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When Being Naked Isn’t An Option, Check The Comfortable Clothes For Women With Fibromyalgia.

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There are days with fibromyalgia when staying naked can be very tempting, when even the lightest touch of fabric against your skin can send horrible pain shooting along your nerve endings making you feel like your skin is on fire.

Trying to find comfortable clothes for women dealing with the pain and irritation of fibromyalgia isn’t easy as the numerous types of pain from fibromyalgia can make the simple act of  dressing so uncomfortable.

Types of Pain Associated with Fibromyalgia

  • Muscle and Joint pain
  • Nerve pain
  • AllodyniaMild pressure results in super skin sensitivity with a feeling like severe sunburn.
  • Neuropathic pain – tingling, crawling, itching or burning sensations on the skin.
  • Abdominal and pelvic pain from digestive issues.

On days when you are home alone and the weather temperature permits, staying naked might be an OK idea. Unfortunately, there are times when staying as nature intended isn’t possible so clothing needs to be super soft and comfortable to wear. It also has to be easy to put on and take off as the painful tight muscles and joints of fibromyalgia can restrict your movements too.

Struggling to get dressed in the morning is not only painful and awkward but it can deplete your energy. And on days when it feels like every one of your frustrating fibromyalgia symptoms are flaring doing battle with your clothing is the last thing you need.

One useful tip is to dress in lightweight layers particularly if you are one of the many fibromyalgia sufferers who find body temperature regulation difficult. Layering makes it easy to add or take off clothing items during the day as temperatures change or your own body heating/cooling system starts to go a bit nuts. Additionally, choosing lightweight clothing in layers is also more comfortable than putting on heavy items over tight and aching muscles.

Another tip is to think about the types of fiber and fabric used in clothing when you are trying to avoid any irritation against your tender skin. Look for smooth soft yarns that won’t scratch or irritate painful skin for clothing you can wear comfortably all day long.

comfortable clothes for women - fabric rolls

Some of the most suitable types of fabrics to check out include:

  • Fabrics with some stretch such as jersey and those containing lycra or spandex in the yarn content.
  • Washed cotton
  • Flannel
  • Rayon
  • Satin or silk
  • Fleece
  • Bamboo yarn
  • Modal

As well as the yarn and fabric types used in the fabric construction, considering the structure of the clothing items is a must. Seams, belts and tight elastic waistbands are not going to work. Generally looser cuts for pants are good and seamless leggings with a soft flat waistband work well too.

Loose fitting tops and dresses are also your best friends. And avoiding items with buttons and zippers make clothing easier to put on and take off. Pull on pants and tops help make life a whole lot easier when you are struggling with the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia.

Right about now you are probably thinking that getting dressed for the day used to be so easy. But with fibromyalgia and all these new dressing rules to consider it’s starting to sound a bit tricky to find suitable clothing. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of clothing items for everything from bras and socks to the softest pants and tops and you’ll soon be all set and ready to get on with your day in comfort and style.


Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Lightweight Leggings

clothing for fibromyalgia sufferers uk

If you have fibromyalgia, for sure leggings will become a staple item in your wardrobe due to their comfortable seamfree construction. The trick is finding some that are made of super soft fabric with just the right amount of stretch to make them easy to take on and off and comfortable to wear all day long while still retaining their shape without sagging or bagging.

These Yogalicious ultra soft lightweight leggings are manufactured from fabric with a ‘peach’ finish making them super soft and smooth to the touch. The fabric used in their manufacture which Yogalicious describe as ‘butter soft’ also has wicking qualities and four way stretch to ensure all day comfort. This comfy polyester/spandex fabric combines with an extra wide waistband for comfort around the midsection.

Another cool feature of these leggings is they come in loads of different colors enabling you to team them with all your favorite tops and they have a 30 day full money back warranty to boot.


Prettywell Sleep Bra

fibromyalgia wardrobe

Even if you don’t have fibromyalgia, a bra has to be the most uncomfortable clothing item known to WOman. What with metal clasps, padding and thin straps there are just so many parts of a standard bra that can dig into your shoulders and back. If you are anything like me by the end of the day you just can’t wait to get the thing off and stop the torture.

Many women are lucky and can go without a bra, however for the more well endowed among us that just isn’t an option. So how do you provide some support for your girls and still be comfortable?

