They have been helpful!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment, yes it’s a bit scary when you start to gain a bit of knowledge about not only plastic wrap but what is included in food too. Glad this article was useful to you. 

  15. Beautiful! I was wondering what a good alternative to plastic bags was! 

    I cruise the Pacific Northwest and have a habit of washing my plastic bags so that I can reuse them and migrate them from first use to last use for wrapping meat or storing meat. This is a great alternative and really could reduce the amount of plastic pollution I see in the Ocean, even in Canada. 

    I am wondering if these wraps will do a better job with cheese than plastic does. Tin foil works pretty good but can you tell me how they perform with Cheese? 


    • Hi there glad to hear you’re already doing your bit. I think beeswax wraps actually keep food fresh longer. I’ve used them for hard cheese only cheddar, emmental etc and they work great. Actually better than cling wrap as they allow the cheese to breathe a bit. Great for leftover chunks of bread too. 

  16. I’m part of those who use plastic freezer but I think I will be giving beeswax wraps a try because it’s features are really nice in compared to plastic freezer. I must commend you for taking your time to share this article because you must have done a lot of research and I will keep checking up on your site to get more information.

    • Hi there I’m not sure if you mean you’ Use beeswax wraps in the freezer, not sure of their suitability for that. If you try it, please let us know how it goes. 

  17. Reducing the use of plastics is a good thing to help the world green. After all, plastics can cause a lot of pollution on the planet. This toast is delicious. If you can reduce pollution, it will definitely be healthier. Using the recommended bag should reduce the harm to the human body. Thank you for sharing useful news.

  18. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing such a great article. There are so many peoples who spend half of the day in office. And they use plastic wrap or sandwich bags to keep the food safe and eat it when needed.But Beeswax wraps would be very helpful for them. Becouse it is eco friendly and healthy. From now I am going to try this .It looks gorgeous.

    Thank you for sharing this article with us .I will share this article with my friends and family. And I am sure that they will start using Beeswax Wraps .

  19. Your post covers a great idea and highlights a major modern day issue of ever-increasing plastic usage. It also provides a great solution by recommending the usage of beeswax wraps which are a way healthier and eco-friendly. 

    In my opinion, people around the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the health and environmental hazards of plastic usage and are definitely up for replacing plastic with options like beeswax wraps for carrying their food or paper and cloth bags for carrying other items.  

    And for those who are still unaware your article will surely enlighten them. 

    • Hi thanks for visiting my site. At the moment I’m on my own personal drive to reduce plastic use. I’m replacing anything plastic in the kitchen and refusing drinking straws etc. We seem to have created a plastic nightmare. 

  20. These beeswax wraps, are a good and colourful alternative, to plastic wraps for food and lunches.

    I have always been a bit leery of using plastic food wrapping and now I am proved right,there are types that can cause cancer, it’s good that there is now a more healthy alternative.

    It’s a disgrace, that we have allowed this plastic menace to get of of hand,and it’s not just plastic wrap, but shopping bags as well,also that they are going to be polluting our seas, as well as our land fills for such a long time to come.

    It is very good that the beeswax wraps are made from,natural as well as bio degradable materials,that will benefit the environment as well as providing a safe packaging marterial.


    • Thanks for stopping by. I agree the current situation with plastic waste is a total disgrace. I live in Asia and the amount of plastic used is unbelievable. In food stores it makes my stomach churn from cling wrap around two carrots to giving customers endless numbers of plastic bags at checkout. I take my own shopping bag, but I think they find me a bit crazy. I’ve started refusing straws in restaurants and they don’t get that either. We are drowning in plastic. 

  21. I laughed at this one when I read it. Plastic will still be around when your great great great great great great grandchildren are born. That’s some legacy! But that’s totally true. They take time to decompose and causes pollution to us humans and animals likewise. 

    Wow, that’s interesting to hear that good qualities about beeswax. Eco-friendly and reusable for one year is superb. But questions, don’t they promote germs? Just curious to know, if one can use them for that long. Thank you for the information, I will definitely buy one because I actually love one of them already.

    • Hi Augusta, I wash my beeswax wraps with a sponge and some dish wash detergent, rinse them, wipe off most of the moisture with a tea towel then leave them hanging over the tap to fully air dry. I think we’ve become so used to using cling wrap we think nothing else is hygenic. 

  22. Great post. Love that the beeswax wraps are environmentally friendly. 

    I think most people have had concerns about the massive amounts of plastic in use. I stopped using clingfilm along time ago but still use plastic bags occasionally.

    Like the sandwich wraps, which can help do away with sandwich bags. Love the wraps for bowls etc that can be used in the fridge. Many glass bowls have plastic lids so its a great alternative.

    It’s really good too that these are made by a company that empowers women and helps local employment in Thailand.

    All in all a very informative post an very helpful, showing alternatives to plastic. Thank you.

    • Hi Linda glad to hear you already stopped using clingfilm. I also use glass storage bowls and containers and they have plastic lids. I don’t worry too much as long as the lid doesn’t touch any food. 

  23. This is a whole new set of options that I am learning about from your article and review of beeswax-based wraps that you can use to replace the widely used plastic wrap and bags that are so prevalent these days. I can remember growing up we used waxed paper to wrap sandwiches and even leftovers with.

    That too was a natural product, it decomposed quickly in landfills, and it was not toxic to people in any manner. The beeswax solution you are recommending is the same and perhaps better in a lot of ways. I like that there are options depending on what your needs are and that these are not harmful to the environment.

