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Practical Comfort When You Are Ill

When you are struggling day in and day out with a debilitating chronic illness you need your home set up to be both comfortable and practical. And sometimes practicality has to take the place of fashion and style.

If your illness is something like chronic fatigue syndrome, mobility can be challenging at times. Even within your home it can be difficult to move around due to the low energy, stiffness and pain your illness leaves you with. This is when comfortable chairs for reclining and furniture that can easily be rolled around can be of practical help.

There will be days when you are completely bed bound and hopefully you have a comfortable adjustable bed on those days. But some days you will be able to get out of bed and this is when you need comfortable and functional furniture that is easy to move around so you can get set up for some comfortable ‘out of bed’ time without using too much energy.

This post lists a few powered reclining chair options that are super comfortable and easy to use as they come with touch controls to move the chair into whichever position you need. As well as being easy to operate recliners allow you to relax in a sitting position or lie down if you are feeling super fatigued.

And there is no need to use up your precious energy manually moving the chair into and out of the reclining position, the touch controls do it all for you.

Many manual recliner chairs that don’t have the power option need a bit of force to push the footrest back into position which will be unmanageable for those suffering low energy and fatigue. This is where a power recliner is really helpful, push button controls move the chair into your chosen position without effort.

There’s also some suggestions for nifty side tables on casters that can easily be rolled into position. You can keep drinks, remote controls, phones and all your essential items close at hand just where you need them. No need to get up out of your recliner chair to fetch them. They also work well by a sofa or even as bedside tables. Some are very well suited for use with your laptop.

Whatever your current health issues, make life more comfortable and manage your illness more easily by choosing a couple of these furniture items.

Let’s get to some chair options……..

Serta Power Recliner

best chairs for working from home

This super comfortable recliner chair comes in 2 fabric colors,  traditional brown and a more ‘on trend’ grey. The fabric is a super soft, easy care and comfortable chenille.

The Serta Power Recliner has a smaller more slimline profile than many recliner chairs making it ideal for smaller spaces. It could even be used in a bedroom for days when you get tired of lying in bed but don’t want to move out of the bedroom. Alternatively, your guests can use it as a super comfortable visitor chair too.

With comfortable deep cushioning, push button controls located on the right side and a durable steel mechanism this recliner chair has a more contemporary look than many on the market.

This recliner can move almost flat into a lying position and the footrest reclines automatically, no need to struggle trying to push the footrest back into position to sit upright. All you need is a wall power socket to plug into and you’re ready to go.

  • Suitable for weight up to 250 lbs.
  • Overall Dimensions – 37.75″W x 38″D x 41″H  Seat cushion interior width – 23″.
  • Assembly – Comes in 2 parts with the back easily slotting into the base.



Ashley Furniture Signature Yandel Power Lift Recliner

back relief chair

If the Serta power recliner chairs’  contemporary looks don’t appeal, this Ashley Furniture recliner may suit you better and it has plenty of comfort built right in too. From the faux leather look of the soft thick microfiber upholstery fabric to the thick cushioning support, it has comfort in spades.

Both stylish and functional this recliner chair has a push button wired controller that is easily stored in the side pocket. With dual motors, you can raise the footrest without lowering the back of the chair. This is a useful feature if you want to be in a sitting position with your legs raised on the footrest. 

This motion chair is super comfortable and easy to assemble with the included tools. As well as the full reclining function this is a lift chair too so it assists with helping you easily get up out of the chair and into a standing position.

Backup power is available by using 2 x 9 volt batteries which are not included with the chair, but a good idea in case of power outage.

  • Suitable for weight up to – 250 lbs
  • Overall dimensions – 35″W x 40″D x 42.5H
  • Assembly – Easy with the tools and instructions included.



Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair With Massage And Heat Function 

chronic illness items

If you are looking for a chair with even more functionality than the previous two suggestions then this could be the one for you as it definitely includes all the bells and whistles you would want for super comfort.

This chair reclines, has a power lift option for  help getting up to a standing position, vibration massage and heat functions and includes 2 USB ports and dual cup holders. You can keep your phone and tablet charged easily right from your chair and your drinks within easy reach.

Soothing massage is supplied by the 8 vibrating areas around the chair with 9 modes and intensities to choose from so you can get just the right level of massage you need. For even more built in comfort the chair is heated around the waist area, useful for cold winter days or if you have back pain. Both the massage and heat function can be selected independently of each other.

Upholstered in easy care and durable faux leather it is available in a range of colors. Cleaning the upholstery is easy by simply wiping with a damp cloth.

As well as the convenience of the USB ports the chair also comes with side pockets where you can store your remote controls, phones and digital devices, so everything is kept within easy reach.

This chair reclines, however it does not go fully flat, but still reclines to a comfortable 140 degrees.

  • Suitable for weight up to – 350 lbs
  • Overall dimensions – 35.8″W x 33.5″D x 43″H
  • Assembly – Easy by sliding the back and arms into the base.