Prettywell sleep bras might just be the answer as they are made from thin and lightweight stretchy fabric. This bralette is seamless, and made without underwires allowing the bra to mold to your natural shape. With wider than standard shoulder straps this bra won’t leave your shoulders aching at the end of the day.

Using hot melt technology in the manufacture this avoids the need for lumpy seams, so no nasty parts digging into your skin. An added bonus comes from being able to pull the bra on over your head avoiding the need to twist and stretch as you do with a normal back fastening bra.

Removable teardrop shaped pads help provide additional support and coverage. Coming in a range of colors and styles this is a well priced and comfortable bra. Check out the size chart carefully before making your selection as customers comment it tends to run a little small.


Boody Body EcoWear Light Support Bra

clothes for neuropathy

If you can do without much support but just want to be a little covered, then this bra could be just right for you. Made without seams, wires, clasps, fasteners or padding this bralette is particularly comfortable and offers light support. It offers a lighter weight alternative to the Prettywell Sleep Bra above for the less well endowed among us.

The fabric is made using a high percentage of bamboo viscose making it cool, breathable and super comfortable for sensitive skin. Fabric content is 80% Bamboo Viscose, 13% Nylon and 7% Spandex. As an added bonus Boody Body say their bamboo viscose is a sustainable eco fabric.

The style of the bra has wide straps to prevent ‘dig in’ and the back is low enough to be comfortable. Many bras of this style have racer backs which don’t always look good under tops with lower necklines. However, the style of this comfortable bralette can be worn under many tops and you won’t end up looking like you just came from the gym.


Free To Live 3 Pack Loose Fit Jersey Tunic

fibromyalgia easy clothing

If you find yourself living in leggings most days you need some tunic tops to go with them, preferably tunics long enough to cover your rear end and still be super comfortable, these versatile Free To Live tunic tops made from soft breathable rayon and spandex fit the bill perfectly.

They come in the Kimono sleeve style shown in the photo as well as a longer ballerina length sleeve version if you need more arm coverage.

A great top for layering, this flowing loose oversize style is very easy to wear and not only works with leggings but pants and skirts too.

Manufactured in the USA, this slouchy style top comes in basic colors like black, navy and grey as well as mocha and vibrant red. An everyday item that is bound to become a useful wardrobe staple for anyone with a chronic illness needing to look good AND be comfortable.

Available in a handy 3 pack, buying a few will ensure you have something easy to reach for when deciding what to wear each day.


Avacostume Womens Yoga Pants 

fibromyalgia leggings

If leggings aren’t your thing, these lightweight breathable and comfortable yoga pants are the next best thing. Many yoga pants depending on the quality can be a little scratchy to wear.

However, these Avacostume yoga pants use a beautiful smooth and silky mix of 95% modal and 5% spandex ensuring comfortable wear right out of the pack.

The waistband is wide elastic coupled with a drawstring to ensure a good fit, comfort and stretch. This is important if you are one of the many fibro sufferers who have bloating and discomfort from digestive issues and cannot bear to have a thin tight elastic waistband on clothing. Made without zippers, buttons or pockets these could very well be the most comfortable casual pants you’ll ever wear.

The leg style is a slight bootcut, very flattering for most body shapes making these yoga pants great for everyday casual wear.  The color shown in the photo is bright pink, but if that’s not your thing there are are a whole range of colors to choose from including all the basics like black, navy and grey.


Hugh Ugoli Lightweight Diabetic Ankle Socks

Comfortable Clothes For Women With Fibromyalgia

All kinds of pain are uncomfortable, but some have a bigger impact on your life than others. One of the worst types of pain known to fibromyalgia sufferers is foot pain. This can be due to the fact that your feet work pretty hard all the time taking a beating from your many daily activities.

While foot pain like the other pain types of fibromyalgia can come and go it can make your feet feel as if they are on fire.  And even after hours of rest your feet can feel painfully like you’ve just completed a 10 mile hike over rough terrain.

The pain of fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy are similar and wearing diabetic socks help by increasing circulation and providing slight compression which may reduce pain levels in the feet.

Made from soft and lightweight bamboo rayon, polyamide and elastane, these Hugh Ugoli socks are breathable but can help keep feet warm. Having cold feet is a common complaint of those with fibromyalgia.

