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If you are currently suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or know someone who is, you probably have more questions than answers about this illness.


The information from each of the top 10 influencers we love can answer some of your questions and may also just provide a key to recovery.



Please check out the list of influencers below, it’s written in no particular order, and you are bound to find some useful nuggets of information contained in each one. The more good solid information influencers get out there the better. Communication about this poorly understood illness is increasing all the time, but more still needs to be done.

Creating awareness of the illness with information on how you get it, what causes it, and available treatment options will help dispel the myth that chronic fatigue syndrome is un-treatable. Getting information out there is the reason for creating this ‘Top 10 Influencers We Love’ article.

Understanding of the illness is improving, but more needs to be done. This post lists the influencers I’ve found who have helpful information to share about chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some individual influencers share their own journey with the illness, some are good solid resources for sufferers trying to work out how they got the illness, whilst others share treatment options that worked for them.

So go ahead and click on the links below each screenshot to start discovering useful information.


1. HealthRising

top 10 influencers we love Healthrising

This site is a comprehensive source of information for chronic fatigue sufferers. Created by Cort Johnson, a former sufferer himself, who started the site committed to increasing understanding of chronic fatigue syndrome. It consists of forums where you can ask questions and read answers, a great source of information itself. And also covers an overview of chronic fatigue syndrome, symptoms, causes and treatments.

2. IDPH (Illinois Dept Public Health)

top 10 influencers we love IDPH

The Illinois Department of Health has a general information page on chronic fatigue syndrome, what it is, symptoms and warning signs and natural therapies that can help. Information on chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis criteria is also included.

3. Gabrielle Maston

top 10 influencers we love gabrielle maston

Gabrielle Maston is a dietitian and exercise physiologist who writes on various topics. A recent article on chronic fatigue syndrome and exercise discusses what chronic fatigue syndrome is, how to diagnose and treat it, as well as how to carefully use exercise if you have chronic fatigue syndrome.

4. Honeycolony

top 10 influencers we love honeycolony

Honeycolony is a website sharing one man’s story of recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome using natural methods. Dan Neuffer suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia for several years before concentrating on treating his Autonomic Nervous System disturbances and finally getting well.

5. Myers Detox

top 10 influencers we love myesdetox

Myers Detox hosts a discussion with Dr Tim Jackson on 138 causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. Dr Jackson is a physical therapist with a huge interest in functional medicine including how it can be used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome.

6. My Therapy

top 10 influencers we love self help tips

This website is produced by an international team of designers, developers and digital health enthusiasts. This post includes self-help tips for chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers as well as information on organizations that can help.

7.ME Action

top 10 influencers we love ME Action

An international network of chronic fatigue syndrome patients fighting for health equality. The site lists projects they are involved with, tools for awareness, self advocacy and activism. Their aim is to mobilize patients to advocate for public investment in research, to raise awareness of the illness and for an increase in medical education.

8. The Mayo Newstop 10 influencers we love mayonews

The Mayo News published this article by physiotherapist Andrew O’Brien whereas well as an overview of chronic fatigue syndrome, Andrew writes about the importance of movement and the best type of movement for chronic fatigue sufferers. In describing the type of movement, Andrew states chronic fatigue syndrome is an ‘energy crisis in the body’. One of the best descriptions for chronic fatigue syndrome I’ve heard.

9. The Optimum Health Clinic Blog

to 10 influencers we love the optmum health clinic

The Optimum Health Clinic is an integrative medicine clinic specializing in treating chronic fatigue syndrome. They use alternative and complementary medicine in their treatment and work with patients in 35 countries. An interesting blog currently on their site discusses chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities.


top 10 influencers we love fighting fatigue

This blog chronicles chronic fatigue syndrome sufferer, Sandy’s journey with chronic fatigue syndrome and has helpful tips and information on the illness.

Putting It All Together

Whether you have just been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or are thinking you may have it but are still to be diagnosed the resources mentioned here can help you.

Please leave a comment below about which articles you found most helpful in helping with chronic fatigue syndrome.


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  1. What a great list of resources. Do you know if there is any information around chronic fatigue syndrome and the practice of qigong? I am a qigong teacher in training and qualified yoga teacher and the more deeply I go into qigong the more I realise that it seems to be the perfect exercise for people who have chronic fatigue. It is so gentle and yet so comprehensive from a mind body perspective and when practiced over time it can have a real balancing effect on the hormones and immense system. Do you know of anyone who teaches qigong specifically to chronic fatigue sufferers?

    • Hi Liz thanks for stopping by. I did try qigong when I had chronic fatigue syndrome and found it quite helpful, it was the most ‘exercise’ I could do at one stage. I plan to do more posts in future which include more influencer posts, so I’ll look for one on qigong. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Chronic fatigue is a awful thing to experience, you think you know the meaning of the word ‘I’m tired’ until you are chronically tired. Every part of gets overwhelming tired.

    Thanks for this article it lists some very interesting web pages to have a good read off. I think i will start from the top and work my way through them!

    • Hi Dianne thanks for your comments. Yes, chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t about being simply tired. I hope you find the articles in the list interesting and useful.

  3. Hello! I love this site. Not only is it super easy to follow but so much useful information. I didn’t even know this condition existed. You have set this site up so nicely. It has a calmness about it which makes me want to read more. Very well done! I actually don’t know anyone that has this condition however, now I have learned so much. I feel that a lot of people will find this helpful because you have so much great quality information and how it just flows from one topic to the next. Keep up the great work! 

    All the best



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