5 Unhealthy Gut Symptoms That May Be Causing Other Health Issues

If you are the type of person who deals with stomach problems regularly, odds are that you’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring your discomfort and carrying on with life. But consider this to be your wake-up call! Unhealthy gut symptoms can be a much bigger issue than you’re thinking.

Whether it be persistent bloating or diarrhea, take a look at why investigating your unhealthy gut symptoms is worth your while.

5 Unhealthy Gut Symptoms That May Be Causing Other Health Issues | Quit Chronic Fatigue

5 Unhealthy Gut Symptoms Tied to Other Health Issues 

You think it’s just a stomachache, but the truth is that your uncomfortable gut is trying to tell you something. Here is a list of five unhealthy gut symptoms that are red flags for something else.

A Frequent Upset Stomach Can Develop IBS 

The term assigned to persistent and painful stomach issues is irritable bowel syndrome, and it isn’t fun. Ignoring the early signs of IBS and missing the opportunity to balance the bacteria in your belly will ultimately lead to a permanent struggle.

Symptoms of IBS include:

  • Belly bloat
  • Excessive gassiness
  • Infrequent or irregular bowel movements
  • Frequent stomach aches

If any of these unhealthy gut symptoms grab your attention, it could be time to chat with your doctor about fixing them.

Trouble Sleeping Can Turn Into Insomnia 

If your unhealthy gut symptoms are affecting your goodnight’s sleep, they are sure to grow exponentially since your body doesn’t have the chance to rest and recover when it should be. It’s a warning sign anytime a health problem impairs your sleep.

Balancing the bacteria in your gut and making some changes to your diet can help you fall asleep more easily and avoid the fogginess and persistent discomforts associated with not enough sleep.

Skin Irritation Can Become a Chronic Skin Condition

Did you know that skin problems are tied to gut problems? If you are noticing changes in your skin, you should consider trying to heal them from the inside out. 

For example, eczema flare ups are linked to food irritations. A quick conversation with your primary care doctors, therapists, plus some juggling with your diet at home can put your gut and your skin on the track to recovery.

Heartburn May Cause Chronic Bad Breath

That’s right! You might not be the only one experiencing the effects of your unhealthy gut symptoms. Bad breath is embarrassing. To think, all this time you’ve been wondering why your friends back away from you when you speak! Better to learn about the truth now than later.

Mouthwash or chewing gum won’t fix the problem. To cure this unhealthy gut symptom, you need to focus on building up the good bacteria in your stomach. Once you’ve calmed the storm in your belly, your breath will improve.

Hormonal Imbalances Can Make Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Worse 

As with any conditions that cause relentless discomfort, you pay a toll with your mental health and well-being. Feelings of hopelessness, frustration, and exhaustion come into play with your unhealthy gut symptoms.

What’s more, most of your happiness hormones—like dopamine and serotonin—are made in your gut! If the happiness factory is busted, it is no wonder why you haven’t laughed in weeks. To get your hormones back on track, you have to get the factory up and running smoothly again.

How to Start Healing Your Unhealthy Gut Symptoms

Identifying your unhealthy gut symptoms is the easy part. (As if you could ignore them if you wanted to!) Luckily, healing your unhealthy gut symptoms is pretty easy too. Have a look at these three keys to fixing your stomach issues.

Try a Probiotic or Prebiotic

Probiotic or prebiotic supplements pack the biggest punch when it comes to jump-starting your gut-health journey. Both options introduce good bacteria into your stomach. 

You should chat with your doctor to figure out which is best for you! In some instances, unhealthy gut symptoms come from having too much good bacteria in your belly, so you don’t want to introduce even more by mistake. Make sure that you know what you’re dealing with before you kick off treatment.

Change Your Diet to Check for Food Intolerances 

It can be difficult to tell which of your unhealthy gut symptoms are caused by isolated foods. Even if the food you are eating tastes good, what happens in your gut might kill your cravings. 

The best way to track your food intolerances is to keep a food journal and check off the things that upset your symptoms the most. This Food Sensitivity Journal by Well-Planned Bee is super affordable and looks super cute, so you can feel good about carrying it around with you. 

Focus on Your Hydration

You’ve heard that it’s important to drink water before, but are you actually drinking enough? Challenging yourself to drink more water throughout the day can have a dramatic effect on your unhealthy gut symptoms. 

Water works to flush toxins out of your body and helps your stomach to balance out its bacterial growth. You can carry a cool water bottle around with you at all times and even involve your family and friends in your drinking goals so that they can hold you accountable too.

Unhealthy gut symptoms come lots of different forms…but none of them should be permanent! If you have been experiencing symptoms for a long time, get back on the comfortable track and start enjoying life again.

5 Unhealthy Gut Symptoms That May Be Causing Other Health Issues | Quit Chronic Fatigue

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