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I recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome using 99% natural methods. It’s my belief that this is the only way you can recover and how I beat chronic fatigue syndrome.

Allopathic medicine offers little in the way of effective and sustainable recovery results, probably because there is no available single drug to treat a single condition.

Compared with an illness such as diabetes for example, the pharmaceutical companies are able to manufacture a category of medication to treat it. However, a chronic fatigue syndrome sufferer can have so many body systems in a dysfunctional state, there is no single class of drug available that will effect recovery.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a multifactorial illness which manifests differently for each individual. When one body system gets out of balance, others follow. This makes chronic fatigue syndrome not only difficult to diagnose but also to treat effectively.

I believe in chronic fatigue syndrome natural treatment because it gets to the root of what is causing your particular form of the illness and works to support your body systems to recover.

Your GP might prescribe antidepressants, sleeping pills or cortisone to help you deal with some of your symptoms. These pharmaceutical can provide temporary relief from pain and insomnia. However,  they will have little effect in helping you actually recover from your illness. Try some of these natural pain relief suggestions instead.

chronic fatigue syndrome natural treatment

Get The Right Help – Naturally

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a collection of symptoms with no single identifiable cause. Therefore, there is no single drug that can be used as a cure for this illness. My belief is, that had I started taking any form of pharmaceutical medication to alleviate my symptoms it could have potentially created even further stress on my already weakened system.

It did take me quite some time to find the fantastically caring and knowledgeable naturopath who finally got me well. There were a couple of wrong turns I took along the way.

I previously tried a couple of naturopaths who unfortunately couldn’t offer any lasting help. Whilst I followed their protocols to the letter, they simply weren’t the right protocols for me.

In simple terms, the naturopaths lacking experience in treating this illness, failed to carry out adequate testing to get to the root cause of my chronic fatigue syndrome.

Finding a naturopath/functional medicine practitioner who has experience treating chronic fatigue syndrome is VERY important.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is tricky to treat as there can be so many different causes of the illness. There is no specific ‘chronic fatigue syndrome test’. Each person with chronic fatigue syndrome has their own individual form of the illness. And it takes someone with special knowledge to know what to look for and which tests to perform for each patient.

As I had been dealing with various fatigue issues for approximately eight years, it took a long time, two years,  of consistently following my new naturopath’s advice before I recovered fully.

The road to recovery can be long and you may experience some setbacks along the way. Healing doesn’t follow a straight line. There will be times when it seems as if you are not making any progress at all.

Healing can stall for a while and then suddenly you will make a breakthrough. You might notice a reduction in your pain, or that generally your sleeping pattern improves. These small signs show that your treatment is working and provide you with the required encouragement to persist.

chronic fatigue syndrome natural treament


How Can I Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome At Home?

Perhaps you are very immobile and might be asking ‘ how can I get help when I’m suck at home?’

Many natural health practitioners offer consultations via Skype or phone. Often you may need to have only an initial ‘face to face’ consultation. Following consultations can be scheduled with the help of technology.

My experience showed me how crucial it is to have professional help and guidance on the path to making a recovery. Adjustments to your protocol need to be made along the way and you need your practitioner’s help with this.

I cannot stress strongly enough, the importance of finding the right help to get to the root cause of your particular form of chronic fatigue syndrome. Until you find the root cause(s), you won’t be able to recover. Chronic fatigue syndrome can have multiple causes, learn more here.


So How Do You Go About Finding The Right Help?

Different countries refer to alternative health professionals in different ways. In various areas of the world they may be referred to as naturopaths, or functional medicine practitioners.

Whatever you want to call them, this group of professionals will treat you using a combination of nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, specific diets and alternative therapies. Nowadays naturopaths make use of a variety of different testing methods, to assist in working out the best treatment options for you.

There are various associations and organizations for naturopaths/functional medicine practitioners in your country to contact for help in finding a suitable health professional. I suggest you locate them and ask if they can refer you to a naturopath experienced in treating fatigue issues.

Nowadays, due to the wonders of the internet, your location should not be a barrier to getting good help, as many practitioners will arrange consultations via Skype etc. As I was living in Asia for the majority of the time I was ill, I had an initial face to face consultation with my naturopath in Australia. Thereafter, all consultations were carried out via Skype.

chronic fatigue syndrome natural treatment

Despite my exhausted state, I was absolutely committed to getting well and being finally able to quit chronic fatigue syndrome. When I met my naturopath (who had actually suffered chronic fatigue syndrome herself and recovered) I knew I had met the person who could understand the issues I was dealing with and provide me with the right help.

Symptoms and Testing

Naturopathy has come a long way, no longer do naturopaths rely solely on physical signs and symptoms to come up with a diagnosis. Sophisticated testing will be used to find out why you have chronic fatigue syndrome. Blood, urine, poop, hair and saliva analysis may all be used in carrying out tests.

Be prepared, you may need to undergo a lot of testing due to the number and variety of symptoms you might have. Some of the most common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include the following:

  • FATIGUE – The main symptom, and it is fatigue that is not improved with rest or sleep.
  • BRAIN FOGCausing cognitive issues such as short term memory loss and difficulty concentrating.
  • MUSCLE PAIN – Painful tightness in muscles located in the upper back, neck and shoulders. Lactic acid builds up and it feels as though you’ve had a good workout.
  • POST EXERTIONAL MALAISE – Delayed exhaustion and a lack of stamina resulting from mental or physical activity. The exhaustion can last for several days.
  • UNREFRESHING SLEEP – You wake up still exhausted despite a full night’s sleep.
  • SWOLLEN LYMPH NODES – Experiencing swollen glands often in the neck and armpit areas.
  • RECURRING SORE THROAT- Painful inflamed sore throat.
  • LOW GRADE FEVER – Feeling generally unwell.
  • NIGHT SWEATS – Waking up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat.
  • ANXIETY – Generally feeling anxious in situations where you wouldn’t normally.
  • IRRITABILITY – Feeling irritated very easily,
  • GUT PROBLEMS –   Indigestion, heartburn, bloating, constipation or diarrhea.
  • FLUID RETENTION – Body wide fluid retention.
  • SLEEP ISSUES – Difficulty in getting to sleep and waking often during the night.

