7 Simple Ways You Can Ease Your Fibromyalgia Pain In the Morning

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Life with fibromyalgia is a pain in the… well… lots of things! Each day is met with fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and overall sensitivity. But mornings are exceptionally difficult. Stiffness, soreness, and mental strain might make you want to hide under the covers on some days. Don’t worry! There are many ways to ease your fibromyalgia pain in the morning.

7 Simple Ways You Can Ease Your Fibromyalgia Pain In the Morning | Quit Chronic Fatigue

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is defined by a collection of symptoms. And while they’re manageable, they’re not usually very fun to cope with. 

Some fibromyalgia symptoms include:

  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Tenderness around the torso
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Brain fog
  • Sensitivity to light and sound

People with fibromyalgia have sensitive nervous systems that often misinterpret regular contact for pain. For example, a gentle pat on the back might register as an aggressive hit. And a neck massage might feel like a bear attack! 

Managing pain is difficult for fibromyalgia patients at all times of day. But mornings are usually the worst.

Why Is Pain In the Morning Common for People with Fibromyalgia? 

To understand why people with fibromyalgia have pain in the morning, you first need to take a look at the quality of their night. Even a great night for someone with fibromyalgia looks like a terrible night for someone without fibromyalgia.

That’s because fibromyalgia often leads to sleep disorders over time. These include sleep apnea, teeth grinding, restless leg syndrome, and insomnia. So if you’re lucky enough to fall asleep at all, odds are your body never reaches the point of restorative sleep.

While people without fibromyalgia start each day refreshed and ready to go, people with fibromyalgia awake frustrated and more tired with every sunrise.

How Can You Ease Fibromyalgia Pain In the Morning?

If your mornings are getting on your last nerve (get it?) then it’s time you do something about it. Here are seven surefire tips for improving the first leg of your day with fibromyalgia.

Start Your Day with an Epsom Salt Bath 

Water is incredibly therapeutic! For people with fibromyalgia, warm water helps to calm muscles and soothe joints. Increase the effectiveness of a regular bath by tossing in Epsom salts.

Try these Epsom salts from Epsoak Naturals Collection! Their product dissolves quickly so you can loosen up, wash away your pain and discomfort, and start your day right. 

Try Morning Yoga

Yoga isn’t like other more vigorous forms of exercise. Yoga consists of slow, manageable movements to help you wake up and get going with less pain. You can modify different moves to suit your needs so you don’t overextend yourself (physically or mentally).

In addition to gentle movements that help you stretch and strengthen your body, yoga helps with controlled breathing and greater focus to combat stress and brain fog.

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Unplug Before Bed

Screen time can foil anyone’s plans for a refreshing night’s sleep. If your goal is to eradicate pain in the morning, you need to ditch your devices a few hours before bedtime.

Devices that will ruin your chances for restful sleep include:

  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • Televisions
  • Tablets

Try reading a book (like, a real paper book!), journaling, or meditating before bed instead of using technology. The rewards of a good night’s sleep are well worth the sacrifice.

Loosen Your Muscles with a Self-Massage 

Perhaps you’ve tried to rub out the soreness on your own once or twice before. Making self-massage a part of your regular morning ritual will help with the pain of waking up.

If you try this route, be sure not to skip any parts of the body. You can start massaging before you get out of bed (to ease yourself into a ready state). You can also try self-massage in the shower or bathtub for maximum results.

Stretch Before You Get Out of Bed

Here’s another strategy you can try lying down. Rather than hopping right out of bed when your alarm clock goes off, give yourself a few minutes to roll around and stretch.

Stretch your arms above your head. Bend your knees to your chest, if you can. 

Try to move all of the main muscle groups while paying special attention to the areas that give you the most trouble. 

Ask Your Doctor About Medication For Pain In The Morning

Remember that your doctor is your teammate for fibromyalgia pain relief. If your pain in the morning is beyond your control, you should consult your physician to see if there are any medications for you to try.

Your doctor may suggest a mild anti-inflammatory for once-in-a-while struggles or a daily pill (such as an antidepressant) for symptoms that just won’t let up. Bear in mind that all medications come with side effects. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of each option.

Quit Bad Nighttime Habits

If improving your fibromyalgia is as simple as giving up a cigarette, glass of wine, or a hit of caffeine before bed… then eureka! No stimulant—no matter how addictive or enjoyable—is worth the sacrifice of a solid night’s sleep.

Many people with fibromyalgia think their nighttime crutches will help them relax, as they may feel soothed in the moment. But the long-term effects of smoking, drinking, and caffeine make sleep near impossible. 

Try breaking your nighttime habits by replacing them with something new and better for you. You could switch out your nighttime coffee or wine for a cup of a non-caffeinated herbal tea, or do a quick bedtime meditation instead of taking a cigarette break. 

It is possible to manage your pain in the morning with fibromyalgia. The best part of this list? You can try everything at once or rotate one strategy at a time! Soon enough you will find a method to help you sleep better at night and enjoy your mornings again.

7 Simple Ways You Can Ease Your Fibromyalgia Pain In the Morning | Quit Chronic Fatigue

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