    These points alone are enough to convince me that you have informed all of us that are concerned with the environment and health but  I like too that some of the sources you mention come from areas that can use the work producing these practical alternatives. 

    Once again, you have opened my eyes to new solutions for the things that harm us without us even knowing that they may be harming us. That is why I enjoy stopping by your website. I always learn new ways to make things better. That is what it is all about! Thanks for all your work.  

    • Hi Dave thanks for your kind comments. Yes, some of us are old enough to remember that we didn’t use plastic for absolutely everything. I also remember wax paper for wrapping sandwiches and left overs. Or placing leftovers on a plate with another turned upside down on it in the fridge. I’m glad the information in my post is useful.

  24. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about beeswax wraps.

    The way you laid it out is perfect. I did not realize that there are so many health concerns with traditional plastic wrap, I use it all the time and never thought it could impact my health. It just seems like health concerns are everywhere from the plastic wraps to pesticides in our food to chemicals in our air… it never ends.

    But I do like the idea of using beeswax wraps over plastic wrap. I’m going to check more into that, thanks for the article.

  25. Dear Ann,

    This post timing is just amazing. Very recently in the part of the world where I live plastic bags are banned by the government. Since we are used to plastic bags, people are struggling because of the ban but however as you said plastic bags are not healthy and not Eco friendly that’s the main reason for the ban.

    Details about diethylexyl (DEHA) is an eye-opener. You not only discussed the problems caused by plastic bags but the best thing is you have provided with great solutions as well with different options.

    Beeswax wraps sounds great and the benefits are amazing. Its a great news to hear that the Beeswax wraps are Eco friendly and made from natural healthy materials. PlanetCare Premium WAXED CANVAS LUNCH BAG & BEESWAX WRAPS is the one I am interested with and the pricing is also affordable.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul, it’s good to hear some governments are taking action to reduce plastic, particularly single use plastic. For many of us, it’s just a matter of changing habits e.g., remembering to take your own bags to the supermarket, refusing to use straws in drinks etc. Using beeswax wraps is just a new habit to adopt. Once you make these small changes you don’t even notice them. 

  26. Oh my!! This is AWESOME, Ann!!

    I’ve never thought about what came before the plastic sandwich or cling wraps. I don’t use much in the way of plastics, but I probably use enough to make a difference to my health.

    And you even are forced, basically, to reduce your heating costs for the water because you have to use cold! Brilliant!

    My wife, I think, would love options two and four, if for no other reason than the button. 🙂

    I really like the lunch bag and wraps (Option 5), too.

    I will have to keep this in my bookmarks (and memory) for birthday and Christmas gifts.



    • Hi Dave thanks for leaving a comment. Yes beeswax wraps make a great gift idea, I’ve given them to friends and family at different times and they are always well received.

  27. Wow! Its the first time I am.learning about beeswax wrap and I am really excited to have stumbled upon this post.

    packaging breakfast and lunches for both school and work hours, sees me using cling films and plastics bags endlessly.

    I am really happy to learn of a healthier alternative, not just for me, but also to our environment. I will definitely take the time to go through all these options you listed above, to see which one will serve us best.


    • Hi Queen thanks for stopping by. It’s often the way that we are so used to using cling film and plastic sandwich bags we don’t really think about it. But as you say, when you do think about it you realize just how much of this stuff we are all using. Try the beeswax wraps, I’m sure you’ll be a convert. 

  28. My country or my countrymen here in the Philippines need this very good alternative to ordinary plastics. We have been ranked as one of the top countries that are using plastics for wrapping food, and the problem is, people don’t have the discipline of disposing them properly. Oftentimes, you can find them floating in the oceans nearby, or sometimes, clogging the roads’ drainage system causing floods. This is the one that we need here, Beeswax Wrap. I am going to share this article on social media, to help this idea get popularized.

    • Hi Gomer thanks for your comment. I live in Thailand and unfortunately plastic is SO overused here it’s ridiculous. The supermarkets wrap all vegetables in plastic and cling wrap. 2 carrots, wrapped in cling wrap, a piece of broccoli wrapped in cling wrap. It makes me cringe. Then you go to the check out and they give you multiple plastic carry bags, it’s just crazy the amount of plastic that is used here. Governments need to put more controls in place to stop this ridiculous overuse. 

  29. Hi,

    This is such an great alternative to the traditional plastics, for far too long we have been destroying our planet and we all should embrace this much needed alternative.

    The number of people using plastics needs to hit zero but something so integrated in our daily life will take a lot of time and education to help people to see that we don’t need traditional plastic any longer.

    I found this topic very helpful, it shows us that there are alternatives that work just as good or even better than tradition plastics, 

    It helps the environment and is much healthier for us as well. Thank you for your article please keep up the great work.

    • Thanks for your kind words, I’ll do my best to keep posting relevant articles about healthy alternatives to using plastic. As you say, it’s kind of become habitual and will take a while to change, but more and more people seem to becoming aware. 

  30. Me and my wife never use plastic anymore. I’ve seen a video about it, you use it for 15 seconds, but it can take up to 800 years to dissolve. In the supermarket we go, they now have compostible bags, not made of plastic. Now, I’ve never heard about beeswax bags, but I think it will grow more and more of popularity. Thanks for sharing it with us! 

    • Hi Emmanuel thanks for stopping by and I’m glad to hear you are already aware of the overuse of plastic. Good on you for using compostable bags for your supermarket shopping. 


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