If you have several of these symptoms (or others), multiple tests may be needed to find out the reasons.


The Road To Recovery – It’s Not A Superhighway

Once you start working with your chosen professional, you need to hang in there. Depending on how long you’ve had chronic fatigue syndrome your health is probably in a very depleted state with several body systems adversely affected.

For example, your endocrine, immune and digestive systems can be weakened and out of whack. It will take time to build them back up and bring you into a balanced and healthy state again.

In general terms underlying any natural chronic fatigue syndrome treatment you need to:

  • Make sure you are eating clean healthy food – no processed foods high in sugar, caffeine, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.
  • Get as much solid sleep as possible – depriving your body of sleep will make matters worse.
  • Stay within your energy envelope – to reduce the number and severity of crashes.
  • Stay hydrated – helps with sluggish digestion.

No amount of good quality herbs and supplements will help if you don’t have the basics of your lifestyle in place, you’ll simply be throwing money away.

The worst thing you can do is deprive your body of the nutrients and rest it needs to produce energy at the cellular level. 

As well as making necessary changes to your lifestyle you’ll need to comply with the protocol suggested by your naturopath. This could mean that you’ll be required to make dietary changes and take a number of nutritional and herbal supplements.

chronic fatigue syndrome natural treatment

Natural supplements and herbs do not work overnight, it can take a few weeks before any improvement starts to be felt. Additionally, there can be some trial and error whilst your body slowly and steadily rebuilds itself. You may react adversely to certain supplements whilst still in a weak state as your body may be unable to tolerate much.

Any adjustments to your supplement protocol either the dosage or perhaps a change to the supplement type will need to be made with the professional knowledge and experience of your naturopath.

Depending on how long you’ve been sick and how severely you are affected, you may be dealing with psychological issues from the isolation, pain and anxiety of dealing long term with chronic fatigue syndrome.

It could be beneficial to ask for a referral to a counselor to help you deal with these issues if you feel psychological support is needed.

There are many other ‘add on’ treatments that can be helpful in treating chronic fatigue syndrome naturally such as :

  • MASSAGE – Particularly useful to relieve pain symptoms.
  • MEDITATION – Useful if there is an adrenal component to your chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • IV VITAMINS – Delivers high dose vitamins directly into your bloodstream which is faster. Also useful if your digestive tract is in a poor state and you are unable to tolerate taking supplements in the early stages of recovery.
  • RESTORATIVE YOGA – A very gentle form of yoga that doesn’t deplete energy, helpful for stretching tight and painful muscles.

Persevere – Don’t Give Up

You may have a long road to recovery, but slowly and surely you’ll notice small improvements taking place in your health. It might be as simple as your sleep improving and being able to sleep through the entire night. Or being able to add more supplements into your regime as your system gains strength and your body becomes more resilient.

Your digestion might improve, or you notice you no longer have an energy slump mid-afternoon. Each tiny improvement should be an acknowledgment of success and a celebration that your body is slowly getting stronger.

Of course, recovery will take longer than you think it should, or hope it will. But stay on track, make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and follow the advice of your naturopath. Just keep on keeping on.

One day you’ll realize that you can walk further than you used to, or that you can start exercising again. Your body will lose it’s many aches and pains and you’ll wake up in the morning refreshed, knowing you’ve had a great sleep.

Putting It All Together

Acknowledge that you need the right type of help in overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome. Contact professional associations in your country to locate a suitable naturopath/functional medicine practitioner  who can help you get to the root cause of your particular form of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic fatigue syndrome causes can be many and varied. You need assistance from a health professional, a guide map to overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome.

Don’t give up, the road to recovery can be long, but with persistence you WILL get there and find full energetic health again.

Please feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions below.

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  1. I can’t imagine how tough it would be to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. My cousin suffers and it can be a lonely disease. She also managed to recover through support and natural methods and a resolution to herself that she will not give up. Well done to you for recovering and creating a website that can benefit people.

    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for your comments. It’s so true that you don’t know what it’s like until you have it.

      I’m so glad your cousin recovered.  Hopefully my website can reach out to people and provide inspiration to not give up on the road to recovery.

  2. I could really relate to this article since I always feel like that I have been hit by a truck by 5 in the afternoon. Between my 11 year old daughter and my 18 month old son, there is simply nothing left in the tank by the time evening rolls around.
    What would the typical cost be to start out when going down this route for treatment?
    I understand that it is going to be different for everyone but just trying to get an idea of a ballpark figure.
    Thanks for the information!

    • Hi Nate

      Thanks for your comments, I’m sorry you are suffering with fatigue issues. Unfortunately it’s impossible for me to give you any indication of cost due to the varied treatments and cost structures that different practitioners have. 

      However all naturopaths I’ve visited are more than happy to help as much as they can structuring a treatment plan for you that can meet your particular budget. 

  3. Hi Ann,
    Really enjoying reading all your great information.
    I have had chronic fatigue for 6 years and have not been able to get to the bottom of it, despite seeing many naturopaths/integrative doctors.
    Are you able to DM your naturopath’s details? I live in Melbourne.

      • Ann-thank you so much for all your helpful information regarding this awful syndrome. I unfortunately have also spent many years seeing different naturopaths/integrative doctors but have yet to find the main cause. Would you mind sending me the info of the doctor you see? Thank you for all your help and encouraging words ❤️


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