What is Good Gut Health And How Do You Get It?

How Much Does Good Gut Health Really Matter? Poor gut health had devastating consequences on how I felt as my overall health spiraled downwards and all of my chronic fatigue symptoms worsened. I found out the hard way what poor gut health is. This awful experience made me ask – “how can I improve my … Read more

Which Vitamin C Should I Take? | Lypo Spheric Vitamin C Review

We hope you love the items we recommend, and just so you know, Quit Chronic Fatigue may receive a small commission from links in this post.   What Is The Best Form Of Vitamin C? Suffering from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome I needed a high quality Vitamin C supplement and was recommended Lypo Spheric Vitamin C … Read more

The Adrenal and Thyroid Connection (How It Affects Hypothyroidism)

What The Connection Meant For Me My journey into chronic fatigue syndrome began by being diagnosed with a slightly under active thyroid gland. As my illness proceeded and medication showed ineffective in alleviating my fatigue symptoms totally, I came to understand the importance of the adrenal and thyroid connection. Whilst thyroid medication did get rid … Read more

Adrenal Fatigue Causes And Symptoms

  Adrenal Fatigue – Is It Part Of Your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? How do you identify adrenal fatigue causes and symptoms? It is important to know because in many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome there is an adrenal fatigue component to the illness. My health issues started with adrenal fatigue. From time to time with … Read more

Feeling extremely tired all the time – the main symptom

  Feeling Extremely Tired All The Time – Acknowledge You Are Ill! Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has developed and you are feeling extremely tired all the time. Fatigue is the main symptom marking this illness. It is important to recognize that you DO have an illness, but to also maintain a positive outlook knowing that you … Read more