Folding Rollator Walker | Seat Included – Drive Medical Euro Nitro Review

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When Do You Need A Rollator ?

Anyone with mobility issues due to chronic illness or an injury can benefit from the support and confidence a rollator provides. And a folding rollator walker seat provides a place to rest when your energy starts to flag.

Having a rollator with a seat is particularly important for people with a debilitating illness like chronic fatigue syndrome. If you need to conserve your energy while getting out and about a rollator which allows you to sit down periodically when you need to is a must have.

As a modern mobility aid a rollator greatly helps increase the user’s autonomy and sense of independence. By assisting people with reduced strength to get around and maintain a social life a rollator can contribute to helping with mental health too.

And these important mental health benefits combine with other health benefits a rollator provides by helping to keep the user mobile assisting the body’s blood circulation and lymph systems to keep moving.

Other good reasons for considering a rollator as a mobility aid is that they are both practical and affordable. There is a common misconception that rollators only work indoors but this is not correct. If you choose your rollator model wisely you will find one that functions well outdoors too.

When you are deciding on which type of walking aid you need,  a rollator is an affordable option. Whether you need to use your rollator full time or only occasionally, buying a rollator makes good economic sense.

Rollators are quickly taking over from their outdated cousins, walking frames. This is mainly because they are so much easier to use. You can easily and gently push the rollator in front of you instead of having to steady yourself first to lift a walker each time you take a step forward.

aluminium walker

Due to this movement action using a rollator requires a lot less energy too. And conserving energy is important if you have any type of debilitating chronic illness or fatigue issues.

Even although the rollator has wheels you don’t need to worry about your rollator running away from you on slopes. A gentle squeeze on the brake handles applies the brakes to stop your rollator moving.

The height adjustment option on a rollator makes it easily customizable for your stability needs. Whether you are short, tall, or somewhere in between you can calibrate the height of the handles to suit you perfectly. And if you choose one of the more lightweight models available they can easily be folded and lifted into your car.


3 Important Points To Consider When Choosing A Rollator

When choosing a rollator to suit your needs there are 3 important points to consider to ensure you find one that is right for you.

  • Height adjustability.
  • Weight capacity.
  • Ease of folding and maneuverability.


Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator

Although the benefits of using a rollator are clear there may be resistance to using any type of mobility aid particularly if you are a younger person with an injury or chronic illness. The thought of clunking around with a shiny metal mobility aid is off-putting.

And this is exactly where the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator comes into its own. With sleek European styling and a sporty look the Nitro Rollator is an impressive mobility accessory, very far removed from a clunky granny style walking frame. It is available in three sporty color options black/grey, white or red.

What is the difference between a rollator and a wheeled walker?

As well as being good looking it is also one of the easiest rollators to collapse. You can easily fold this rollator with one hand.  Using the grip handle on the top of the seat the rollator folds by bringing the sides together and it folding it into a neat compact size.

Easy to carry when travelling on trains, subways and even on flights as it locks in the folded position. If you have items in the basket underneath you may need to remove it before folding.

Can footrests be added to a rollator?

The side to side folding action has another advantage over the more standard front to back action as you can fold the rollator slightly to maneuver it through narrow spaces like small doorways etc.

This rollator has large front wheels which allow for maximum turning radius and easy maneuverability. It is so easy to use indoors as well as outside on gravel, grass and even cobblestones. The Drive Medical Nitro’s large wheels cope well on uneven surfaces.

A comfortable nylon height adjustable and removable backrest allows you to customize the rollator to suit you perfectly. The nylon backrest provides soft but supportive comfort to lean against when you need to sit down and take a break. And this nylon backrest is more comfortable than the traditional padded metal bar type back supports on many rollators.

The Drive Medical Nitro rollator has a zippered storage bag at the front of the rollator making access both easy and secure. And it is big enough to hold some shopping items or the personal items you need when out and about. An added bonus is the seat and storage bag can be easily removed for cleaning with a damp cloth.

