Top 10 Ideas For Comfy Clothes Women Love – That Aren’t Pajamas

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Sometimes You Just Have To Get Out Of Your Pajamas

When you’re dealing with a chronic illness like chronic fatigue syndrome, it’s really hard to keep up appearances as you just don’t have the available energy to dress up. You may not look ill on the outside, but all you want to do is stay in bed, safe and comfortable in your pajamas.

With chronic fatigue syndrome, some days it takes a Herculean effort just to be able to stand up in the shower to bathe yourself, then put your pajamas back on before climbing back into bed to recoup some energy. On days when you are in the midst of a bad crash like this, your pajamas are your best friend.

But on other days, when you have a bit more energy and you can make it out of bed and out of those pajamas, you still want clothing that is comfortable, requires no effort to launder and take care of,  and can be put on easily.  Clothing that looks way better than those damn PJ’s you seem to spend most of your life wearing.

It can make you feel good, more like a normal human being to wear something other than pajamas and a dressing gown and it’s a chance to forget your illness for a while at least.

But any clothing items you choose still need to be easy to put on and take off so you don’t use up precious energy struggling with your clothing. And all garments should be comfortable to wear without restricting movement.

Comfortable stretchy fabrics, elastic waistbands and no fiddly zippers or buttons are best. And the cut of the clothes should allow for easy movement. Choosing fabrics with non-crease and easy care qualities are a must to make sure you don’t have to use a lot of energy washing and ironing them.

Forget those 100% cotton shirts and scratchy linen pants for now. As much as you may love natural fibers, blended fabrics with polyester, rayon, acrylic and spandex yarns will be much more comfortable and easy to care for when you’re low on energy. Nowadays, modern fabric technology definitely makes life a whole lot easier in the laundry room.

Also give those shirts with fiddly details like pleats and frills a miss, they’re way too time consuming to wash and iron. Simple, crease free, stretch fabrics and comfortable pieces are your best friends for now.

Check out my list of comfy clothes women love.  When you need a day out of those pajamas, these clothes will help you feel good. Not only are they comfortable, but they are fun and stylish.

Another great thing is that you don’t need to go schlepping around stores depleting your energy reserves searching for clothes either, they’re all available to order online at the click of a button.

Just take care to check out the manufacturer’s size charts and read a few reviews before ordering. This way you’ll get a good idea of how the sizing runs. I look for reviewers around the same weight and height as I am for recommendations on sizing after I read the size charts. This method works pretty well for me, I haven’t had to return anything yet, and it really saves on disappointment.

Fashion items that meet the following criteria work best when choosing clothes you’ll feel comfortable in :
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchy
  • Easy Care Fabrics
  • Soft To The Touch
  • Easy To Put On And Take Off

Some of the suggestions here are for comfy clothes to wear at home if you’re still spending most of your day on the sofa. While other clothing items are great for going out for a spot of socializing, or shopping.

Whatever your situation and current energy level, you’ll find these casual and comfy clothes will work for you and look great too. Check out the suggestions for dresses, tops, skirts and pants that meet all of the above criteria and equally importantly, won’t blow your budget either.


#1. Styleworld Womens’ Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress

This dress has become my go to favorite to quickly pull on when I need to do some grocery shopping, meet friends for lunch or go out for a casual dinner. I wear it with my converse runners or ballet flats, and it looks great with sandals too.

The top part of the dress is stretchy T shirt fabric which is just the right weight, not too heavy, but not too light that it’s see through or shows bra lines. The printed skirt part is a different fabric, a soft stretchy jersey that gives the dress a lovely flowy look and feel.

The waistband of the dress sits high, disguising any stomach pooch while still managing to provide a bit of shape, so it doesn’t look ‘sack-like’. You can choose from lots of colors and prints and it comes in short or long sleeve versions making it great for different seasons, additionally, the cold shoulder styling is very ‘on trend’.

Simply pull the dress on over your head, no awkward to reach zippers. A cool addition is the the handy side pockets in the dress.

Size Range | Small – 2XL

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Price At Amazon


#2. Daily Ritual Long Sleeve Split Hem Tunic

Made from 57% Acrylic, 38% Rayon and 5% Spandex fabric, this modern take on a crew neck top is super comfy to wear and easily machine washable. The swingy style and high side splits make movement easy and give a chic look to the top.

No fiddly buttons, just pull it on over your head and wear it with your favorite leggings to dress it down for a casual look. Or go a bit more glam and dress it up with some pants and your favorite chunky necklace.

It comes in two colors, black and heather grey and is a great addition to your basics wardrobe. A big step up from a standard T shirt, way more chic looking and even more soft and comfortable to wear.

