7 Powerful Ways to Cure Vertigo Naturally and Relieve Adrenal Fatigue

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Many people who have adrenal fatigue also experience dizziness. But some people deal with a much more intense form of dizziness known as vertigo. Though this symptom is incredibly disorienting and disruptive, there are many ways to cure vertigo naturally and get your day back on track. 

7 Powerful Ways to Cure Vertigo Naturally and Relieve Adrenal Fatigue | Quit Chronic Fatigue

What Is Vertigo? 

Tons of people mix up dizziness and vertigo. And it’s super easy to do! Both are balance problems that cause you to feel unstable in your own body and mind. But while dizziness is just a general feeling of being off-balance, vertigo is a strong spinning sensation. 

There are two main types of vertigo you can experience: peripheral vertigo and central vertigo.  Inner ear issues cause peripheral vertigo while brain issues cause central vertigo. Both types of vertigo attacks can last anywhere from a few seconds or minutes to days or weeks until the underlying issue is fixed. Though you can take medication to relieve vertigo, there are many ways to cure vertigo naturally and reduce symptoms quickly. 

How Does Adrenal Fatigue Impact Vertigo? 

The inner ear is the main reason so many people with adrenal fatigue deal with dizziness and vertigo. The fluid inside your inner ear requires a proper balance of electrolytes to keep you balanced. When those electrolytes are disrupted, dizziness and vertigo can occur. 

Your adrenal glands produce a hormone called aldosterone that affects blood volume and electrolyte balance. When your body overworks your adrenal glands, hormone production shifts out of balance, throwing your electrolytes and inner ear fluid for a loop. 

An aldosterone imbalance can also trigger low blood pressure, which makes people with adrenal fatigue even more susceptible to vertigo and dizziness. If you want to cure vertigo naturally, you need to work on recovering from adrenal fatigue, too.  

7 Ways to Cure Vertigo Naturally and Improve Adrenal Fatigue

No one wants to deal with vertigo attacks, especially on top of already-difficult adrenal fatigue symptoms! To tend to both conditions at once, follow these seven strategies to cure vertigo naturally and improve your adrenal fatigue. 

Sip Some Ginger Tea 

If you like starting your mornings with a hot beverage, make the switch to a warm cup of ginger tea to stave off vertigo attacks (coffee is bad for your adrenals, anyway!). You can brew your tea from a premade mix or by steeping ginger root in boiling water for five minutes. Try adding some honey to improve the bitter flavor.

Along with being a great way to cure vertigo naturally, ginger tea can reduce nausea, which many people experience in tandem with vertigo and dizziness. The drink is tasty, starts your day off right, and helps your body and mind feel better. Who could ask for more?!

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Cure Vertigo Naturally With the Epley Maneuver 

If you’re hit with vertigo attacks on a regular or semi-regular basis, try out the Epley Maneuver to cure vertigo naturally. The technique is a set of six steps that you can do before bed each night until your vertigo symptoms stay away for at least 24 hours. The way you do the Epley Maneuver depends on which ear your vertigo stems from, so pay close attention to your body. 

To do the Epley Maneuver when symptoms come from the left ear: 

  1. Sit on the edge of your bed and turn your head 45 degrees to the left
  2. Quickly lie down with your head facing upwards, still maintaining that 45-degree angle
  3. Hold the position for 30 seconds
  4. Turn your head 90 degrees to the other side (your head should be at a 45-degree angle to the right) and hold for 30 seconds
  5. Shift your body to lie on your right side and turn your head to face downward. Hold the position for another 30 seconds
  6. Slowly sit up straight. Stay there for a few minutes before getting up. 

If your vertigo is coming from the right side, flip the directions. You should start by turning your head to the right and end up on your left side before sitting up. 

Try Ginkgo Biloba Supplements 

Many people try medication to cure vertigo, but a more natural way to do so is with Ginkgo Biloba supplements. Ginkgo Biloba is a powerful Chinese herb that is often used to reduce vertigo symptoms and improve balance. The herb works by managing and regulating blood flow to the brain. 

As with any new supplement, be sure to talk to your doctor before adding it to your adrenal fatigue treatment routine. This Ginkgo Biloba supplement from Nature’s Bounty comes in smaller capsules so you can easily adjust your dosage to your doctor’s recommendations. 

Do Balance Exercises at Home to Prevent Vertigo 

After your sense of balance is thrown off from vertigo and dizziness attacks, it’s important to do balance exercises to regain your abilities. Your sense of balance comes from a connection between your brain, eyes, muscles, joints, and inner ear. And to cure vertigo naturally, you’ll have to strengthen this connection. 

The best way to improve your balance is by doing yoga and tai chi flows every day. The poses and movements work your sense of balance, strengthen your muscles, and even reduce stress, which is crucial for recovering from adrenal fatigue. Be careful when doing poses that make you bend forward or backward suddenly — doing so can make vertigo symptoms stronger, so it’s best to work out with a yoga buddy who can keep you safe. 

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day 

Good hydration is essential to recovering from adrenal fatigue, but it’s also a crucial part of curing vertigo naturally! Dehydration can cause dizziness, headaches, and vertigo (not to mention, it makes your adrenal fatigue symptoms worse). 

Make sure you’re sipping enough water to keep your body and mind hydrated. Drinking half of your body weight in ounces each day (so 70 ounces if you weigh 140 pounds, for example) should do the trick. Drink more after time outside on hot or humid days, during workout sessions, or after having soft drinks, coffee, or tea.

Get Acupressure or Neck Massages to Cure Vertigo Naturally 

Have you tried acupuncture to reduce stress and improve mindfulness and relaxation? Acupressure is very similar, just without the needles! The treatment stimulates pressure points throughout your body to move energy and reduce inflammation, a key part of curing vertigo naturally. 

Neck massages can help, too, especially when dealing with central vertigo. Your message therapist can relax the muscles in your neck and give your nerves more room to breathe. Inflamed, swollen nerves can send false signals to your brain regarding your body’s positioning, causing that swimming, spinning feeling of a vertigo attack. 

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Execute the Brandt-Daroff Exercise 

The Epley Maneuver isn’t the only movement you can do to cure vertigo naturally! The Brandt-Daroff Exercise should be done in a set of five repetitions and can be done up to 3 times a day, twice a week. 

To do the Brandt-Daroff Exercise:

  1. Sit on a flat surface like a bed or couch with your legs dangling in front of you
  2. Turn your head to the left side as far as possible, then lay down on your right side. Keep your head turned to the left and your legs out in front of you. 
  3. Hold the position for 30 seconds. 
  4. Sit up slowly and turn your head back to your starting centre position. 
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side (turn your head to the right and lay down on your left)

You can do the Brandt-Daroff exercise at any time of day. Just make sure you won’t be driving or operating any heavy machinery for a while. The exercise can sometimes intensify your vertigo symptoms for a short period after you complete it. 

Vertigo can be an extremely overwhelming symptom to deal with on top of adrenal fatigue, but that doesn’t mean it’s forever! Using these seven strategies to cure vertigo naturally will have you feeling back to balanced in no time.

7 Powerful Ways to Cure Vertigo Naturally and Relieve Adrenal Fatigue | Quit Chronic Fatigue

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