Tablet + Book Stand For Reading Lying Down – Levo Essential Review

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It Might Seem Like A Luxury

But, if you have chronic fatigue syndrome and are bed or couch bound for extended periods, a tablet and book stand for reading can be a necessity rather than a luxury.

If your chronic fatigue syndrome is seriously debilitating, on days when you are suffering a crash even the simple act of holding up a tablet or book can further deplete your energy. Your arms and hands might just not have the strength at times to lie down holding a book or tablet in a comfortable position to read.

You may also suffer pain in your shoulders and arms as many chronic fatigue sufferers do, and holding a book or tablet in one position for an extended period of time can increase this pain.

An energy crash can be not only debilitating but extremely boring. What are you supposed to do during the long hours when you are lying down waiting out a crash while your energy slowly returns.

Often doing some short periods of reading can be the only thing you are able to do to break the tedium. This is where a tablet and book stand for reading can be invaluable.

For people who do not have chronic fatigue syndrome, this stand is a very handy accessory for helping with any neck pain you may experience from spending way too much time looking down at phones and tablets.

We are all placing strain on our tight neck and shoulder muscles as we spend more and more time on phones, tablets e readers and devices.

A study measured the increased rate of fatigue to upper back and spine muscles due to tablet usage. As a tablet or phone screen is small we bend our necks more toward these devices to read the information putting strain on shoulder and back muscles. Muscles become fatigued and weak by being held in one position for long periods.

Nowadays, physiotherapists, chiropractors and the like must be doing a roaring trade as they try to help so many of us suffering from ‘tech neck’.

levo 33478

Being able to swivel the holder of this stand to almost any angle makes finding a more comfortable reading position easy. This takes the strain off your poor neck and helps improve your posture as you are able to raise your device up to a more comfortable eye level viewing position.

This tablet stand is also handy for use while cooking. It keeps your cookbook or tablet out of harm’s way while freeing up precious bench space.

levo arm

No more grubby food marks on your cookbooks and tablets, just place your book or tablet on the reading stand in a convenient position while you get busy chopping and stirring from your favorite recipe.

The Levo G2 Essential Tablet Stand

There are many stands available that are suitable for books OR tablets but not both. So, what do you do if you enjoy reading hardback and paperback books but also like using your tablet or smartphone while reclining or lying down?

This is where the Levo G2 Essential tablet stand with the additional book platform kit is a convenient and cost effective solution. It easily converts from a tablet stand to a book stand by adding the book holder kit using the quick release platform.

5 axis adjustable tablet stand

  • USING THE STAND – It is easy and convenient to use whether you are in bed, in your favorite recliner chair or lying on the sofa. The stand weighs only 7 pounds, so it is easy to move around while still being sturdy. 
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTS EASILY –  The stand is height adjustable from 26 inches up to 43 inches (to the center of the device you are using). And is simple to use just by flipping a lever open then snapping it into a closed position at your preferred height. 
  • SWING ARM ADJUSTMENT – The arm swivels on 4 axis to make your perfect reading angle easy to find. You are able to quickly tilt, spin and flip the adjustable holder to find the most comfortable reading position whether you are in bed or in a chair. You can even find a suitable viewing angle if you are lying on your side.
  • COMPATIBILITY – The stand is easy to use with all makes of tablets, iPads, Galaxy, Kindle etc., and can be used with your device while it is still in its case, there is no need to remove the cover. You can also use your smartphone with the stand. As long as your device is 12 inches or less in size it will work. Your device is held in place by four strong clips on each edge. 
  • CONSTRUCTION – Manufactured from black aluminium, the stand is both lightweight and sturdy. 
PROs Of The Levo G2 Essential Tablet Stand
  • Simple sleek and good looking design.
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction.
  • Additional book platform kit can be purchased increasing versatility of use.
  • 4 axis swivel action makes multiple angle adjustment easy.
CONs Of The Levo G2 Essential Tablet Stand
  • The foot design is not suitable if you need to bring the stand in close under a very low sofa, bed or other piece of furniture.