The seamless toe area gets rid of a common problem with standard socks as there is no bulky toe construction or seams that can dig in to sensitive and painful feet.

For additional comfort these socks are made with a non restrictive ankle band making them not only more comfortable to wear but easier to put on. And if the girly pink shown in the photo isn’t your thing, these socks come in lots of different colors including basic white, black and grey.


Ultraideas Comfort Fleece Memory Foam Slippers

"chronic pain" clothing

Staying on the subject of feet for a moment, there might be some days when even the comfiest socks and shoes may prove too painful to wear. On those days, these super comfy memory foam slippers provide support whenever you are staying indoors.
Made with an ultra soft microfiber upper and plush fleece lining these slippers are easy to slide into as soon as you step out of bed. The soft man made fleece lining surrounds your feet for soothing comfort and the high density memory foam insole provides support while molding to your feet. Coupled with an anti skid sole, these slippers can be worn for a quick trip outside to the mailbox too.
Available in a range of sizes and colors and offering a satisfaction guarantee there is little risk when you buy a pair of these cozy slippers. Your feet will love them.



Life is Good Snuggle Up Sleep Pant

allodynia clothing

Finding pajama pants that are soft and comfortable isn’t always easy,  particularly if you prefer natural 100% cotton pj pants. But, these Life Is Good pajama pants are made from soft already washed cotton. So there is no ‘breaking in ‘ period. No need to wash them a hundred times before they achieve the softness and comfort level you need, it is already done for you. As soon as you put them on you’ll feel how soft they are straight away.
The natural cotton helps keep you cool during sleep for a more comfortable night (or day on the sofa if you are having one of those days). Made with a wide soft elastic waistband there is no stomach dig in either.
These comfy pj bottoms come in a size range from X Small to XX Large and several different prints/colors.

Alexander + David Women’s Soft Knit V-Neck Dolman Tunic Top 

clothing for fibromyalgia patients

Manufactured from rayon modal and spandex the fabric in this top is soft and smooth with extra stretch for ultra comfort. The lightweight casual top is great worn on its own for warmer months or as a soft layer under other clothing when the temperature drops.

Not only is the yarn and fabric choice perfect but the styling is cut to provide super comfort. The dolman sleeve design allows extra room for a breezy non clingy fit and the loose flowy body style is not only comfortable but flattering on many body types.

The back is cut longer than the front to allow for that all important rear coverage over leggings and gives an oversize T shirt look. A wide v neck means it is easy to pull on and off over your head without any difficulty.

Easy care and made in the USA, and offered in a range of colors this is a super easy and comfortable top to wear everyday.


AUSELILY Women’s Long Sleeve Empire Waist Swing Casual Dress

fibromyalgia clothes hurtSome days you just have to get out of your leggings and into a dress. But finding a dress that is comfortable, without zippers or button closures can be a challenge.

Made using a rayon spandex fabric it is very soft and comfortable and easy to pull on over your head. The dress shown here is short but they also makes a similar maxi style version too.

This Auselily dress is casual in style but you can dress it up with some jewellery or a scarf and bingo you’re ready to go out to dinner. Styled with a round neck, and a loose empire waist somehow this dress manages to be loose and comfortable but still provide some shape. Oh and it has pockets too, a bonus on days when you don’t feel like carrying a heavy bag around.

With sizing ranging from S small to XX Large and a wide range of solid colors as well as prints there are plenty of options to choose from.


Putting It All Together

Getting dressed used to be so easy before fibromyalgia. But by taking some time to check out fabric types and the style of your clothing you choose being comfortable all day long  is possible. Finding comfortable clothes for women needn’t be a chore, just use some of the guidelines mentioned in this post and you’ll be all set.

If You Have Any Suggestions For Clothing Items You Find Helpful For Fibromyalgia, Please Share With Others In The Comments Section Below.

