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Foggy Brain Getting You Down?

Forgot where you left your car, your keys, or forgotten the name of your best friend of 20 years? If you feel as though you’d forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on….You’re not alone, brain fog is a frustrating but very common symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome.

top selling gadgets for the brain fogged forgotten appointment


And the dreaded brain fog seems to strike just when you least expect it. Like when you’ve climbed a huge flight of stairs, gone all the way to the top and forgotten what you went up there for – grrrh!

Embarrassingly, forgotten appointments keep happening and friends, family and work colleagues are wondering what’s going on with you.

Cognitive problems can have various causes. Over exerting yourself can exacerbate your brain fog symptoms. Staying within your energy envelope is important to reducing this and other symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

It can be tempting to use caffeine in an attempt to make yourself feel more alert. But whilst this can give you a quick lift it will end in a ‘crash’ with subsequent worsening of your brain fog.

You can use your brain fog symptoms as a way of knowing when you’ve overdone it and need to take a rest. Sometimes you may not feel particularly fatigued. But if you cannot think clearly it can be because you have pushed yourself beyond your current limits. A short rest may be enough help the fog to lift for some people.

Living in an orderly way and getting organized can help avoid the panicked out of control feelings that are a result of brain fog in chronic fatigue syndrome.
You can describe brain fog as a number of cognitive issues including short term memory issues, confusion and difficulty with concentration.


Some of the symptoms include:

  • Struggling to come up with a word you already know.
  • Short term memory problems.
  • Difficulty with concentration and a lack of being able to focus.
  • Becoming forgetful.
  • Multi tasking difficulty.

What Is Brain Fog And What Causes It?

In chronic fatigue syndrome, low energy production in the brain alters blood flow. This also causes changes in brain neurotransmitters like dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin. This then contributes to the annoying brain fog symptoms you are experiencing.

top selling gadgets for brain fog tired woman in bed

Learn more about some of the underlying causes of brain fog in chronic fatigue syndrome and get help to start treating it now.

Brain fog is a very common symptom for people with chronic fatigue syndrome. If severe, it can impact your life in many ways having an equally profound effect as that of your other major symptoms like fatigue and pain.

Over 90% of chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers complain of brain fog.

How do you deal with forgetfulness? Brain fog and the ensuing forgetfulness is an unfortunate and frustrating symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. But there are ways to help manage it.

Addressing the underlying health reasons of your chronic fatigue syndrome will help alleviate brain fog in the longer term. As your illness improves, your brain fog will disappear and clarity will return.

But for more immediate help, there are some top selling gadgets for brain fog that can help you organize your days and make dealing with your foggy brain a bit easier.

What Gadgets Do I Need?

  • Gadgets to help you locate those items that seem to go amiss frequently, such as keys and your phone.
  • Gadgets to help you get organized easily with scheduling and list making so you don’t miss another appointment.
  • Gadgets to help make sure your home is secure and well maintained.
  • Gadgets that make sure your pets are looked after properly.

What Are The Coolest New Gadgets That Can Help With Brain Fog?


Cool Gadget #1 – Tile Mate With Replaceable Battery

How often have you mislaid your keys and can’t remember where you left them? It’s frustrating when you’re just about to leave home rushing around because you’re late and now you need to locate your keys. When did you last see them? What have you done with them?

This cool gadget attaches to your keys, your bag, wallet or any item you keep losing, you can even attach it to your pet. Tile Mate works via Bluetooth and points out the location of your lost item via your phone’s map or by using a ringer alert.

Many years ago I bought a forgetful friend, who continually mislaid his keys, a ‘beeper’ that attached to his keyring. It worked OK, but was quite large, a bit cumbersome and had a horrible piercing whistle alert.

Thankfully, technology has improved and this Tile Mate is the 21st century version of that old keyring beeper, but it’s both conveniently lightweight and slim and easily attaches to any item you choose. You can attach it to your keys or backpack via the built-in holder. Or attach it with double-sided tape to other often mislaid items like a phone or remote control.

  • EASY SET UP – Start the Tile Mate working quickly and easily via the app.
  • EASY TO USE – Use your smartphone when your lost item is out of sight to make your Tile Mate ring.
  • PHONE LOCATOR – Use Tile Mate to locate your phone. Double press the Tile Mate button and your phone will ring.
  • PACK SIZE – 4 Tile Mates in each pack.
  • BATTERY – This new generation Tile Mate has a replaceable battery.
  • GUARANTEE – One year from activation.



