Oregano Oil For Health – Now Foods Oregano Oil Softgels Review

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What Is Oregano Oil Used For?

oregano oil for health

Using oregano oil for health issues is not new, herbalists have been using it as a healing herb for centuries.

Also known as Wild Marjoram, it is a culinary herb with an aromatic spicy flavor. Although it is called oregano oil it is not the same form of the herb commonly used as a pizza topping.

Wild Marjoram or Oregano Oil has been commonly used in the Mediterranean for cooking, treating infections and repelling insects for hundreds of years.

Now Foods Oregano Oil is a standard item in my natural medicine cabinet. I’ve used oregano oil for various gut related issues like eliminating parasites as well as bacterial and yeast over-growth with great success.

A study shows oregano oil is effective in killing certain types of gut parasites such as Blastocystis Hominis, Entamoeba hartmanni and Endolimax nana. In my own case I used it as part of an effective regime recommended by my naturopath to eradicate Blastocystis Hominis, a particularly resistant microscopic gut parasite.

Importantly, evidence shows that oregano oil helps fight several strains of bacteria which doctors commonly prescribe antibiotics for. Unfortunately, nowadays antibiotics are very over used and often prescribed for viral infections against which they are ineffective.

Oregano Oil is an extremely powerful natural antibiotic and studies have shown it to be significantly better than many broad spectrum antibiotics currently in use to treat MRSA staph infections. Additionally, studies show that the active ingredient, carvacol is effective against the human norovirus ( MNV).

oregano oil for health norovirusYou might be asking ‘what does oregano oil cure’?  As well as bacteria, the powerful phenol antioxidants in oregano oil can effectively destroy viruses, parasites and yeasts too. So there are several reasons to include it in  your natural medicine cabinet.


But Wait…..There’s More!

Besides Oregano Oil’s impressive anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities, this study shows oregano oil is also a powerful antioxidant.

In the study of healthy antioxidants, oregano oil’s value was shown to be on par per gram weight with known antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables. It was shown that oregano oil has:

  • 42 x more antioxidant activity than APPLES
  • 30 x more antioxidant activity than POTATOES
  • 12 x more antioxidant activity than ORANGES
  • 4 x more antioxidant activity than BLUEBERRIES

Antioxidants, are a group of compounds that prevent damage to cells from free radicals and as such are  synonymous with good health. They may play a role in helping prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders such as alzheimer’s, macular degeneration and cancer.


Which Oregano Oil Should You buy?

Distillation is used to extract the medical grade essential oil from the herb. This is where the highest concentration of active constituents in the herb are found. Over 1000 lbs of wild oregano is used in the production of just 1lb of essential oil of oregano.

oregano oil for health distillation

Two powerful compounds are found in oregano oil, thymol and carvacrol. The oil from the oregano plant is mostly made from carvarol while the plant’s leaves hold a variety of antioxidants such as phenols.

Now Foods Oregano Oil Soft Gels contain a highly standardized form of oregano oil that contains a minimum of 55% Carvacol, the active ingredient in oregano oil.

The soft gels have an enteric coating which is necessary to ensure the oregano oil releases into the intestine where it goes to work during absorption.

Importantly, this enteric coating prevents strong stomach acids from dissolving the soft gels and destroying the active ingredient before it reaches the small intestine.

If you are using oregano oil for any gut related issues like candida overgrowth and parasite elimination, you may be wasting money if you are not using capsules with an enteric coating.


Who Are Now Foods Oregano Oil Soft Gels For?

oregano oil for health

As oregano oil is a natural antimicrobial, anti fungal, anti parasitic and antiviral it can be used therapeutically for a wide range of health issues.  Additionally, studies show that the active ingredient, carvacol is effective against the human norovirus ( MNV).

Keeping a container of these oregano oil softgels in your medicine chest is good insurance for when an unexpected virus, infection, or stomach bug strikes.


Common Uses Of Oregano Oil For Health

  • Natural antibiotic
  • Get rid of Intestinal Worms and Parasites
  • Reduce Candida and Yeast Overgrowth
  • Protect against MRSA ( the hospital super bug)
  • Eradicate Viruses
  • Reduce Indigestion and Digestive complaints such as SIBO
  • Sinus infections
  • Influenza
  • Common Cold
  • Earache
  • Athletes foot

What Is In Now Foods Oregano Oil Softgels?

  • The oregano oil mixes with olive oil, fennel oil and ginger oil.
  • The softgel contains gelatin, glycerin, water and carob extract.
  • The all important exterior enteric coating is methacrylic acid copolymer, ethyl acrylate, copolymer, water, magnesium silicate, polyethylene glycol.

