Cold Weather Clothing Women With Chronic Illness Need – 10 Top Options

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Why You Need To Dress For Comfort In Cooler Weather

As summer draws to a close and daylight hours get shorter, it’s natural to think about how to dress for comfort and warmth. Finding cold weather clothing women love is one thing. But when you have a chronic illness it is especially important as your clothing requirements are a little different.

It’s super important that clothing is both comfortable, soft to wear and easy to put on and take off. Not only should the clothing items you choose be comfortable, they should also be easy care to keep laundry and ironing fuss free.

With any chronic illness it is likely you spend a lot of time indoors and maybe even a lot of time in bed or on the sofa meaning clothing needs to stay wrinkle free too.

If your chronic illness makes temperature regulation a challenge it is often best to dress in comfortable layers allowing you to put on or take off layers according to your needs.

It is crucial to choose clothing that will keep you warm as often feeling cold can make chronic illness pain symptoms even worse. This makes it important to choose clothes made from fibers and yarns that provide warmth while also being lightweight for comfort.

All of this makes dressing a challenge, and as if this wasn’t enough you also want to be stylish too. When you are dealing with chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome it’s all too easy to just stay in your pajamas all day.

However, with a few pieces well chosen pieces from this selection below you’ll get out of your nightwear and manage to stay comfortable, look good and stay toasty with minimal effort.


Woolx Ella – Women’s Racerback Tank Top

Starting the layering process with all important underclothing,  a tank top or camisole is a must have item that can be worn on it’s own or over a bra. This tank is made from super soft merino wool making it both lightweight and moisture wicking. It has a viscose lining in the bra area allowing a little extra support if you decide to wear it on its own.

Because let’s face it, generally bras are not the most comfortable items of clothing. It feels great to go without one when you can. Give your shoulders and your girls a break now and again.

Merino wool is known for being ‘breathable’ it can absorb moisture from your skin and release it into the drier environment outside of the fabric. This allows you to feel dry and comfortable at all times.

It also has both warming and cooling qualities. Due to its natural shape, wool fibre can trap dead air which is a super insulator providing great protection from the cold.

But wool can also keep you cool too due to the ability to keep moisture within the fiber. Once your body begins to warm up this moisture evaporates which cools the air between the fabric and your skin. So you can actually wear this versatile tank during warmer months too.

It is super comfortable to wear due to the racerback and wide straps which prevent any uncomfortable digging into your shoulders.  Easy to care for by cold washing and drying on low heat.

This tank is sure to become one of your wardrobe staples and Woolx have got you covered with a range of colors to choose from including brights all the way through to the more classic grey shown here.

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Thermajane Ultra Soft Women’s Thermal Long Johns Set

If like me you are a bit of a frog and really feel the cold, then you might just need to invest in a two piece thermal long johns set when the temperature really start to cool down. Wearing thermals really does provide a comfortable soft base layer that keeps the cooler weather chill at bay.

You can wear this comfortable set at home on it’s own, or under clothing when outdoors. The ultra soft, smooth polyester and spandex yarns make the long johns thin enough to fit close to your body and still be comfortable when worn under dresses, pants or jeans to provide an extra heat layer.

Made from super smooth four way stretch fabric for a comfy fit, they are also easy to pull on and take off. Easy to care for too as they dry very quickly after washing.

With a wide selection of sizes and colors to choose from you are sure to find a long john set that suits you to a tee. Sizes go from XX Small all the way to XXX Large. And the color choice offers good basics like white, black, navy and grey as well as more fun pink, purple, green and red color options.

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PajamaJeans Women’s Skinny Stretch Knit Denim Jeans

I’ve included these skinny Pajamajeans in this post due to the feedback I received about them from one of my other clothing posts. They have become a favorite, people who visit my site seem to just love them. And it’s no wonder as they offer the best of both worlds, the detailing and look of standard jeans with way more comfort built in, they feel just like wearing pajamas or your favorite pair of super soft leggings.

Made from soft and stretchy fabric Pajamajeans call ‘Dormisoft Denim’ is the secret to the incredible comfort of these jeans. No matter what your day throws at you, you’ll be comfortable and look stylish all day long.

The elastic waist allows Pajamajeans to be pulled on easily, useful if you have limited energy or stiff and sore arms and hands. You don’t have to tug and pull these jeans to get them on, unlike normal jeans. And the addition of a drawstring at the waist ensures you can customize the fit to suit your figure.

Just like your favorite pair of standard jeans they have 5 pocket styling, rivets and contrast stitching. Available in several colors and wash styles including Vintage Wash all the way through to the New Indigo shown here. There’s even a ‘Blackberry’ purple color if you are looking for something a bit different.

