7 Powerful Ways You Can Support Your Adrenals Naturally

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Your adrenal glands play an important role in your energy level, disease defense, and stress processing abilities. But with so many gimmicks on the market, it’s easy to mistreat your adrenals and inadvertently worsen your slow-gland symptoms! The best way to improve your hormonal balance is to support adrenals naturally.

Certain foods and life habits work better for treating underperforming adrenal glands than medications or processed solutions. Natural remedies are more effective and easier to maintain for a longer life of health.

7 Powerful Ways You Can Support Your Adrenals Naturally | Quit Chronic Fatigue

What Are Your Adrenal Glands? 

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Your adrenal glands are small (but mighty!) organs that rest on top of the kidneys. They produce a ton of hormones that help regulate your bodily functions and carry you from day to day.

Needless to say, you can’t be at your best if your adrenal glands aren’t cared for properly. 

Signs of suffering adrenals include:

And the list goes on and on. You can support adrenals naturally by adjusting areas of your lifestyle, rather than treating each symptom as it comes. 

If You Want to Support Your Adrenals Naturally, Consider Herbal Remedies (But Be Cautious!)

You may be thinking, I already have control over my adrenal health because I take an herbal supplement! But not all herbal remedies are built the same. You have to keep a look out for the best options by checking out the ingredient labels.

Bear in mind: just because an herbal product reads “natural” doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. You should consult with your doctor to decide the best course of treatment to support adrenals naturally.  

Check out The Shop at Quit Chronic Fatigue to find proven supplements that support adrenal issues with (truly) natural ingredients. For example, our Bondi Sleep Easy Enhanced Sleeping Formula uses calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and melatonin to cradle your adrenals into a relaxed state each night. They work so well, you may find yourself skipping that morning coffee!

Before You Try Herbal Supplements 

Herbal supplements should come after a substantial list of lifestyle solutions. The only way to know for sure that you’ve exhausted other remedies on your road to health is if you discuss it with your doctor.

Supplements may interfere with other medications you’re taking or work to solve a problem you don’t actually have. The human body is a mysterious, complex thing that should be held in the highest regard—no experimentation! (Life’s just too short for that.)

How to Support Adrenals Naturally

If you’re not sure where to begin your journey to support adrenals naturally, you’re in the right place. These diet and lifestyle solutions will guide you towards stronger, healthier, and more efficient adrenal glands.

Make Sleep a Priority 

It’s hard to know what’s happening while you’re asleep. (After all, your eyes are closed!) But using a sleep journal will help you better understand the quality of your sleep and how it may be affecting your daily energy. 

Your adrenals need eight hours of sleep per night. It’s normal to fall off schedule once in a while, but be sure to get back on track to optimize the health benefits of sleep for your adrenal glands.

Eat Meals Regularly 

When it comes to food, it’s easy to choose quick meals or grab-and-go options instead of what’s necessary to fuel your body. To help your adrenals maintain power and control, you need to recalibrate your perspective on food. Eating healthily and at regular intervals is the best way to keep your adrenals in check

Balanced eating starts when you wake up in the morning! Support adrenals naturally by nourishing your body with protein, fats, and fiber within 60 minutes of getting out of bed. Continue to drive your energy up with balanced meals and snacks throughout the day.

Reduce Stress Levels Through Mindfulness 

Stress is thought to be the number one obstacle for those suffering from adrenal issues. Of course, you can’t make all of your problems or responsibilities go away simply because you want to support adrenals naturally. But you can adopt certain practices that will help you process emotions and get over stress in healthy ways.

For example, slow breathing, journaling, meditating, or walking are great ways to reduce your stress. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the tension in your shoulders and assume it will go away in time. The health of your adrenals depends on a proactive approach to feelings of stress.

Support Adrenals Naturally with a Proper Diet

The types of foods you eat play a role in adrenal function. Whereas foods high in sugar or caffeine will do more harm than good, grown-from-the-ground foods (like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans) will help regulate cortisol production so you can better manage stress.

Fresh fish, dairy, and lean meats are also great choices to support adrenals naturally (all in moderation of course). The more you can steer clear of processed foods and stick to healthy home cooking, the better!

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Try Epsom Salt Baths 

The more stress you feel, the lower your magnesium levels drop. Epsom salts help keep your magnesium levels where they should be so you can regain balance after particularly busy, taxing times.

Regular Epsom salt baths are also soothing as all get-out! Not only will they help you replenish what’s been lost during stressful times, they also come with all the benefits of water therapy, helping you relax.

Adjust Your Exercise Routine to Support Your Adrenals Naturally 

Many people mistake rigorous, outrageous exercises to be the best kind. But that’s not the case for people with adrenal deficiency! You can actually reap more benefits from low-impact exercise like walking, swimming, or yoga.

Choose exercises that offset your body’s other sources of stress. You want the movements you commit to be fun, moderately challenging, and engaging enough to keep you coming back regularly.

Hydrate Throughout the Day 

Drink water to support adrenals naturally every single day. Eight cups a day doesn’t work for everyone. You should calculate your water needs (in ounces) by dividing your total weight (in pounds) in half.

If drinking water all day is a new habit for you, try sprucing it up by adding fresh fruit or lemon juice to your glass. Before long, your body will start to crave fresh water over things like soda or juice. Plus, your adrenals will thank you!

Support your adrenals naturally by making a few key adjustments to your daily lifestyle. Rethinking some of the foods you eat, your stress-management routines, and your hydration practices will make a world of difference for your adrenals.

7 Powerful Ways You Can Support Your Adrenals Naturally | Quit Chronic Fatigue

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