Levo G2 Book Platform Kit

If you want to use this nifty stand for your books too, you’ll need the Levo G2 Book Platform Kit. This platform holds manuals, paperbacks, text books and hardbacks and allows you to read hands free.

The book holder is easily interchangeable with the tablet holder on the stand. Simply press the small button on the arm and pull to release the tablet holder, then the book holder just snaps right in to the stand. The whole change is easy and takes only a few seconds to carry out.

levo g2 deluxe tablet stand uk

The handy book platform manufactured from plastic is 16.5 inches x 12 inches. Your books are held in place securely by bungee straps. Turning pages is simple, just flip the page from under the ball holder arms. The lightweight arms rest gently on the pages keeping them in place but allowing them to be moved easily when you want to turn to the next page.

Pros Of The Levo G2 Book Platform Kit
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Adds another option for your Levo Essential Tablet Stand turning it into a book stand too.
Cons Of The Levo G2 Book Platform Kit
  • Honestly I can’t see any cons, it is a great addition if you love reading actual books, rather than the digital version.


Putting It All Together

If you have been looking for a tablet and book stand for more comfortable reading, Levo gives you both options. By buying the G2 Essentials Tablet stand and the G2 Book Platform Kit you will be all set to read your books, E readers, smartphones and tablets.

You’ll conserve your energy and rest comfortably preventing tight and sore shoulder and neck muscles from lying in awkward positions.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. I never experience energy crash or chronic fatigue like you mentioned in the article, but I bought my stand one year ago for a different purpose. I play violin and the notes pieces that I play are found online via a tablet. Any violinist will find this stand useful, so this is not only for health purposes but also for music and arts. It’s multi-purpose actually. But in case I suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome in the future, I will use it for that purpose.

    Recently, my father got a stroke. So, here I am again, checking if the stand is still available. I will buy a second stand, it may help him fight boredom lying in bed.

  2. Hi Ann

    I love The Levo G2 Essential Tablet Stand. The design is beautiful and it is very useful. I usually get tired of holding my tablet. And at that time there is not many other choices, I can think of, I only have to put it down and adjust myself, if I want to continue using it.

    This tablet stand will help me greatly, for my reading, daily usage and even for business presentation. And I like watching movies from my tablet too, the stand will help me watch by myself or with someone else.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for stopping by, yes it’s great for watching movies on your tablet. It will definitely allow you to get into a good comfortable hands free position. 

  3. Hi Ann, a helpful content is what you have here and I’m glad I stopped by to take a peep. As highlighted in the post,  making use of phones a d tablets can be very detrimental to our health. Sometimes while using my tablets especially when I’ve used it for a very long session, my back and neck does pain me but I do shrug off the pain and focus more on what I’m doing on the gadget. Please is there an option of this tablet stand for a mobile smartphone. I would really be glad if I can get one because I use my phone more.

  4. Thanks for this review. They say there’s a solution to every problem and I believe so. Just what this invention on Levo G2 Essential Tablet Stand.  It is built to solve the problem of chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers lying down to read. I think people who love reading love to own one as a necessity and comfort.

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. Hopefully the solution of reading lying down while in a comfortable position is solved with this tablet and reading stand. 

  5. Oh i like this one. Never thought about such a stand although I have serious problems holding my tablet in bed. My hands start to pain from muscle strain and this can hold for several days before I can hold it again so getting something like this seems the only way to get rid of all my problems. Thanks for sharing it, you really saved me from a lot of trouble.

  6. Great product review on Levo tablet stand!

    It is an ideal product for those who need to read on their tablet while doing other things simultaneously!

    Besides, it is good for people who used their tablet for long hours, as it could reduce strain on our neck. 

    Thanks for sharing on the product.

    • Thanks for your comment. I reckon physiotherapists and chiropractors must be doing a roaring trade fixing all the neck issues from overuse of digital devices. 

  7. Ok, I’m loving the idea of having a way to hold my tablet in a usable position while I’m laying in bed.  As it stands now, 5 to 10 minutes of holding my tablet up results in tingling and numbness in my arms and hands.

    Honestly, I wonder if my ipad use at night is contributing to my difficulty getting to sleep at a decent hour but the tingling sensation is my primary concern.