Cool Gadget # 2 – Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar For Fridge

This cool magnetized calendar sticks perfectly to your fridge where it is easily viewed not only by you, but everyone in the family. Manage doctor’s appointments, school sports and activities easily. Never miss an appointment again due to your foggy brain.

You can easily see what is scheduled as all information is kept in the one easy to read and accessible place. This calendar helps you quickly see your schedule for the day, week and month ahead clearly.

Checking it out during breakfast and reviewing the day ahead helps you get organized. It not only prevents the chaos of missed appointments, but helps you feel calm and in control at times when your brain fog hits.

The calendar comes with colored markers which also stick to your fridge, so you don’t have to go looking for a mislaid marker either. Choosing different colors for different activities, or different family members helps your brain organize them with more clarity.

  • EASY CLEAN OFF – Other dry erase calendars can be difficult to clean and need some serious scrubbing. Usually stains can appear after only a short time of using it. However, this Dry Erase Calendar cleans easily, leaving no stains.
  • SIZES – Available in 2 sizes to suit your fridge – 17 x 12″ and 19 x 13″.
  • INCLUDES – 4 Fine tip markers in different colors and a large eraser.



Cool Gadget # 3 – Dogness Automatic Dog/Cat Smart Camera Feeder

It’s a horrible feeling, not being sure if you remembered to feed the dog today. And if you give your pooch more food just to make sure, are you potentially setting your pet up to be overfed?

With this automatic pet feeder you can set it to provide food automatically according to your pets’ schedule and you choose the right quantity per feed. It’s easy to set up this pet feeder by downloading and installing the app on your phone.

This automatic dog feeder has a built in camera and speaker too, so you can see your pet and they can hear your voice at feeding time. The feeder works via your home WiFi system which needs to be a 2.4GHz frequency to work.

Never worry about under or over feeding your pet again when brain fog gets the better of you. Not only is this automatic pet feeder a boon for brain fog, but it cuts down on daily chores too, great for low energy days when all you can do is lie on the sofa.

  • CAPACITY – The feed hopper holds 6.5lbs of dry food with a simple setting.
  • VOICE – Record and play your voice message to your pet at the set meal time.
  • PORTION CONTROL – Setting the required portion accurately is easy.
  • POWER SUPPLY – Battery or power adapter.
  • CAMERA – Monitor your pet’s feeding behavior.
  • DIMENSIONS – L 16.5 x W 8.66 x H 16.14 inch
  • POWER CORD – Long power cord 9′.



Cool Gadget # 4 – Lechuza Cubico Automatic Watering Planter

While we’re on the subject of taking care of household members and chores, what about taking care of your potted house and patio plants?

Forgetfulness here can have disastrous results, over-watering or under-watering your houseplants can prove fatal.

Either plants with yellow leaves from too much water or plants with no leaves at all from under watering can be the result of brain fog causing forgetfulness. Some potted plants can be a pretty expensive purchase, so you need to make sure they are properly looked after.

This Lezucha Automatic Watering Planter can take the worry out of trying to remember when you last watered your precious plants. And this planter not only works great but looks good too. Some self watering planters are pretty clunky looking and to put it bluntly, they’re really ugly. But this Cubico planter by Lechuza has a sleek modern but classic look.

  • STYLISH – Stylish classic shape that suits a variety of decor styles.
  • DURABLE + WELL MADE – Manufactured in Germany, with a frost and UV resistant Polypropylene finish. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • WATERING SYSTEM – The self watering feature uses inorganic granules that provide the correct level of water to the plant roots.
  • OUTDOOR USE – The drainage plug allows for removal of excess rainwater when used outdoors.
  • INDICATOR – Water level indicator shows you when the reservoir needs to be refilled.
  • DIMENSIONS – Available in 3 sizes – 16″, 22″ and 30″ tall.
  • COLORS – A selection of neutral, classic colors.



Cool Gadget # 5 – MyQ Garage Door Opener

You know that horrible sinking feeling, you’re driving and on the way to an appointment and suddenly wonder if you closed the garage door. Running late, you’re too far into your journey to turn around, go back home and check.

If you access your home via your garage, leaving the garage door open means running a security risk not only to potential theft of anything stored in your garage but may provide access to your house too. But with your foggy brain, you just can’t remember if you closed the door or not.

What a dilemma! Turn the car around and go back home to check, and arrive late for work or your appointment. Or risk leaving the garage door open and a potential robbery.

But with this MyQ Garage door opener/closer you can check from anywhere using your smartphone – problem solved, panic averted. Because, if you did leave your garage door open you can use the MyQ to close it too.

