Best Foods To Heal Leaky Gut

  Why People Are Talking About Leaky Gut The term ‘Leaky Gut’ is becoming increasingly familiar as literally millions of people worldwide, experience problems with widespread inflammation and immune system illnesses. Leaky gut is not recognized as a medical diagnosis by mainstream medicine. However, many naturopaths and functional medicine practitioners think leaky gut syndrome is … Read more

Should You Eat A Gluten Free Diet?

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Stomach Parasites Symptoms [and how to get rid of them]

Are Stomach Parasites Causing Your Fatigue? You might wonder why I’m including an article on stomach parasites symptoms in a website about chronic fatigue syndrome. The reason is that after carrying out a lot of testing, including comprehensive stool testing, it was discovered that I had a stomach parasite. This parasite contributed greatly to my … Read more

What is Good Gut Health And How Do You Get It?

How Much Does Good Gut Health Really Matter? Poor gut health had devastating consequences on how I felt as my overall health spiraled downwards and all of my chronic fatigue symptoms worsened. I found out the hard way what poor gut health is. This awful experience made me ask – “how can I improve my … Read more