Gut Friendly Coconut Lime Panna Cotta

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Coconut Lime Panna Cotta Recipe

When you feel like a sweet dessert, but want to avoid sugar, try this tropical creamy and delicious panna cotta recipe. Many so called ‘sugar free’ recipes contain honey, maple syrup or some other form of sweetener either natural or artificial. Many of these natural sweeteners whilst being healthier than refined cane sugar still have a negative effect on blood sugar, causing it to spike.


This yummy dessert is sweetened with liquid stevia, a natural sweetener made from the leaves of the plant Stevia Rebaudiana. A member of the sunflower family, stevia’s common names are candy leaf, sweet leaf and sugar leaf which accurately describe it’s sweet tasting properties. Unlike other natural sweeteners, stevia does not have any affect on blood sugar.


Sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free, but still deliciously creamy this panna cotta recipe uses coconut milk as it’s base, rather than cow’s milk or cream. Naturally slightly sweet, coconut milk is amongst one of the world’s healthiest foods. It’s high in healthy saturated fatty acids, nutrient rich and is known to help lower cholesterol levels.

Smaller servings of coconut milk are the best due to it’s high calorie count, however this dessert is so rich and creamy a small serve is all you need to satisfy a craving for a sweet and creamy treat.


This panna cotta recipe uses grass fed beef gelatin as the setting agent. A rich source of collagen, grass fed beef gelatin helps with digestive issues and aids in healing a leaky gut. It also provides amino acids such as glycine which helps strengthen the gut lining as well as lowering inflammation.

Rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium sulfur, phosphorus and silicon, grass fed beef gelatin is also great for healthy bones. Helping you feel full due to its protein content gelatin can also be a helpful weight loss tool. I used this Aspen Grass Fed Gelatin powder, BUY is now by clicking on this link.

Healthy skin and joints are other benefits of adding gelatin to your diet. Using grass fed gelatin in your regular diet is a simple way to ensure you get these benefits whilst enjoying a delicious treat.

Served with some fresh papaya or mango, this dessert takes on a distinctly tropical flavor with its combination of coconut milk, lime and papaya.

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  1. This looks SOOOO good. I want to make the chocolate ice cream from the Spunky Coconut website and then top it with this. Have you used coconut sugar in place of stevia and if so does it work? The liquid stevia is pretty mild but I have a friend who can’t have any stevia.

    • Hi CoconuttyWife, 

      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you like the look of this recipe. It’s one that I make regularly, 1. because it’s delicious and 2. because it allows me to include healthy and gut supportive grass fed gelatin in my diet regularly.

      I haven’t used coconut sugar as I prefer stevia due to it not causing a rise in blood sugar levels. I’m sure you could use coconut sugar tho’. If you try it please let me know how it goes. 


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