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The Adrenal and Thyroid Connection (How It Affects Hypothyroidism)

April 11, 2018 44 Comments

What The Connection Meant For Me My journey into chronic fatigue syndrome began by being diagnosed with a slightly under active thyroid gland. As my illness proceeded and medication showed ineffective in alleviating my fatigue symptoms totally, I came to understand the importance of the adrenal and thyroid connection. Whilst thyroid medication did get…

How Stress Can Affect Your Health And Cause Fatigue

April 5, 2018 16 Comments

The HPA Axis – Its Role In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome The Hypothalmic Adrenal Pituitary axis (HPA) regulates many bodily functions such as immunity and digestion. And, it also controls your body’s reaction to stress. When we are faced with stressors, several hormones are released which stimulate the adrenal glands. Cortisol, adrenalin and DHEA amongst…


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