The ergonomic design make the handles comfortable to use and the hidden brake handles provide security as there is no chance of getting tangled up in the loose brake cables. As the handles are also easy to move up and down you can set your perfect height adjustment simply by depressing the button on the handles.

How much does the Nitro Walker weight?

Using forethought, the manufacturers have considered their end user and the Nitro rollator comes already assembled, no tricky assembly necessary, it’s ready to go right out of the box.

How much is a nitro Walker?


Important Specifications

  • Folding Method – center folding side to side with one hand action.
  • Weight of rollator – Lightweight at 17 lbs.
  • Height adjustment is 33.5″ up to 38.25″
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs
  • Dimensions – 27.75″ x 23″ x 33.5″
  • Warranty – Limited lifetime on the frame. Brake and handle housing is covered for 5 years.



The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Rollator comes in the standard option mentioned in this review as well as Petite and Tall versions. The Petite version has a handle height adjustment of between 28″ to 31″ while the Tall version is ideal for users over 6′ tall. So whatever your height you will be able to find a Nitro Euro Rollator with its sleek contemporary looks to suit you perfectly.

You can also add on useful accessories made specially for your rollator such as a water bottle holder and a cane holder which attach easily to the frame of your rollator.


Pro’s Of The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Rollator

  • Multiple height adjustment options available on the standard model.
  • Petite and Tall options also available for maximum customization.
  • Folds completely flat with side to side folding action and locks in position.
  • Easy one handed folding operation.
  • Lighter weight range for a rollator.
  • Large wheels for outdoor use.
  • Hidden brake cables.
  • Seat and basket included.
  • Optional accessories available. 
  • Sleek and modern look.
  • 3 color options.
  • Ergonomically designed.

Con’s Of The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Rollator

  • It is not the cheapest rollator around, but it offers good value for the quality and features. 
  • Although lightweight, it is not the lightest weight rollator available. 



Putting It All Together

If you are deciding on the best folding rollator to buy take note of the 3 important points first before making your selection. With some careful consideration you are sure to make the right choice.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed review of the Nitro Euro Style rollator by Drive Medical. This looks like the perfect model for my mother. I have looked at several different styles and this one with it’s adjustable height and ability to fold is the lightest, most compact style I’ve found thus far.

    I question whether the brakes would be difficult for her hands since she has arthritis and at times has trouble gripping objects. The brakes on this rollator look similar to those on a bicycle; are they as tight as bicycle brakes to use? Also do these brakes have a lock? Thanks in advance for your input!

    • Hi and thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes the brakes are easy to use as the manufacturer has considered that some users may be a little weak. The Drive Nitro Euro Style rollator has brake locks. 

  2. Thank you so much for your recommendation. I was looking to see if I can get what’s good on a valuable rolator. My uncle just got stroke and for a while he has been making use of the wheelchair but he seems to have recovered abit and wants to graduate to a rollator. I like that you have given us what to look out for when buying one. I think I like the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Rollator, though it’s a little pricey, you said it’s worth its worth. Thanks again for doing this review I’ll be sure to check it out.

  3. I have friends and a sister that could use this type of equipment. It is nice to have the right equipment to be as mobile as possible, and this Drive Medical Nitro Euro Rollator seems to have the right set of features and usability to make it a first-rate selection for use.

    As I was reading through the specifications and the features, I could see it being very easy to add to the quality of life that they all could have with this equipment. Is there another comparable model or is this the top of the line for this kind of equipment? Great review and great equipment, I am forwarding this to my sister. Thanks

    • Hi and thanks for your comment and query. I also have a best of post with some other great rollators at various different price points you might find useful. Read here for more info on 5 top options for lightweight rollators. 

