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What Is CBT for Fibromyalgia and Is it Right for Your Treatment Plan?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is technically a psychological treatment, but can also be very effective in managing fibromyalgia symptoms. Undergoing CBT for fibromyalgia is all about validating your experience, strengthening your mental health, and equipping you with tools to take on your everyday symptoms.  What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?  Cognitive behavioral therapy, otherwise known as … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Need to Try Melatonin for Fibromyalgia and CFS

How well you sleep at night can mean the difference between managing your fibromyalgia or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) or completely letting it take over your life. Unfortunately, uncomfortable and nonrestorative sleep is a key side effect of both these conditions, which is why more and more people turn to melatonin for fibromyalgia and CFS. … Read more