Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cure | 9 Obstacles To Smash For Recovery

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9 Obstacles To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cure

How To Recognize What They Are!

What is the REAL reason you are not recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Are you unconsciously putting obstacles in the way? Are you still looking for your  chronic fatigue syndrome cure?

Chronic fatigue syndrome cureChronic fatigue syndrome is a multi factorial illness, it’s a complicated and time-consuming endeavor to keep digging to find out what is at the root of your particular form of this syndrome.

It can be difficult to confront the fact that the reasons for your illness can have an emotional component and not be entirely physical. So whilst you are trying to find out the physical causes consider the possibility that you could be putting emotional and mental obstacles in the way of finding your own particular chronic fatigue syndrome cure.

Reading this may sound crazy to you, but I urge you to read through to the end of this post. Consider each of the following 9 Obstacles and see if you recognize any of them.  You could be getting in the way of being able to make a full recovery.  Ask yourself if one or more of these obstacles could be contributing to your inability to recover. Sit with the information a while and respond truthfully to each point. Your answers might surprise you. Some behaviors you hadn’t realized you have are holding you back from making a recovery.

Obstacle 1. NEGATIVITY

chronic fatigue syndrome cureDo you find yourself thinking and talking negatively about your current health situation. The consistent negative chatter in your mind keeps telling you that ‘this is my lot’, ‘there’s no known cure for chronic fatigue syndrome, I’m stuck with it so I better accept it, there’s nothing I can do’.

You visit forums regularly and read about people with chronic fatigue syndrome and none of them appear to be getting better.  Nobody is coming up with information about a miraculous new cure or drug. Logging on to these forums every day and reading the sad litany of people who are suffering reinforces your belief that you’ll never get well.

When I was recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome I also visited many online forums. My overwhelming reaction was a feeling of desperate sadness that so many people were suffering with this syndrome.

Gradually however it dawned on me that many people seemed to enjoy wallowing in this negative self-pity. They were finding some strange comfort in sharing this negativity with others. At that point I stopped visiting online forums and started focusing all of my meager energy reserves on positive thinking towards recovering.

ACTION – Stay away from negative situations and toxic relationships. Acknowledge the negative self talk in your head, be conscious of it happening and change your thoughts to positive ones. This journey with chronic fatigue syndrome is your own personal experience, it’s a different experience for each of us.

Obstacle 2. APATHY

chronic fatigue syndrome cureMental stagnation and apathy are driving your internal self talk. Your mind is saying ‘who cares’, ‘whatever’, ‘it is what it is’. You feel that you just have to accept this illness along with your new and much reduced way of life.

Acceptance can be a great way of thinking about anything you truly cannot change, and there are definitely times in life when acceptance is a good thing. Dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome is not one of those times. Acceptance and patience with your current situation in the short term is OK, but acceptance that your situation cannot be changed is not what’s needed in the long term if you want to recover.

Having an apathetic attitude to your health in this situation can prevent you taking the necessary action needed to get well.

ACTION – Do not accept any suggestion that you cannot get well. During my time with chronic fatigue syndrome I was scared of feeling so bad all the time, but not for one second did I accept that this depleted state was my lot in life forever. I truly knew that I could return to full health. I didn’t know how to recover, but I knew that I would if I just kept on digging for solutions to why I was feeling so bad.

Obstacle 3. SELF DOUBT

chronic fatigue syndrome cureMany people CAN and DO recover from chronic fatigue syndrome, what is making you think that you can’t be one of them? Questioning yourself and your ability to find a way to recover will hold you back from getting well.

Maybe it’s not just the ability to recover you are questioning, but your entire self-worth – are you really worthy of making a full and complete recovery? The answer is easy…….of course you are.

You need to have faith in yourself and confidence that you can lead a healthy life again.

Having confidence in your ability to find the cause(s) of your chronic fatigue syndrome will lead to regaining your health.

ACTION – Have belief in your own power and potential. Know that you can and will find a way to recover. Think about difficult challenges you’ve succeeded in overcoming in the past and know that you can do it again.


chronic fatigue syndrome curePushing you off track, a lack of mindfulness will prevent you from getting well. It keeps you from reaching your ultimate destination which is recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Distraction from reaching that ultimate destination comes in many forms, it could be that you are drinking too much, or doing drugs. Perhaps you are overeating, or eating an unhealthy diet. A lack of care and neglecting what really matters in your life right now will derail your recovery for the future.