Micoe Height Adjustable Side Table

lumbar support chairs for home

This handy side table comes with wheels so you can move it around easily, and as an added bonus the wheels can also be removed. If you have a sofa or chair with a low base and you need to get the table close in beside you for comfort being able to take the wheels off is a useful feature.

It is also height adjustable for even more customization with a height range between 23.6″ up to 31.5″. At the lowest height the weight capacity is 40 lbs and at the highest it is 20 lbs. So there’s plenty of weight capacity for anything you are likely to place on the table.

Made from sturdy metal tube and MDF this little table is solid and can easily carry your tablet, books and reading materials. The handy side basket is great to store magazines and remote controls etc., and the bottom grid also offers additional storage space, handy for newspapers and magazines.

If you decide to use it as a mobile table with the wheels attached it is also very safe to use as the wheels have a brake function.

You may want to use it with a recliner chair and with the wheels on it should be able to slide under the recliner base. Great for using a laptop from your comfy recliner with enough room for a mouse too.

  • Dimensions – 19.7″L x 11.8″W x 23.6″-31.5”H 



Able Life Swivel Tray Table

best chair for bad back

This nifty table doesn’t come with wheels but it still has plenty going for it. The mobility feature is that the table swivels out of the way to allow you to get out of your chair easily, so wheels aren’t needed.

With a pivot action of 360 degrees and the ability to adjust the height you are sure to find a comfortable position for your table. The height is adjustable through a range from 26″ to 32″ for the tray and 34″ to 40′ for the handle.

It comes with a built in ergonomic handle that provides support when standing and sitting and can be used with a power lift chair easily. The frame of the table slides under your sofa or chair and provides support up to 300 lbs when leaning on the handle.

You can use this table on either side of your chair or sofa and the actual tray dimension is 16″ x 18″ which is also fitted with a cup/utensil holder. The weight capacity of the tray is 30 lbs, so it’s plenty sturdy to hold books, a tablet, phones etc., whatever you need to keep close at hand.

Suitable for use as a laptop table, to keep handy items close by and as a meal tray it is multi-functional as well as being useful for support in sitting and standing.



Acrobat Tilting Over bed Laptop Table

best chair for spinal stenosis

If you need a mobile side table mainly for using your laptop, this one is ideal as the table top is split into two parts with the larger part having a tilt capability. Having your laptop tilted at an angle makes typing while sitting in a chair or sitting up in bed so much more comfortable than if it is flat. A slight tilt also brings your laptop screen a little higher creating better posture and less strain on your neck.

This laptop table’s smaller surface is stationary and ideal if you need to use a mouse, or for keeping a drink or snack handy. Should you decide you don’t need this smaller surface, it can be taken off so you only have the larger tiltable portion.

The table is fully height adjustable and with the tilting capability it works with many different types of chairs and sofas as well as beds. Another great feature is the table can be folded for storage when not in use.

Manufactured from heavy gauge metal this table is sturdy and the braking castors lock the table in position for safety. The easy wipe woodgrain finish makes this table super easy to take care of and it comes in two color choices.

The larger tray has a lip which prevents your laptop slipping off the surface when tilted, useful if your laptop doesn’t have an integrated rubber strip on the case.



CTO Bedside Laptop Desk with Wheels 

If you need a larger table top area and storage combined, this mobile table could be the right choice for you. It has a streamlined contemporary look and sturdy but slimline construction.

Fitted with small diameter braking castors this allows the table to be wheeled close in to a bed or sofa but it is still easy to move around. Many smaller side table models have insufficient size for using a laptop comfortably in bed, but with the longer table size of the CTO Bedside Laptop Table this issue is resolved.

An additional feature of this table is the two shelves where you can keep lots of handy items nearby. This is one of the few tables with this much storage – useful and functional.

Manufactured using a sturdy steel frame and MDF/fiberboard for the top and shelves it is corrosion resistant and can safely support weight of up to 50 lbs.

The wood grain laminate top is easy to clean with a damp cloth and has a slight lip around the edge to prevent items slipping off. This table is a convenient side table solution particularly useful if you are in in bed or for using with a sofa. Great for use during mealtimes, or when you want to use a laptop as there is plenty of space for your computer and a mouse and even a cup of coffee.



Putting It All Together

There you have a it our top picks – chairs for reclining and furniture that moves. You are bound to find something among these items to make living with a chronic illness more comfortable and manageable.

The chairs offer comfort and support while the side table options help you customize your space to get set up for a day of resting, working on your laptop, reading or for mealtimes.

As Always, Please Feel Free To Leave A Comment.

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  1. I think that medical lift chairs can be a real blessing for those with chronic illnesses. Not only are they incredibly comfortable and convenient, but they provide a significant benefit to those who suffer from mobility-limiting conditions such as arthritis, COPD, and congestive heart failure. The chair’s adjustable positioning helps keep the person upright and in a proper posture.


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