With various settings you could also set the garage door to close at 10pm every night. You can turn in for the night knowing even if you left the garage door open, the MyQ will close it for you automatically.


  • ALERTS – Customized notifications can be set up sending you an alert when your garage door opens and closes.
  • FEATURES – Operate opening and closing the garage door. Receive garage door status via the MyQ app.
  • COMPATIBILITY – Works with most modern brands (after 1993) of garage door openers that have standard safety sensors.



Putting It All Together

Brain fog can be a frustrating symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome, striking at the most inconvenient times. Of course, you need to work with your practitioner on the root causes of your chronic fatigue syndrome to recover from your illness. As you recover your annoying brain fog will gradually recede too.

But, in the meantime choose some of these cool gadgets and make your days easier to organize and manage. If you know you have some ways to manage the inevitable days when foggy thinking strikes it will help you feel more in control and less stressed about your illness.

Please Feel Free To Leave A Comment Below. Tell Us About Cool Gadgets You Use That Help With Brain Fog.


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  1. I don’t have chronic fatigue but can certainly relate to brain fog after having my babies, so I found the gadgets in this article really interesting. I often misplace my keys: I put them down without thinking, or try to get them away from my baby (who thinks they are the greatest toy ever, and sets the car alarm off) then forget where I put them so I think the first gadget on your list sounds like something I could really do with. Do you know how long the battery life of the tile mate is? I’d probably forget to replace the battery so I hope its long!

    • Hi Emily thanks for stopping by my site. As you say, it’s not only chronic fatigue sufferers who suffer from brain fog. Many other conditions can cause it and it seems hormones can be to blame in cases like pregnancy and post pregnancy, as well as menopause. The Tile Mate has a 12 month warranty from time of activation which covers the battery life. 

  2. Thanks for article about foggy brain and the gadgets to help, I really need few of this. I do forget things just like you described. I forget keys, words, names of people, it’s like I have it on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t find it. Sometimes I forget simply name of things I do all the time, it’s frustrating and I can’t wait to get these gadgets to make things easier. Great writeup, keep up the good work. 

    • Hi Ayodeji thanks for stopping by and happy to hear you found the gadgets interesting in helping get organized when you’re forgetful.

  3. I am enjoying your article, and I am here again for more information. This article resonates with me also. I get foggy-brain as well, which I guess is a symptom of chronic fatigue. As I said before, I live in a two-storey house and I constantly forget the reasons for why I, either climb upstairs or go downstairs. Again you mention struggling with the words to say, that is an issue I experience also. The tile mate may just be the gadget I am needing to help me with these moments and I like the dry magnetic calendar, which is a great idea for my family. Thank you again for another informative post. 

    • Hi there, and thanks for your kind words, so glad to hear you enjoy my articles and find them of use. Foggy brain is one of the annoying symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Hope you buy a couple of the items to help you at times when the dreaded brain fog strikes. 

  4. Hi there, really great work you Have done In this article for coming up with all these best gadgets to help solved brains fog, most of people having this issue do get frustrated all the time, I have read all those gadgets u shared and in my opinion the best of them all is Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar For Fridge, it can easily be noticed on the refrigerator and is also affordable 

    • Hi Yormith, great that you enjoyed reading my article. The Magnetic dry erase calendar is a really useful tool. Not only for the person with brain fog, but for the whole family. It’s so easy for everyone to see and read, they can make their own notes in the calendar too. 

  5. These are good gadgets and I will definitely get one or more because I don’t like forgetting things which I usually do sometimes and it’s bad, most especially when I needed to remember an important stuff it just disappeares and later comes back when I don’t need it or when I’m more relaxed. Thanks for the article. Good work. 

    • Hi Stella, thanks for stopping by. You are right, if you are not relaxed it seems to make the symptoms of a foggy brain even worse. I hope you can choose some of the items on the list to help you.

  6. Awesome! I love the simplicity at which you write. Precise and straight to point. I’m glad I landed here, after doing some funny research on something related to forgetting where you placed your keys. The part you said “when you’ve climbed a huge flight of stairs, gone all the way to the top and forgotten what you went up there for” got me laughing hard. I love the lists here.Good write up.

    • Hi Faftop, thanks for leaving your kind comment and for noticing my attempts to write in a straightforward manner. Honestly, I hate reading internet posts that seem to be full of waffle, before they get to the point. As my audience is generally people who are ill, they don’t have the energy to wade through loads of WORDS, just to get to the information they need. 

  7. This is incredibly an educative post.

    You have done a great job gathering this together. Brain fog can be so frustrating. Of course i also do fall victim of some of the symptoms especially that of struggling to remember a particular  word you already know. Thanks for carefully analysing steps to take in managing such condition. 