ACTION – Be mindful of your actions in the here and now and how they will impact on your future recovery.

Obstacle 5. FATIGUE

chronic fatigue syndrome cureOf course with chronic fatigue syndrome, you need to face the fact that often your fatigue will be so debilitating it prevents you from moving forward on your road to recovery. There are times when you feel so burned out the only thing to do is take time out to rest.

Trying to push through in a fatigued state will only make the situation worse. When you are suffering a crash, you need to practice some self care until you can regain enough energy to continue on our path to wellness. For more information on how to manage a crash click here



ACTION – Do nothing but rest and if you have enough energy, practice some meditation, take relaxing baths, burn some essential oils, but mostly rest until your energy lifts again.


chronic fatigue syndrome cureThere are times when it seems you are being driven by cravings as your body systems go haywire. This can lead to overindulgence in food and drink.


It’s a way of your body signaling it’s requirements for nutrients to manufacture energy, or relief from symptoms like pain, discomfort and extreme fatigue. Cravings for sweet foods and carbohydrates can be your body’s way of telling you it needs food for energy.

ACTION – When you are experiencing senses and feelings that overpower you, acknowledge them for what they are and see them as a passing phase and not a permanent condition.


chronic fatigue syndrome cureYou may have been told by health professionals that there is no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome, that nothing can be done to improve your health. Perhaps family and friends have fed you incorrect information about chronic fatigue syndrome.

So much is still being learned about this syndrome and in my experience it can be difficult to get correct information about it.

ACTION – Keep digging to get correct information about your health condition. You have probably yet to find the people with the right skill and experience who can guide you to recovery. Keep searching for health professionals with the right knowledge and experience to help you.


chronic fatigue syndrome cureMy own experience showed me that healing doesn’t progress in a straight line, it goes in fits and starts. During recovery, it’s tempting to lose resolve and throw in the towel when faced with setbacks and disillusionment sets in.

Often changes to your diet and your supplement programme doesn’t go well and your body reacts badly. Or progress might not happen as fast as you think it should. At such times it is easy to feel disillusioned with the path you’re on.

ACTION – Fortitude in the face of these challenges is needed. Don’t be tempted to become so disillusioned that you lose your resolve and give up.

Obstacle 9. LACK OF FOCUS

chronic fatigue syndrome cureYou must exert focus if you want to regain your health, sometimes to the exclusion of other things. In some cases you may need to give up work that you love because it puts too much pressure on your dwindling resources. Perhaps you need to give up socializing or studying for a while.

A certain level of single mindedness is required to focus your efforts on getting better. Nothing is ever achieved without exerting focus on where you are headed and on the desired outcome.

 ACTION – Decide that the desired outcome is regaining your health. Focus on that and exclude other activities that distract you from it. Use laser like focus to achieve your required result.


Putting it all together

The idea for writing this post came to me when I came across information about the ancient text, ‘The Yoga Sutras’. The Sutras talk about the 9 Obstacles faced in yoga as well as in life. If you want to find more information about this you can read here

It started me thinking about how this relates to obstacles encountered in healing from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Take time to think about each of the 9 obstacles and really examine where you are allowing any of them to prevent your recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome. You might just find the breakthrough needed to accelerate your recovery.

Please leave any comments below.





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  1. I work all day on the computer but I still feel tired all the time. I just want to go to bed. I feel I cannot do anything productive because my health is behaving like this. Maybe I am stressed out. Could yoga help me. Do you offer yoga class lesson. That would be great.

    • Hi Kit Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sorry to hear you’re health is not great, perhaps you need to see a naturopath or integrative health practitioner to find out what’s going on. I do have a post which gives a few gentle restorative yoga exercises you could try.

  2. This is crap. I have had CFS for over 40years. I didn’t believe it could get worse, but it has. I have tried everything from acupuncture, diet, exercise, counselling, etc. There are good days and bad days. Months and years that are better or worse. All anyone can do is make the most of each day. Shower when you have energy. If you have an appointment rest the day before and after. Have things close to you when stuck in bed. Use aids where possible to conserve energy. I use a wheelchair when I am out for long periods of time.


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