Stress Effects On Your Body – Endocrine Disruptors

Stress Comes In Many Surprising Forms Many different types of stress can have an affect on your body and health, in particular on your adrenal glands. One way to think of your adrenals is as the ‘Emergency Glands’. They are the glands that go into action when our body perceives an imminent threat or danger. … Read more

What Do Endocrine Disruptors Do?

  What Do Endocrine Disruptors Do ?   The Endocrine System The human body system is a structure composed of the functioning of diverse parts that are all interrelated. It’s important to overall health that these diverse parts work together in concert. This also applies to the hormones in the human body system – they … Read more

Top 10 Ways to Relieve Stress

Why Are You Stressed? Demanding jobs, tight schedules, social commitments, kids – life happens and with its many ups and downs life can get the better of us. With lots of activities to fit in and life moving at an ever faster pace, it is hardly surprising that we experience stress. Stress doesn’t only affect … Read more

Heal Your Adrenal Glands Naturally

So You’ve Found Out You Have Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome…. It may have taken a while to get a diagnosis but you’ve just found out that you have adrenal fatigue syndrome.  It’s a relief to finally know the reason for the crashing tiredness you’ve been  experiencing. Particularly in the afternoons you feel very fatigued and what’s … Read more

The Adrenal and Thyroid Connection (How It Affects Hypothyroidism)

What The Connection Meant For Me My journey into chronic fatigue syndrome began by being diagnosed with a slightly under active thyroid gland. As my illness proceeded and medication showed ineffective in alleviating my fatigue symptoms totally, I came to understand the importance of the adrenal and thyroid connection. Whilst thyroid medication did get rid … Read more

How Stress Can Affect Your Health And Cause Fatigue

  The HPA Axis – Its Role In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome The Hypothalmic Adrenal Pituitary axis (HPA) regulates many bodily functions such as immunity and digestion. And, it also controls your body’s reaction to stress. When we are faced with stressors, several hormones are released which stimulate the adrenal glands. Cortisol, adrenalin and DHEA amongst … Read more

Adrenal Fatigue Causes And Symptoms

  Adrenal Fatigue – Is It Part Of Your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? How do you identify adrenal fatigue causes and symptoms? It is important to know because in many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome there is an adrenal fatigue component to the illness. My health issues started with adrenal fatigue. From time to time with … Read more

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