What Is NOT In Now Foods Oregano Oil Softgels

  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Gluten
  • Soy


Pros Of Now Foods Oregano Oil Softgels

  • Enteric Coating – The oregano oil safely travels all the way to the small intestine without stomach acid destroying it.
  • Powerful Level Of Active Ingredient – Carvacol level is standardized at 55%.
  • Reasonable Price – A good price for 180 softgels and quality of the ingredient used.
  • Easy To Use – The softgels are a small size making them easy to swallow. Taking a capsule is easier than taking straight oregano oil drops which have a strong taste and hot/burning effect in your mouth.


Cons Of Now Foods Oregano Oil Softgels

  • Gradually Increase Dosage – As with any oregano oil supplement, it’s best to start off slowly and gradually increase the dosage to avoid any possible stomach upset.
  • Other Ingredients – This product may not be suitable for those sensitive to glycerin, fennel or ginger.


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 Final Thoughts On Now Foods Oregano Oil Softgels

Now Foods Oregano Oil Softgels are an easy to take and well priced, quality supplement. Manufactured with an enteric coating for maximum absorption they are a great addition to your natural medicine chest.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.







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  1. Hey Ann,

    I love oregano and I use it mostly in my cooking, didn’t know there’s a soft gel for this! My mum told me of it’s health properties so I tend to use a generous amount on my cooking especially on sauces and marinates. I even make oregano tea mixed with honey for sore throats, they’re surprisingly smoothing.

    With the 55% carvacol level, will it be detrimental if I we were to consume too much of the soft gels? 

    • Hi Riaz 

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. 

      The oregano used in cooking is a different herb to that used medicinally. However, it’s still healthy and adds great flavor to so many foods. 

      I find the oregano soft gels are pretty strong. Too many can upset my stomach. As always, it’s best to start slowly and follow the dosage instructions on the package or as recommended by your naturopath.

  2. The oregano oil is a really powerful oil. It’s packed with a lot of nutritional benefits. As an antioxidant, it’s 42 times more potent than an apple, this is really powerful. I believe everyone should add an oregano oil supplement to their diet because of the nutrition value of oregano oil.

    Now foods oregano oil softgels would be a good product to start out with, even if you are fine and healthy. This would ensure your body receives enough supplements to stay healthy

    • Hi Louis, some people seem to take oregano oil continuously, however I wouldn’t do that. It’s a very powerful natural antibiotic. Continued long term use could knock out some of the good bacteria in your gut. I only use this supplement when and as needed during times when you are battling an infection of some description. 

  3. Wow i had no clue at all about using oregano oil. I definitely didn’t know it would help gut issues, and have so much antioxidants, amazing!! I did see it also helps with sinus infections. I have really bad sinus infections. How well does this work for this issue? I would love to find something that actually works. It gets really bad sometimes.

    • Hi Jason I’m glad you found the information in this review helpful. I’ve also suffered bad sinus infections in the past. As well as using oregano oil capsules, have you tried steam inhalation? When my sinuses are really congested I put a few drops of oregano oil (using oregano oil from a bottle) as well as eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil in a bowl of just boiled water. Then placing a towel over my head I inhale the steam deeply for about 15 minutes or so. Doing this a few times a day when the infection is bad, helps clear out my nose and sinuses.

  4. There is many ways oregano oil is been useful for heath,i have been using it for sometime now and it good supplement to have at home

    Oregano oil has wide-reaching health benefits, but is most associated with respiratory and immune system health. It is known for helping prevent and treat infections and so many others you have you have listed. But mainly that are the things I use oregano oil for.

    • Hi there, thanks for leaving a comment and so glad you already enjoy the benefits of using oregano oil. It is a very useful supplement that I keep in my natural medicine cabinet. 

  5. Hello there, this wonderful article is more than a review on what an oregano oil can do to our health or what it can cure in our body system or how it’s antibacterial, its also an eye-opener for some of us that have read about Wild Marjoram but not knowing it’s full major uses and healthy benefits to our health. You have done a wonderful review here

    • Hi there and thanks for your comments. I’m glad you found the information in the post helpful and  ‘more’ than simply a review. 

  6. OK, I saw oregano oil and immediately thought it was the herb used on Pizza topping, good you cleared that up. The oregano oil with all its properties looks like a very good supplement. I wish I had found this even earlier when I was getting a lot of yeast overgrowth from consuming and lot of sugar. I’m guessing I can use the oil as a body oil too and then the pills for my kid who usually has a recurrent sinus infection. Will let you know how it worked out. 

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. Yes oregano oil is an effective anti fungal. When you say you’ll use it as a body oil, I assume you mean for a fungal infection in toenails etc., and not rubbing it all over as a body oil?

  7. Oregano oil possessing these qualities is supper effective indeed and I think is a must buy, but then, I wonder why is it that so many Health practitioners don’t know much about oregano oil. I’m still amazed at this possessing antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties and superceding other broad spectrum drugs. I think I will have to try oregano oil out. 

