Healing Adrenal Fatigue Naturally | 7 Important Lessons

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Healing Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

My journey with healing adrenal fatigue naturally taught me many lessons about the healing power of nutrition and natural supplements. It showed me how well your body responds when you provide it with the right forms of natural healing.

However, adrenal fatigue syndrome taught me a few other unexpected lessons too. Lessons about myself and my limitations, physical, mental and emotional. These lessons were hard learned, it took me a few years to ‘get’ what my illness was telling me.

In fact, my adrenal fatigue progressed to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome before I finally ‘got it’ and changed my life for the better in the process. What can I say? I’m a slow learner.

Although it doesn’t seem like it at the time, having adrenal fatigue is not a totally negative experience. The silver lining is you end up knowing yourself so much better. The process will force you to examine not only what made you sick, but in working through these issues you will change your life for the better.

I admit, it takes time and some honest examination of your lifestyle, attitudes and habits, but you can learn some valuable lessons from the experience. Learn how to identify adrenal fatigue symptoms here. 

Lesson # 1. Listen To Your Body

healing adrenal fatigue naturallyYour body is telling you something is wrong if you are not sleeping well and dragging through each day. Not having enough energy to complete normal daily tasks is not normal.


You might notice you’re finding it difficult to complete your regular workout routine. Perhaps your normal sleep pattern has changed. Only you know if your body is not functioning as well as it usually does.

With its myriad of symptoms adrenal fatigue is letting you know that something is wrong. The illness is telling you to make changes somewhere in your life.

If you continue to ignore the signals your overworked adrenals are sending you it will take a long time to recover. Listen to your intuition and acknowledge something bad is happening with your health.



Lesson #2 Tune In To What’s Happening In Your Life

healing adrenal fatigue naturallyAt the basis of adrenal fatigue syndrome is stress. And stress means different things to each individual. Each person finds different things in life stressful.

Added to that, stress can come in many forms. Adrenal fatigue stress can come from an ongoing infection your body is dealing with and you may have ignored. Stress could be coming from a toxic relationship, financial worries or work stress.

Unhappiness with the direction of your career or overwork can also contribute.

To heal from adrenal fatigue syndrome something, or many things need to change. It takes an honest review of your life circumstances and what isn’t working to identify where your stress is coming from.



Lesson #3 Stop Pushing Yourself

healing adrenal fatigue naturallyUsually adrenal fatigue shows up in those who are pushing themselves too hard.

Working too hard, burning the candle at both ends, or partying too hard and too often. I was never a party animal, but I definitely worked too hard and it was the main contributing factor in my adrenal fatigue.

Pushing yourself to achieve professional goals and working long hours could be the reasons for your adrenal fatigue. Taking on too much work out of a sense of obligation will make you sick.

Other ways of pushing yourself too hard are simply not taking enough time to unplug. Perhaps you find socializing stressful but feel obligated by friends and family to attend nights out, parties and get together.

Learning that it’s OK to say ‘no’ to too much work and socializing is often a difficult lesson to learn. But it will help you recover from adrenal fatigue.

Lesson #4 It’s OK That Things Aren’t Perfect

healing adrenal fatigue naturallyStriving for perfection in many areas of your life is stressful. And what is perfection anyway? It’s only a perception.

Needing to have the perfectly toned body and be the perfect weight. Reaching for a perfect result in your career or having a perfect home and family.

Having children with perfect manners and dress. Aiming for perfection in all areas of your life is exhausting.

Who cares if your home isn’t decorated in the latest style and cleaned from top to bottom each day? You are the only person who will notice. Comparing yourself to others who you think have reached these levels of perfection is pointless.

Lesson #5 Scheduling Time For Regular Breaks Is Important

healing adrenal fatigue naturallyNobody can work at their best 100% of the time without rest and relaxation. Your body and mind need regular breaks to re charge and get away from the everyday work routine.

If you continue to work without rest not only will you become ill, but your work will suffer too as your mental and physical productivity declines.

Schedule regular breaks into your busy every day life to simply chill and do nothing. Quick weekend breaks away and a change of scene can help.


Lesson #6 Nobody Is Indestructable

healing adrenal fatigue naturallyEveryone, no matter how tough they seem will reach a breaking point if their own particular form of stress gets too much. Your body can cope for a while with stressful situations, but sooner or later it starts to break down.

Of course not everyone will end up with adrenal fatigue. For some, the stress could show as a heart attack or some inflammatory disease. Something much worse than adrenal fatigue could show itself. Research shows that psychosocial interventions are useful for treating stress related disorders and can influence the course of stress related diseases.

So quit thinking you are a super hero and realize that you’re a normal human being after all.

Lesson #7 Get To Know Your Own Limits

healing adrenal fatigue naturallyPushing yourself past your personal limits of stamina and endurance is counter-productive. You need to learn what particular situations stress you out.

Avoid people, places and situations which push you beyond your limits. Don’t take on more work, or put yourself in situations which you know will add to your stress levels. Punishing fitness regimes may be too much for you, even if they are the latest trend and you think you ‘should’ be able to do them.

Know when you need to give yourself some TLC and down time. Adding a de-stressing practice into your daily life can help. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are great to use every day.

As you continue to practice regularly, thoughts will clarify giving you even more insight into recognizing and being able to set your own limits.

A weekly massage, walking outside in nature or simply having a day on the sofa with some healthy snacks and Netflix can help you rest and restore your energy.

Putting It All Together

Working to heal from adrenal fatigue syndrome can take some time as you address some of the lifestyle issues that caused you to get sick in the first place. But, valuable lessons can be learned as you move forward, healthier and hopefully a lot wiser.

Have you suffered with adrenal fatigue syndrome? What lessons has it taught you? Please leave your comments below. I’d love to hear what lessons you learned.





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  1. Oh my, adrenal fatigue syndrome? I think i didn’t know the name but the signals are always there. It has been a year when my boss cancelled my contract then my salary decreased too. From the first day following that incident i feel weak , sleepless and even if i try to eat i fail. I have many responsibilities so i have to work hard to meet my son’s needs. With this situation , i think i can get some rest and avoid stress if not my adrenaline fatigue will result to the worst.

    Thank you for this post, it made me think about me and i have to change my routine to get better.

    • Hi Julienne thanks for stopping by. Yes it can be challenging to put yourself first when you have many responsibilities. Pushing through makes things harder on your adrenals unfortunately. Hope you can find a way. 

  2. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for this incredibly detailed and informative article! I know a large number do experience this health issues because of how our lives have change so much as we are always on the go but our bodies do have limitation and can’t keep up with the pace our lifestyle. With your article, we might come to a point to realize that our body needs to rest to bring back the vitality that we have lost. Your advice is easy to follow and to understand.

    • Hi Glenda thanks for your comments. Yes, so many lessons can be learned from an illness to help transition to a healthier way of living.

  3. Hi Ann,

    It took me a while to realise that socialising (lots of talking) was really effecting my ability to recover and recharge. There’s a fine line between thinking you are ready to get back into things and actually being ready! Thanks for the reassurance, great article.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Adrenal fatigue is different for everyone in that each individual needs to work out what stresses them out. You sound like me, I find doing a lot of socializing can tire me out. Hope you find a way to heal your adrenals and get back on track.

  4. Am 21.I have wondered how I gained so much weight four years ago in one year.Am not the kind of person that eats much.My family and myself included have been looking for the reason as to why I gained so much within months.I remember how I stressed myself due to my studies at that time,sleeping late and waking up so early.I also did the same in high school.Studies have stressed me so much.
    Am learning and relearning somethings.Thank you for your insight.


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