    I’m looking at the Levo G2 Essential Tablet Stand.  Can you tell me if it offers cable guides or something to keep my power cable secure and not leave it dangling?

    Thank you for this,


    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. I think many people these days are suffering the tingling/nerve pain from too much device use (myself included). I’ve been seeing my chiro regularly. Getting up, moving around and taking a break regularly seems to be helping me too. And yes, switching off all digital devices about 3 hours before going to bed helps your system calm down ready for a good night’s sleep. 

      It seems there is no actual cable management system with the stand, from reading user reviews some people wrap the cord around the arm of the stand. I guess one of those ‘velcro cable thingies’ would work too. Good idea though, perhaps Levo should update the stand with some type of cable management. 

  8. To be very clear, let’s use Levo G2 as an example. What’s really cool about this is that Levo G2 the stand the design is beautiful and it is very useful. I usually get tired of holding my tablet. And at that time there are not many other choices, I can think of, I only have to put it down and adjust myself, if I want to continue using it. This tablet stand will help me greatly, for my reading, daily usage and even for business presentation. And I like watching movies from my tablet too, the stand will help me watch by myself or with someone else.

    Thanks for all these fully detailed recommendations.

    • Hi thanks for your comment, yes this stand is great for movie watching. A way more comfortable way to watch movies than trying to balance or prop your tablet up at just the right angle and height for comfortable viewing. 

  9. Having a tablet or book stand is a great idea for reading while lying down and I have one myself. They work wonderfully and the only problem I have is that I only have one. My wife also likes my stand so often I cannot use mine because she is using it! 

    That is why I have decided to get a second one so we both can read lying down and not have to inconvenience one another. Since I am getting one, I was looking for a review site that would inform me on what is the latest that is out there. You have provided some good guidance for me and I appreciate this.

    The combo of the G2 Levo Essential Tablet Stand and the G2 Levo Platform Kit offers maximum versatility and will do everything that I am looking for in such a tool. In fact, it is a big upgrade from the one I am using right now. I suspect that I will be relegated to using the old one that we both are using at the moment.

    The Kit portion is essential too because I and my wife are still reading hardcover and paperback books. I know that is so yesterday, but old habits die hard…We do have the tablets but we still have a large library of real books. The cons that you have mentioned for the stand are of no concern to me, we will be able to use the stand where we will place it. Thanks for the advice!     

    • Thanks for leaving your comment. I’m glad to hear you are already aware of the benefits using one of these stands provides. I think the kit portion for books offered with the Levo Essential stand is a real plus, there are many people who still read ‘real’ books. Great if you have a lot of cookery books too. Somehow recipes just don’t seem the same to me on a digital device. 

      Here’s to marital harmony!

  10. This is such a great product for people who are wanting to enjoy reading or surfing and can’t sit up and also fun for people who are relaxing and wanting a comfy position to be able to use the tablet.

    I have a friend who has CFS and this will be so beneficial to her so will get her to come and view this post.

    thank you – I will share this post around 🙂

    • Hi and thanks for your kind comments. I think as more people become aware that tablet and book stands are now available they will become more popular. They definitely improve posture when using mobile devices and prevent that ‘forward head’ thing we are all doing nowadays. 

  11. First of all, I had no idea that people with chronic fatigue syndrome have crash days. I learn something new every day. Not to mention, this would be so difficult to work outside the home. As you said, it could be debilitating. 

    Now I do get neck pain from bending my head to look at my I pad. A set up like this one would come in very handy for me. I don’t read a real book much anymore. I only read from my Ipad and use the Nook device on it. 

    The price isn’t bad either, especially for how beneficial it will be for fatigue and neck pain. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to be bed bound and not be able to hold an iPad. What a beautiful and thoughtful invention. 

    • Thanks for stopping by, as you say this tablet and book holder isn’t only for those with chronic illness. With such extended use of digital devices nowadays we all seem to suffer at some stage from neck pain due to poor posture. 

  12. Hi! You give really good recommendations. No, this is definitely not luxury. It’s a game changer. There is so much productivity one can achieve with a tablet, but holding it can further deplete all energy in those days. So having a stand is a simple but great solution. I have checked out the Levo G2 Essential tablet stand and I really like it. Thanks!

