6 Powerful Habits To Help You Recover From Adrenal Burnout Starting Today

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With so many people counting on you—jobs to do and places to bethe last thing you want to deal with is adrenal burnout. Unfortunately, you are faced with tremendous obstacles every day, like impossible tiredness, fogginess, and constantly feeling less than your best.

It is no wonder that you are in search of practical solutions for your adrenal burnout. Although there isn’t necessarily a cure for this phenomenon, there are strategies you can take to recover from its symptoms.  

6 Powerful Habits To Help You Recover From Adrenal Burnout Starting Today | Quit Chronic Fatigue

What Is Adrenal Burnout? 

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Adrenal burnout explains a broad spectrum of symptoms, including exhaustion, dizziness, lack of focus, tummy troubles, and even unruly food cravings—and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

If you’re dealing with relentless stress and pressure, you’re more likely to struggle with the effects of adrenal burnout. Folks with busy work schedules, excessive responsibilities at home, or a combination of both are among the most susceptible to adrenal burnout.

It may seem impossible to overcome when symptoms literally shut down a person’s drive to heal! For instance, how does a person who can’t sleep fight exhaustion? How does a person with wild food cravings and a fussy stomach maintain a balanced diet?

No matter how hopeless it may seem, there are tips to help you fight adrenal burnout.

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6 Ways To Cope With Adrenal Burnout and Reduce Your Symptoms

These six simple strategies can help get anyone grappling with adrenal burnout onto a track towards recovery. Tackle all six tips at once, or chip away at just a few for gradual improvement!

Prioritize Self-Care

People with adrenal burnout are overwhelmed by their responsibilities. Families, jobs, chores, and even pets can distract from the person most in need of attention: YOU!

Pulling yourself back up to the top of your list of priorities is the first step to combating adrenal burnout. Seeing your needs before the needs of others might look like taking an extra sip of water before answering an email, or giving your kids extra screen time so that you can take an extra-long shower in the evening.

Don’t Overdo Cardio Exercises

This tip may seem counterintuitive, especially if you are someone who has adopted the psychology that rigorous exercise cures all. It doesn’t.

Exercise ought to be enjoyed in moderation for people with adrenal burnout. Exercise that pushes you to your limits can have the opposite impact that you are hoping for, such as a wonky metabolism and less energy than when you started.

Instead of running for 30 minutes, try walking, stretching, or even dancing to encourage your body and mind back into a healthy space.

Switch Up Your Diet (& The Way You Eat)

Changing the foods you eat can be especially challenging for folks with adrenal burnout. 

From a mental standpoint, people with adrenal burnout are prone to excess snacking as they maneuver the stressors of everyday life. From a physical standpoint, those with adrenal fatigue must overcome uncomfortable stomach pain and powerful cravings.

The best way to focus on achieving dietary balance is one bite at a time. 

Start by stocking your pantry and refrigerator with power foods. Steer away from processed foods, and instead, try to surround yourself with fresh options.

But beware! Shifting to healthier foods can be time-consuming and frustrating at first. 

Push through the discomfort, and within a week or two, you might find yourself in a routine of meal-prepping and snacking on healthy foods. 

When it comes to eating, you can expect a reward to match your effort.

Try Relaxing Practices, Like Yoga and Meditation, To Reduce The Stress That Causes Adrenal Burnout

Yoga and meditation are excellent tools to block out the stressors that trigger adrenal burnout. While they are similar options, yoga embraces simple movements and meditation is very still.

Both practices focus on breathing and quieting the mind. This can be extremely beneficial for people with adrenal burnout because it carves out a portion of time for targeted, controlled thinking.

Many people swear by yoga and meditation practices in working towards their goals, whether it be to quit bad habits, accomplish more flexibility, or find more focus in daily life.

Focus On Getting (Enough) Good-Quality Sleep

Sleep is NOT negotiable when it comes to your health! As someone with adrenal burnout, you may have to concentrate on how and when you fall asleep. If thrashing around in bed lost in negative thoughts is your usual routine, it is time for a change.

For starters, people with adrenal burnout have to start their bedtime routines earlier. It stands to reason that if you normally spend part of the night tossing and turning that you require more time to unwind.

Carve out time before sleep to relieve your mind of the day’s chaos: journal, read a book, talk to a family member, and put your thoughts to rest before your head hits the pillow.

Learn To Set Boundaries

Saying “no” is an important ingredient for self-care. You are allowed to turn down the extras: parties, dates, dinner with friends can all be canceled or postponed in favor of your own health and wellness.

No matter how it feels, the rest of the universe is not relying on you. Setting boundaries so that others don’t take advantage of you is essential for someone with adrenal burnout. 

To become a master at setting boundaries, you may need to practice giving short responses when others make a request. For example, instead of pulling up your calendar to accommodate a last-minute request, try saying, “Whew! The next few weeks are packed for me, so I will get back to you.” You don’t have to meet demands on the spot!

Furthermore, you can help normalize a culture of mental health and self-care by saying exactly what is going on. “I appreciate the invitation, but I am battling adrenal burnout and need that time at home.”

The most important people in your life will understand where you are coming from!

Your life with adrenal burnout can be vastly improved by focusing on just a few small changes each day. Take some time to plan for changes that may help you improve your quality of life with adrenal burnout and get back the control you have been craving.

6 Powerful Habits To Help You Recover From Adrenal Burnout Starting Today | Quit Chronic Fatigue

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