Size Range | X Small – 2XL

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Price At Amazon


#3. Pajamajeans Bootcut Stretch Knit Denim Jeans

Everyone loves wearing jeans and they seem suitable for almost any occasion nowadays, but let’s face it, they’re not exactly comfortable. Even your oldest, washed out, softest pair of jeans are never as comfortable as a pair of leggings or yoga pants.

These pajamajeans combine the best of both worlds, soft stretchy comfort together with the detailing of jeans; they look like denim, but feel soft and comfortable just like pajamas.

Features like five pockets, contrast stitching and brass rivets create the look of jeans, while the “Dormisoft’ denim fabric is super soft and stretchy to wear.

They are super easy to get on, with pull on styling and a drawstring at the waist you can adjust the fit to suit your size perfectly. No tugging, stretching, lying on the bed while struggling to pull on these jeans. And no tugging at the waistband to put it back in place every time you get up from sitting like normal jeans.

The classic boot cut style of these Pajamajeans flatters most figures, and the relaxed shape through the hips and thighs combined with a slightly flared hem balances out the proportion of the pants.

Pajamajeans come in a wide denim color range from pale powder blue denim to darkest denim and black. If white or pastel colors are more your thing, you’ll find those colors available too.

Size Range | Lots of different sizes and leg lengths available.

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Price At Amazon


#4. AMiERY Lounge Pants

OK these lounge pants aren’t pajamas but they are a pretty close second in terms of comfort. Perfect for days on the sofa watching Netflix. Maybe you have friends coming for a visit and you can manage to get out of your pajamas but your low energy isn’t allowing you to dress up. These lounge pants are the perfect solution.

At a stretch you could probably wear them to quickly run to the grocery store, or take the dog a walk around the block. On days when you have enough energy to do some restorative yoga, these pants are perfect for that too.

You can wear them with a singlet top and the Daily Rituals Open Sweatshirt further on in this list for a comfortable duo.

Made from stretchy polyester these wide leg pants are super comfortable. The elastic drawstring waist can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

Available in a wide range of prints, from soft pastel and bold floral designs to polka dots and stripes, you’re sure to find a pair that brighten your mood. And the fact you’ve managed to get out of your pajamas will help too.

Size Range | Small – 3XL

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Price At Amazon


#5. ReneeC Extra Soft Bamboo Mini Dress

Often compared to feeling like cashmere, bamboo fabric is very soft. The natural anti-fungal qualities of bamboo also make it odor resistant.

Bamboo fabric has natural wicking qualities meaning it pulls moisture away from the skin allowing it to evaporate more easily. All in all, bamboo fabric is very comfortable to wear which is the reason it is used a lot for underwear nowadays.

And if you have concerns about the environment, bamboo fabric is an easily renewable resource which is completely biodegradable. I guess that means when you’re finished wearing this dress you could throw it on the compost heap!

This cool looking dress is made from 95% bamboo with 4% spandex to provide a little comfortable stretch. It is lightweight, super soft and stretchy so you can pull it on easily over your head. The two front pockets are handy and give it a casual look, but they are functional too being big enough to hold your cell phone.

A fantastic easy to wear dress style that does double duty for lounging at home, or for a quick shopping trip. It looks a little dressier, as seen in the photo, if paired with some strappy heels, but will look more dressed down if worn with runners or flats. Adding some opaque hose and boots will give it another contemporary look.

Made in the USA, this comfy dress comes with a 30 day quality guaranteed return policy and is available in a few color options ranging from soft pastels to basic black.

Size Range | Small – 3XL

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Price At Amazon


#6. Daily Ritual Hooded Open Sweatshirt

Manufactured using fabric containing a blend of 58% Cotton, 39% Modal and 3% Spandex this terry lined open sweatshirt manages to look chic as well as being super comfortable to wear. It’s another great basic piece from the Daily Ritual brand. A definitely more chic update from a normal sweatshirt hoodie and way more dressy, but still as comfortable. 

The longer length means it’s great to wear over leggings as it covers your butt well. You could pair it with the Pajamajeans already mentioned in this article for a smart, casual and very comfortable look. No fiddly zip or button closures and the hood is handy for days when it feels chilly, providing you with a little extra comfort. The two side pockets are big enough to keep your cell phone handy.

Machine washable, this hooded open sweatshirt comes in a range of good basic plain colours, from the pastel pink shown here through to black, and there is also a stripe option too. You are sure to find a color that suits you in this range.