  13. Personally, I don’t suffer from chronic fatigue but I really do feel for people who do, however, I do find it quite uncomfortable when lying in bed reading a book, I just have trouble finding a comfortable position, when I find a comfortable position, I soon find myself moving about again, I also often fall asleep while reading, when I wake up the book is all folded up in the sheets, sometimes with a page ripped, so the book platform in particular would be very useful for me, thank you for sharing this post Ann.


  14. Thanks for this very useful for me review of Tablet + Book Stand for Reading Lying Down. Although, fortunately I don’t suffer from chronic fatigue, I find the stand you reviewed very useful for me and my husband in many situations. 

    We read a lot and holding a tablet or a book in some positions can be quite tiring. 

  15. So, how many times could I have done with one of these and if not for me, then for my wife. Having had a heart condition diagnosed a couple of years ago, she has times when she’s ‘overdone’ things. You take the good days and then the bad ones, such is life. On occasion, she can be laid up for a couple of days without the will to do very much at all. So this would be ideal for when she just wants to watch something on her tablet. 

    Much of her work is done on her phone, tablet or laptop. Not having a desk means that she finds her office is the lounge and her desk chair is the sofa. It works but it is a struggle to keep everything within reach and usable as she switches between one or another.

    This would come as a welcome addition. (and could probably be deducted as a business expense) The only drawback you mention doesn’t look to be a concern. It looks as though the feet will go under our sofa as there is a decent gap.

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. It sounds like you have found the perfect gift for your wife. 

  16. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. This is something I need in my life right now. I love the fact that it’s lightweight but sturdy.

    I’m always laying in bed on my tablet watching YouTube and often times it ninjas out of my hand and hits me in the head. This is going to eliminate that problem and I’ll be able to finally watch my favorite YouTubers in peace. Thanks a million for this great article!

    • Hi and thanks for leaving a comment, I think we could all do with using a book and tablet stand, so much time is spent on devices these days. I reckon chiropractors and physios must be doing a roaring trade with all the bad necks/backs. 

  17. Thanks for your post. It is a nice solution for people with disability. I have a friend with illness and need to lie on the bed most of the time. Last time I visited him and I saw him reading Amazon kindle book with hand holding the reader. The Levo G2 Essetial Table Stand could be a excellent gift for him. But the price of $80 is slightly high and is beyond my budget.

    I know you spent a lot of time and research the best one for us. Is it possible to have such tool in the price range of $30 to $40?

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. I reviewed this stand because I think it is good value for money and pretty sturdy and adaptable. I’m afraid that cheaper models could be a bit flimsy. 

  18. These stands certainly do have a place in many households for anyone bed bound for any reason. I’ve had a broken leg a few years ago, and found myself more restricted in my movements, so having a stand like this would have been really handy because like you said here, it can get boring not being able to do the things you would usually do and have to be restricted. I also like that you can use these stands for cooking which can be very messy! I like that this stand also has a stand that can be used for books, making it so versatile and adaptable to one’s needs. 

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment. This stand is useful for many things, I love it for holding my cookery books out of the way of splashes from food too. 

  19. This tablet stand is not luxury or fancy stuff at all and in order to steer being involved of Chronic fatigue or eye damages having in place is must. I personally like The Levo G2 Essential Tablet Stand, like you stated in your post correctly,It allows users reading hardback and paperback and being able to enjoy using tablet or smartphone as well. Honestly I am not going to purchase it right now but I will pass on this informative post to my family,friends as well as colleagues.
    Thank You-Warm regards

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, I hope your family and friends will find the info in this post useful. 

  20. Hi, ann,

    Thank you so much for such great innovation with us.

    In modern days many people use to say every problem has a solution. Both products are brilliant and this Products are one of the best solutions for them who are suffering to hold book or tablet.

    I Don’t have any kind of problem that you just mentioned but still, I love to use tablet stand so I think you can use it for other reasons too.

    • Absolutely, as you say you can definitely use this tablet and book stand even if you don’t suffer from a chronic illness. It will improve your posture and prevent neck strain for sure. 


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