  8. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for this Top Selling Gadgets For The foggy Brained review. In the past few months, l have short term memory issues, difficulty with concentration and a lack of being able to focus and forgetful in appointments.

    To help me with these problems, l use my smartphone reminder to set my appointment date and time and stick a magnetized calendar to my fridge so that l don’t miss the time to send and pick up from kids from school and tuition center.

    I think the MyQ Garage Door Opener device is worthwhile, l will check it out later.

    Best regards.

    • Hi Shui Yuen thanks for leaving a comment, and sorry to hear you are sometimes hit with the dreaded brain fog. Sounds like you’ve already found ways to help cope with it by using your smart phone and the magnetized fridge calendar is a great tool. Definitely check out the MyQ Garage Door Opener device, it takes the worry out of trying to remember of you actually DID close the garage door. 

  9. It seems like so many people are suffering from brain fog. I think instead of just worrying about it, finding an alternative is the smart choice here. Out of all your smart gadgets, the Tile Mate caught my eye. I think that can be a real use in my house. It is great how it has an app and it is also easy to set up. I’m definitely buying this.

    Thank you so much for the rundown on these gadgets.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment Sujander. Yes the Tile Mate is a great gadget, even for those who are not suffering from brain fog it can be handy. 

  10. I ahve never suffered from Chronic Fatigue (CF) myself but I watched my cousin go through it.  He was a champion cyclist and headed to the Olympics.  Then CF kicked in and it was over.  We were quite close at the time and shared a house and I remember at the start, before it was diagnosed the forgetfulness that he suffered.  As an elite athlete, he was fastidious in everything he did in regards to planning and execution.  He started forgetting to food preparation, then cooking things twice and, at its worst, getting lost on rides.  He was always tired and we thought he was overdoing it, but no, it was the start of CF.

    He had it severly and it was almost like he had dementia for a little while – it was quite scary.  Thanks for your article.. he could have done with some of these gadgets for sure.


    • Hi Paul thanks for stopping by and your comments. So sad to hear about your cousin. Unfortunately chronic fatigue syndrome hits many high achieving individuals. I wonder did your cousin get to the root cause of his chronic fatigue syndrome? The cognitive issues suffered in chronic fatigue syndrome can be very debilitating for many. 

  11. I forget my keys constantly! True story, I accidentally threw my keys in the garbage once and had no idea. I looked everywhere for them and my wife suggested that I check the trash. As gross as that sounds, that’s where I found them and now my keys have a tile attached to them. My wallet has one slipped inside too.

    Your recommendations are fantastic and I’ll definitely look into the MyQ garage door opener. Thank you!

    • Thanks for stopping by, some people are just naturally forgetful, never mind being afflicted with brain fog. In those cases the Tile mate is really helpful. If you’re the type who loses their phone constantly, you can stick one to your phone too. 

  12. Battle of the brain fog, I think we have all been there at one time or another. A lot of these are great ideas, especially the automatic plant waterer. I could really use several of these in a smaller size for an herb garden.

    I find creating a “to-do” list really helps with remembering to get things done and an established routine of where things go. The calendar has proven to be a time tested item that keeps everyone abreast of what is needed at home and keeps me on track when working. Besides, it does not need batteries. 

    • Hi and thanks for commenting. Automatic plant waterers are available in different sizes and are a great idea I think. Particularly for a herb garden as some of the softer herbs like basil really like to have a good supply of water. And yes the fridge calendar is ‘old school’ but great as it’s in a central position for all to see when placed in the kitchen. 

  13. It just seems like this list of top selling gadgets for the foogy brained was made for my friend and I. She forgets if she’s fed her pet or not so often that she is now considering giving it away even though she loves the cat so much. I’ll get her the Dogness Automatic Smart feeder Camera. I’m sure she would be delighted to have something that helps her keep her cat. 

    And I like the Lechuza Cubico Automatic Watering Planter, even though my forgetfulness isn’t as bad as my friend’s, there’s no harm in having one of those and resting my mind about making the mistake of over-watering  or under-watering my precious plants. I’m sure that a lot of people would really love this one. 

  14. After reading your article I think that I don’t have chronic fatigue but I realize that I have more brain fog, because I have a problem where I keep forgetting things that my wife ask me to get from the store which is frustrating sometimes this to happen all the time.

    Thank you for sharing this great information very helpful.

    • Thanks for stopping by my site. Maybe you are just forgetful? write a list of what your wife needs and take it to the store with you. No gadget needed I think. 


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