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  1. Your article make me feel so much better. Thank you so much for your enlighting information. I have been rediculed by many docters since early 1980’s and told – even recently to go see a spycologist because there is nothing wrong with me and I’m looking for sympathy! – although I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid artheritis in 2003 and I suspect that I have Sjorgens too, because my eyes, nose and mouth are exstremely dry. I can’t handle heat or exstreme cold. I found that hot showers helps a few minutes but eventually the pain returns with vengance. Then a few summers ago I took cold showers at night for the exstreme heat and found that my body became painfree! Something for others that suffers too- to considder as terapy – I think. I thought I was the only one who can not handle a bra. I simple can not breath if I’m wearing a bra and although my size is 38D, for the last 3 months I had to ban that piece of clothing totally. Also tight pants, waist bands and elastics always causes discomfort and pain. Well, I will have a liitle bit more patience with myself and other people who have no understanding of the illness and like to say things like: “You’re always complaining about not feeling well”

    • I am so glad to know I am not alone, I was given medicine for fibromyalgia many years ago, then one day I said to myself I don’t need this and stopped little did I know I really did need i, I thought it was just me . I have Osteoporosis and thought that’s why I am in pain, I good not get a bra to fit me several stores had tried I know when the weather will change I feel like the smallest things overwhelm me, I don’t want to get ready to anywhere , I thought I was going crazy my best friend kept telling me there has got to be something wrong. So Thank You so much for sharing Lisa

  2. Thank you for the lovely way you’ve put together the items of clothing suitable for fibromyalgia sufferers
    You mention bra’s but not underpants
    I find that silk or cotton is best especially the no vpl (visible pantie line) Sainsbury and bonmarche are good places to find nice underwear
    I’ve been using them for years and find them very comfortable both around the waist and the tops of legs
    Kind regards

  3. Reading your post was extremely helpful and informative. As I was reading about clothing articles, I couldn’t believe this was happening with other people, I thought I was going nuts and don’t try explaining to anyone who doesn’t understand these symptoms and how they affect your skin, they look at you like your nuts! Sheets are a big thing for me. Trying to find sheets that aren’t scratchy is difficult. Thank you for your generous information. I will definitely check out the items on Amazon. Be well.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment, it is truly appreciated and gratifying to know that fibro sufferers gain useful information from the posts here. My next post will be about sheets and bed linen for fibromyalgia. My life has been spent in the textile industry so knowledge about fabrics and their properties help me a lot in my search for comfortable clothing and bedlinen.

    • I can’t live without my Cuddl Duds found at Kohl’s. The sheets are the greatest and I love the PJ’s, hats, scarfs, gloves, socks, pants, and the list goes on. I couldn’t survive a winter without my CUDDL DUDS!

  4. Thanks so much. I would never have thought to look to amazon for clothes shopping! Hope I can find your article on the bedding ideas. Living in a small town in texas it seems, the only people wearing leggings are ones who work out—I don’t go to the gym because most days it’s hard to walk,so when someone asks,” why haven’t I seen you at the gym?” I just look at them and say “because I “can’t” go. Most folks look at me puzzled, but, so I don’t have to explain, I’ve learned to walk away, which seems sort of rude and leaves me thinking why didn’t I just explain?

  5. Rompers, jumpsuits, overalls, and dresses are basically what I live in. There’s no direct pressure on my skin anywhere. It makes clothes bearable.

  6. Thank you for this blog, however I wish there was a way to translate these selections into plus sizes. While I have fibro, my other chronic illness don’t allow me to exercise and while I don’t over eat, my meds cause me to gain weight and swell. The socks and house shoes have been a God sent. I also need to find a blanket, sheets and pillows that won’t kill me to use. Thanks again.

    • I have fibromyalgia and I am plus sized. I have been ordering my clothes from Bloom Chic. They have lots of T-shirt dresses and light flowy dresses. My skin is sensitive all over my body and it is hard for me to wear clothes but i have to be able to work. Now I just need to find a bra that won’t hurt but I am very big there and that means I have a limited selection. So I’ll just keep looking.

  7. Thank you for the many items for Fibro Warriors! It’s soooooo hard to find items that suit your needs, especially when you don’t want anything touching you! I have several Chronic Illnesses and need all the help I can get.

  8. My go-to fibro clothes since retiring and the pandemic are my beloved cashmere sweaters (LLBean, Land End’s, Macy’s – as “rewards points” purchases or sales), my Columbia fleece jackets (also on sale) and my LLBean straight leg fleece lined stretch slacks (rewards points purchases). Not too heavy, not too light, not binding, easy to take care of (I carefully hand wash my sweaters and dry flat). I live in the PNW – the weather (and temps) can change 5 times a day so these are great for every day wear. Almost as good as jammies!


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