    • Hi there yes oregano oil is pretty amazing with what it can do. If you have bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections it can help. I always keep it in my natural medicine cabinet as it’s really so useful. 

  8. Hello Ann,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about the Oregano Oil. It is amazing how something I never gave much attention to can house incredible medicinal values. However, I have some concerns about how strong a antioxidant that Oregano Oil is. You said it has 42 times more antioxidant activity than apple and that can be dangerous. Substances with very high concentration of antioxidants can act as pro-oxidants, increasing oxidation, protecting dangerous cells such as cancer cells. So maybe I think it usage as a supplement or drug should be reduced or strictly based on doctor’s prescription.

    Have a nice weekend,



    • Hi there thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes oregano oil has some fantastic healing abilities as I found out for myself when I used it as part of a protocol recommended by my naturopath to eliminate a very persistent gut parasite. As you mention, it’s antioxidant properties have been well studied. You are correct, there are currently ongoing studies in general on many nutrient types for pro-oxidant levels. Oregano oil is not the type of supplement you would take in high doses daily, rather I use it if I have some type of infection. Oregano oil is not a drug, it’s commonly used by naturopathic and herbal doctors, so it’s not the type of health aid a doctor would give a prescription for. 

  9. This is an eye opening article on the benefits of oregano oil. It is a powerful natural antibiotic which has been overlooked in favour of the more synthetic types. Oregano oil has been an essential part of my diet for a long time with effective results. I testify to its efficacy. 

    • Hi and thanks for checking out my review of Now Foods Oregano Oil soft gels. It sounds like you already recognize how many uses oregano oil has. 

  10. I am always looking for new products to add to the ones I currently use when it comes to natural herbs and medicines, and your review on Now Foods Oregano Oil has many of the attributes that I look for in such natural supplements. It has anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungus, and antibacterial characteristics, plus it is a good source of antioxidants.

    Not only do I like to cook novel and dishes that are unique and different, but I also like to eat healthily and consume natural herbs and supplements.on a daily basis. The kitchen wonders I cook up most of the time involve fresh and healthy vegetables too.

    This oregano oil will fit right in with everything else I am doing. I am surprised that I have not run across this to now, but thanks to you I know about it now. I have bookmarked this page and I see that I must stop by more often at your website. I have already picked up quite a few great tips for things that interest me. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Dave thanks for stopping by and I’m so glad you’ve found useful info on my site. Of course, you are on the right track with cooking healthy food as that really helps support your health. I have Now Foods Oregano Oil capsules in my natural medicine cabinet for the times I come down with a cold or virus. I find it sorts me out pretty quickly.

  11. Hi, I read your whole review about oregano oil for health. After reading this, my ideas about this oil changed. It was not known to me that this oil could come to our advantage. This oil is good for eating and works to prevent disease. If I use this oil on my regular diet then I will be benefitted greatly. Now I am going to share it with my family members. 

    Thank you so much for writing this.     

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment, I think you could be getting confused between the oregano herb you use in food and the type of oregano oil used in this herbal supplement. They are different, and you wouldn’t add this oregano oil supplement to your daily diet, rather use it for healing purposes when you are fighting an infection of some type. 

  12. This article for me is a great exposure to an alternative medicine as to what i an used to taking. The truth is most of the time when I an hit by a cold or when I’m having indigestion,what I do is to go get over the counter drugs, i mean visit the pharmacy. The truth is what they prescribe is the usual drug ,the comon ones which only does a specific job, get rid of Cold but with this, you can be rest assured that it’s is taking care of other issues in your system. Personally I like feel I wanna give this a try. thanks

    • Hi Seyi thanks for leaving a comment. Anything bought over the counter for colds can provide symptom relief. Oregano oil has medicinal properties. antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic., which makes it useful. 

  13. Thanks, Ann for this educative post on the benefits of Oregano Oil. Based on your post, it is anti-virus, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungi. I did a quick review from people with firsthand experience with the product, and I can say you have provided an unbiased review of the product. Testimonies abound of the therapeutic benefits of the oil. Though not yet approved by FDA, I can say from the reviews i have read from people that have used the oil , it is a must have in every home. It is organic, no side effect. 

    • Hi and thanks for leaving your comment. It is organic, however it should still be used carefully. Natural herbs are very powerful when used for medicinal purposes. 

  14. Thanks, great post. I really like your review on the product. Yes, Oregano oil is a natural antimicrobial, anti fungal, anti parasitic and antiviral it can be used therapeutically for a wide range of health issues.  Additionally, studies show that the active ingredient, carvacol is effective against the human norovirus ( MNV).This is of high quality and a great price. I started this supplement approximately 6 months ago for stomach issues (gas, bloating). It works! I noticed a huge difference. It works like charm. As soon as I feel something coming on, or someone close to me gets sick I start to take them. I also like this brand because it is enteric coated, so it doesn’t get destroyed by stomach acid. Recommended.


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