Size Range | Extra Small – 2XL

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Price At Amazon


#7. Popana Casual Maxi Skirt

A wardrobe staple and comfortable too, a maxi skirt can be worn all year round depending on what you pair it with. Super versatile and easy to wear, in comfortable soft and stretchy fabric this maxi skirt is made from good quality rayon and spandex fabric. The fabric is comfortable and  lightweight, but not see through and falls well, without being clingy.

The soft waistband can be folded over or rolled up, however it feels more comfortable on you. Wear it simply with a basic T shirt or layer a soft blazer or denim jacket over it. You can even dress it up with some sparkly shoes and jewelry for a casual dinner.

Machine washable and needing no to minimal ironing, this maxi skirt will become a wardrobe staple. You simply needs to step into it and pull the waistband up where it fits comfortably and you’re ready to go. No side splits in the skirt mean you’ll feel well covered up, but the cut of the skirt still allows for easy movement.

Available in basic black as well as several other colors, you’ll probably want to buy a few, it’s such a handy and comfortable staple clothing item to have in your wardrobe.

Size Range | Small – 3XL

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Price At Amazon


#8. Grecerelle Casual Loose Pocket Maxi Dress

This maxi is super loose and flowy with side splits allowing you lots of freedom of movement.  It also comes with handy front pockets. This is another basic wardrobe item that can be worn really casually at home or dressed up with beads and high shoes to wear out at night.

Made from natural breathable rayon with a small amount of spandex this dress would be super comfortable even on the hottest days. It comes in both short and long sleeve versions and is available in a range of prints or solid color options.

This simple casual shape has a flattering v neck at the front and a lowish back with a band across the shoulders that holds the dress in place, so no awkwardly trying to keep the dress in position on your shoulders.

If you are more of a nightdress girl than a pajama girl, this would be the closest thing to wearing your most comfortable nightdress, it’s so loose and lightweight and the fabric has a soft, silky feel.

This dress comes in a wide range of color options from solid plain colors, pastels to black and everything in between, as well as a range of bold floral or geometric prints. It also has short or long sleeve options to choose from. With a range this wide, you’re sure to find one or two that suit you.

Size Range | Extra Small – 2XL

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Price At Amazon


#9. Leggings Depot Ultra Soft Printed Leggings

If you are looking for some fun printed leggings at a great price, check these out. Many customer reviews mention that they are just as soft and comparable quality to Lularoe leggings, but the price is cheaper.

Wear them with the Daily Rituals Split Hem Tunic that is long enough to cover your butt  and you’ll be all set. As you can see from the model in the photo, you can wear them with heels, or they’ll look equally as cool paired with runners or flats.

Made from high quality soft 92 % polyester and 8% spandex, these leggings are so soft and stretchy and really easy to pull on for a great fit.

The tapered style of the leggings is designed to finish between the calf and ankle length. A comfortable elastic waistband about 3/4″ wide, lies flat and comfortably around your middle.

Leggings Depot offers a big range of different patterns from pretty florals as shown in the photo to flamingoes, or Thai elephants, maybe modern spaceships and planets are more your thing?

These fun and crazy leggings will sure to bring a smile to your face, just what you need if your energy is low. And they are easy care and machine washable to boot.

Size Range | From One Size – 3x-5x Plus size

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Prices At Amazon


#10. Hue Ponte Leggings

If,  crazy fun printed leggings aren’t your thing and you need some basic one color good quality leggings Hue has you covered. These ponte leggings aren’t just for yoga or wearing indoors they are stylish enough to wear out as the fabric is slightly heavier quality than normal leggings.

Manufactured using a mix of 64% Rayon, 32% Nylon and 4% Spandex with just the right amount of stretch these leggings are comfortable and good looking. 

They come in a few basic colors sure to go with items you already have in your wardrobe making these quality leggings an easy choice.

Size Range | Extra Small – Extra Large

Check Out The Latest Reviews And Price At Amazon


Putting It All Together

Hopefully this article provides you with some inspiration for comfortable clothes that look way better than pajamas, but are still super comfortable to wear.

It’s important for feelings of well being to be able to dress well on days when you have more energy for trips to the supermarket, grocery store, the kids school, out to lunch or a casual family gathering. No need to dread the thought of getting out of your pajamas and struggling to get ready for an outing.

You can have a comfortable and easy experience where you don’t have to think too much or use too much energy getting ready if you choose easy pieces like those in this article.

Now you’ve found some easy to wear and care for clothing, check out some tips for how to make laundry day easier here. Unfortunately,  they haven’t invented clothes that launder themselves yet. So make wash day easier with some of these energy saving tips.