As well as this skinny leg style there are also boyfriend, bootleg, and fleece lined bootleg for when the temperature really drops and a warmer pair of jeans is called for. And they all have the same comfort factor.

With two sizing options of  regular and petite you’re bound to find just the right fit and leg length too. These Pajamajeans will definitely be the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever wear.

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Diravo 6 Pack Fleece Lined Leggings

Who doesn’t love leggings? Especially on days when you are staying home they are a super comfy alternative to your pj’s. But, these Diravo ultra soft leggings with their fleece lining and heavier fabric can definitely be worn outdoors on cooler days too.

You can wear them under a dress, or with a comfy cardigan or pullover. And these leggings are full length and figure flattering no matter what your body type. The full length is a must during cold weather, easy to tuck into ankle or calf length boots while keeping your ankles covered for warmth.

And the high waist style not only makes them more comfortable, but it also provides more support for your curves. Easy care fabric manufactured from warm and thick polyester spandex provides both support and stretchy comfort all in one.

This six pack of leggings will ensure you have just the color you need to team with tops you already have in your wardrobe as each legging color is a good basic.

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Auselily Long Sleeve Maxi Dress With Pockets

I have a couple of these long sleeve maxi dresses and absolutely love them for their comfort and easy styling. Somehow they manage to be loose enough to be comfortable while still providing your figure with a bit of shape. The empire style waist helps hide any stomach pooch which is a bonus, but you can style this maxi by wearing it with a belt to pull the waist in for a more slimline and different look.

So easy to pull on and wear for many types of occasions that you are sure to wear this dress again and again. The fabric isn’t super thick so on really cold days you will need to wear a wrap, puffer vest or cardigan on top of it and maybe even some leggings underneath.

The versatile style of this maxi makes it super easy to dress up with a scarf or some beads and heels. Or you can wear it casually with your favorite pair of boots or sneakers. The fabric is very comfortable made from soft and stretchy rayon and spandex which allows you to move freely and makes it very easy care too. And as a bonus this dress has pockets, plenty big enough to keep your phone or lip gloss handy.

Available in a range of cool colors from basic black and army green through to a more vivid purple, there is definitely a color you will love in this range. And with sizes ranging from Small to 2XL you will have no problem finding just the right size too.

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Sarin Mathews Womens Packable Ultra Lightweight Down Vest 

Whoever invented these down vests should be given an award, they are so useful and comfy to wear. I have several in various colors and begin wearing them as soon as the temperature starts to fall.

They are fantastically comfortable due to the lightweight and warmth the down provides. You won’t feel weighed down or have any pressure on tight or sore muscles, but you will benefit from the warmth this vest provides.

As an added bonus you can fold this vest up, roll it into the nifty pouch and carry it with you wherever you go.  So handy to have within reach if the weather suddenly changes and you feel chilly. And it is super easy to take with you if you happen to be travelling. It is definitely a must have item as it is so lightweight and takes up no room in your bag or suitcase.

The vest style is super versatile as you can wear it over a t shirt, hoodie or dress.  And when it’s colder it adds a warm layer underneath a heavier jacket or coat. I wear mine several ways and love the versatility of this puffer vest.

In particular,  I love the stand collar as I always seem to feel the cold around my neck. It sits neatly over a polo or looks good with a scarf wrapped around it too. And being lightweight this vest adds warmth without bulk so you don’t end up looking like the Michelin Man.

Made from water repellent 100% nylon with white duck down inside you can hand wash it in cold water. In a size range from Small to X Large and several good basic colors this is a good quality and versatile ultra light down vest you’ll be comfortable in and wonder how you managed without it.

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Pendleton Women’s Easy-fit Merino Pullover

If you really want warmth in a pullover you can’t beat wool for keeping out the winter chill. Acrylic, polyester and synthetic yarns just don’t compare. And merino wool offers warmth combined with a beautiful light weight that ramps up the comfort factor.

This cool sweater shape seems kind of boxy, but manages not to look slouchy due to the neat design of the neckline and the elegant sleeve shape that tapers towards the wrist. Instead it looks stylish while still being super easy and comfortable to wear.

You can team it with a stretchy slim skirt as shown here but it also looks great over leggings or tight jeans. The longer length at the back of the sweater provides a bit of  added coverage for your rear.

This flowy sweater shape is super easy and comfortable to wear. No tricky zips or closures to deal with, just pull it over your head and you are all set.

Made from high quality 100 % Merino wool and available in a range of colors that covers all the basics as well as the pretty cloud blue shown here. This sweater is suitable for wearing if you are lounging at home or dressing up a bit for a casual outing. Wherever you wear it, you will be warm, comfortable and importantly, you’ll look stylish.

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Liny Xin Wool Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater

This oversized loose knit sweater is manufactured using a soft and comfortable wool and cashmere blend yarn. The cashmere is sourced from the fine downy undercoat of Kashmir goats farmed in Mongolia.

Cashmere yarn is renowned for being super soft, smooth, strong and providing warmth. Here it is blended with wool for a cost effective yet still comfortable and cozy warm winter sweater.

It has an on-trend oversized look, and crew neck for comfort and style. But, while being oversized, due to the yarn used in it’s manufacture this sweater still manages to be lightweight.  Being lightweight is crucial if you are suffering from any type of chronic illness as you don’t want to feel ‘weighed down’ by your clothing.

This sweater is one size fits all and comes in two design options, plain as shown in the photo or an alternative style with cable knit pattern down the sides. It looks great over leggings or jeans or you can style it ‘boho’ with a long skirt.

A good range of colors includes the basics like beige black and brown or you can go brighter and choose the sunny ginger color shown here.

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Moss Rose Poncho Wrap

If you haven’t tried wearing a poncho wrap before, you should give it a try. It is a comfortable way to layer clothing and keep warm too.

This poncho is light weight and made from super soft acrylic. You can’t expect it to be as warm as if it was made from wool. But, you can wear it over a woollen polo and top it with a scarf to complete the layered look and amp up the warmth. You can even wear it over pajamas for a cozy low energy day on the sofa with a book or a Netflix binge.

Made without sleeves this ponch simply drapes over your shoulders and wraps around the front. It drapes your body elegantly and feels soft, warm and comfortable. Easy to team with existing clothing in your wardrobe, you can wear it easily with  jeans or leggings. Or, wear it less casually by teaming it with a skirt or smart dressy pants.

It is one size fits all and suits short or tall people, you can even cinch it in with a belt if you like it to feel more ‘coat’ like.  Moss Rose offer a large variety of styles and colors to choose from.  Some are finished with blanket stitching as shown in the photo while others are finished with fringing.

Plain block color, plaid and chevron knit patterns offer lots of choice. You are bound to find a poncho that works with lots of existing items in your wardrobe and you’ll soon be enjoying the comfort, and versatile style a poncho offers.

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FHC Enterprize Super Soft 100% Cashmere Scarf 

It is really hard to beat the light feel and warmth of a cashmere scarf. I have several of these scarves and have collected many different colors over the years.

You can’t beat them for keeping your neck warm. If it is really cold outdoors often I’ve wrapped my scarf around my body under a coat for an additional layer of heat. And they are a lifesaver if you are on a flight where the attendants like to turn the airconditioning down way too low. Why DO they do that?

There are many imitations out there that say they are cashmere or ‘cashmere’ like which usually means they are acrylic or polyester. But they don’t come close to providing the warmth and comfort of a real cashmere scarf.

An easy way to tell a quality scarf is to look at the fringe. If it’s tightly woven like the one in the photo, it is good quality, made from fine yarn. If the strands of the fringe look kind of loose and messy, it’s definitely not a good quality scarf.

You want a scarf made from fine, good quality yarn that is soft and tightly woven for warmth and comfort. Not only will it feel better, it will look great and last longer too. I’ve had my cashmere scarf collection for years and they still look good as new. They’ve had some rough treatment too, knotted, scrunched up, twisted and worn over and over again.

This scarf is very soft and comfortable, ideal to wear if you have any skin sensitivity.  With an overall size of 64″ long x 12″ wide you can style this scarf in several ways. Wrap it around your neck then let the ends hang loose, or tie them in a loose knot. You can even wear it shawl style over a dress in warmer weather. Whichever way you choose to wear it you will look fabulous while being super comfortable.

There are loads of colors to choose from, neutrals, business like black and navy, pastels and some bright colors too. Plenty of choice to make sure you can team your scarf with your outfit.

FHC offer a 1 year satisfaction guarantee too, so if for some reason you are not completely happy they will give you your money back.

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Putting It All Together

There you have it, my list of favorite clothing items that are soft and easy wear for cooler weather that will help you look good too. No need to stay in your pj’s all day. These clothes will help you deal with your chronic illness by keeping you warm and comfortable all day.

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  • Sarah August 31, 2019 at 12:50 am

    I wasn’t sure if I would find any cool new items from the post, but I’m in love with the pajama jeans! I stay home most of the time and I want to be comfortable, but when I wear lounge clothes, I mentally don’t feel as ready for the day. The pajama jeans are a nice compromise 🙂

    • Ann September 2, 2019 at 9:09 am

      Thanks for leaving a comment, I definitely appreciate hearing from my readers. I hear you, it’s not good for your ‘head’ to stay in your pajamas all day. I think you feel so much better getting dressed each day if you can as it is definitely worth the effort and helps you feel like you are in the land of the living. It is sometimes difficult not to let your illness define you. Glad to hear you are a Pajamajeans fan, they are so comfortable.

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