As always please feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear if you try some of the items hear, or if you have other suggestions for clothing items that are  super comfy. 

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  1. The cold shoulder Maxi Dress looks lovely Ann, 

    I’m thinking of getting something for my girlfriend when we go out this weekend, boy would she be thrilled to see this! I have no clue when it comes to fashion, so glad I bumped into your page. There’s another style that I’m thinking of that I’m not sure of, what do you think of lace dresses?

    • Thanks for stopping by, I’m sure your girlfriend will be very pleased with a gift from you. Honestly, I find lace not that comfortable to wear. Depending on the type of lace it can be a little hard and scratchy. Your first choice of the Styleworld cold shoulder dress would be a great pick I think. 

  2. Hello Ann,

    This is a nice list you’ve got here for those lazy days. Days when you just want to lie about and probably watch Netflix or you’re expecting guests and you’re too tired to make an impression.

    Lounge pants can be very helpful in such scenarios, and it’s always my wife’s number 1 on such days. Just throw on some singlet too, and your good to go. 

    I’ll show her this list, so she has more options to pick from. 

    Delightful read! Thanks for Sharing


    • Thanks for leaving a comment, please show this post to your wife, I’m sure there will be something here that suits her for lounging on the sofa days. 

  3. Putting on a comfortable clothing outfit makes you feel good and easy. Thanks for the tips on some dressing styles too. I love the Pajamajeans with the classic boots feels trendy to rock for a lady. Also the soft bamboo mini is a quick wear for an urgent outing. Fantastic write up

  4. Hi Ann! This post has provided a lot of inspiration concerning finding comfortable clothes that are way more stylish than pajamas.

    It’s nice to have these in the wardrobe for those days that come with a bit more energy. There will constantly be casual family gatherings and outings to lunch waiting around the corner. And it’s always nice to be prepared for those lovely occasions. 

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure by your name if you are a Henry or a Henrietta? In any case I’m glad you found my post useful. 

    • very helpful article! I feel everyone loves to be comfy and to be comfy and still look great is awesome! I love my pajama jeans. They are my favorite piece of clothing

      • Hi Alisha thanks for stopping by, those Pajamajeans are pretty popular and for good reason, normal jeans are just so uncomfortable. I agree, it definitely gives you a lift knowing you look good while still being comfortable.

  5. I love these suggestions! As an active stay-at-home mom of 4, I need clothes that conform to my lifestyle, but still look nice and show that I put some effort into my appearance. As much as I WANT to wear clothes made from all natural fibers, it does take a tremendous effort to launder. It sounds like clothing made from bamboo may be a good alternative to cotton and linen? Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello Ann,

    Even though I don’t have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or at least I don’t think so, I really like wearing comfy clothes. Most times I would where oversized and not so tight clothes and your recommendations seem to combine comfort with style. I’ll try and see how they go by checking some of the clothes in your article. Besides that, I think it is also important that people learn about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, because I haven’t heard of that before reading your article and probably I am not the only unaware of this syndrome. 

    Keep raising awareness about this important topic and I’ll keep checking on your upcoming posts!

    • Hi Mariana thanks for stopping by. Yes, comfy clothes are a must have for everyone, not only those with chronic fatigue syndrome. I hope you found some items you can enjoy wearing. Thanks for your kind comments about chronic fatigue syndrome, you are spot on, more awareness of this debilitating illness is needed. And more importantly and the reason I started my site, is getting the message out that you CAN recover from it, because sadly many people think they cannot get well. 

  7. Wow, I love so many of the suggestions here! The pajamajeans are my favorite and will be awesome with the hooded open sweatshirt. I saw what looked like stretchy, comfortable jeans in a store once but I was disappointed because they didn’t have any real pockets. The dresses will appeal to my sister so I’ll send this on to her.

    • Hi and thanks for your comments, the Pajamajeans seem to be the favorite item for many people judging by the comments I’ve received, and they ARE pretty cool with all the features standard jeans have, but way more comfy and easy to get on.

  8. I suffer from multiple chronic pain health problems. I have to add, Modal fabric it will, change your life i have drawstring pants,robe,shirts from this fabric. Its so soft, ssssmooth stretchy amazing. I bought the pants on Amazon for $20.
    I recently also found modal fabric SHEETS. I’m dorkily excited about this amazing sheets so soft smooth against my skin. If you suffer from chronic pain & fabric sensitivities you will love this fabric

  9. The pajama jeans are really long, just an fyi. Another factor i always consider is heat– I get overheated really easily and hot temps always give me headaches so I make sure it will be cool during the summer


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