  4. Awesome review! Purchased this “Drive Medical Nitro Euro Rollator” for my 91 years grand-mom so that she could take it right up to the plane door. It was also returned to her when plane landed. She was so thrilled not to use cane and the airport wheelchair to make her trip. She really appreciate the fact that’s able to partially close it so she can get around in tight places.

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment, it’s appreciated. Happy to hear your grandma finds this rollator ideal for her needs. 

  5. Wow what an excellent reference for those who might be inflicted by mobility issues due to chronic illness or injury. A rollator can be an invaluable piece of equipment in this unfortunate scenario. It’s great to see that technology is advancing in this area as well, and that rollators are replacing their outdated cousin the walking frame. I totally agree that conserving energy while recuperating is important and can help with the process. Thank you for mentioning your 3 important points here as they are good to consider when making such a purchase. The Nitro Rollator looks outstanding with its ease of use, light weight, adjustable settings and solid warranty. I have some elderly acquaintances as well as some athlete friends who would find your post very useful, so I’ll be sharing it with them for sure. Thank you for a great rollator recommendation!

  6. I worried my mother’s diabetes might finally hurt her knees, so I came across your post about the walker. I must say you provided some good ideas and suggestions I didn’t understand in the past, just like the height, weight, and easy folding. I find the last one – easy folding is the most important for my family since we need to take this for my mother shortly, so if it’s not easy folding might cause some troubles for us.

    Thanks again for this informative post, and the three points I have shared with my siblings for our considerations of purchasing.

  7. This is a very thoughtful post about folding rollator walkers.  I appreciate your review and would like to share an experience.  We’re all used to seeing the regular walkers.  My husband’s grandfather is 103.  He’s in really excellent shape, given his age.  However, a couple of years ago, he was given a standard walker.  He found it so difficult to maneuver that thing.  Often times, he’d be tripping over the carpet or rugs.  He now has a rollator.  It’s got brakes and a seat, just as the ones you mention in your post.  It has helped him get around so much better than his old walker.  

    We need to take care of our elderly.  Let’s get some of this newer technology into their hands.  They can enjoy what life they have left.  We don’t need to diminish their already failing independence.  Thank you for writing this and helping to get the word out!  

    • Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful comment. Happy to hear you already experienced the benefits of a rollator over a standard walker. I hope your husband’s grandfather enjoys many more years of independence with his rollator. 

  8. My father suffered a stroke which paralyzed half of his body but fortunately, he still can move and walk slowly. Initially, we planned to buy a folding rollator walker to help him with walking, but he refused. He said, if we buy him a walker, his recovery would tend to be slower as compared to just using a rod. But the problem is, there’s a tendency that he might fall off on his sides which is very dangerous for someone who has suffered multiple strokes already. Do you have any suggestion how can we convince him to let us buy a folding rollator walker?

  9. This rollator is definitely snazzy looking. My dearly departed Granny would have considered too modern looking, although hers was similar, it was more clunky to fold up. My dad could really use one of these, but he is too embarrassed to look crippled. He just hobbles along with a cane. I do believe I shall share this information with him. The downside is, the only way in and out of their house is some stairs. He needs to have a ramp built in.

  10. My opinion is that this was a good article especially for seniors or people with disabilities. I believe people can benefit from a article like this because if they’re not informed (like I wasn’t before this article) they can still believe that it’s only those old silver 4 legged walkers on the market. Thanks for the review.

  11. Hi Ann. This review is suggesting to me that i need to check out the rollator for my mother-in-law so she can put down that walking frame. The frame worked well when we first bought it, but now with her back and knee problems the effort to do that lifting motion, is too much. I like everything about this. The ability to fold, the wheels for easier forward movement, the brakes to prevent it running away and it is light. Thank you for this review.

  12. Hi thanks for the post on the folding rollator walker. I am actually in the market for one of these walkers for my Grandmother who finds it hard to get mobile at her age. During my research I came across your article and found it very helpful. I really like the look of the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Rollator and I like the fact that it is lightweight as well.

  13. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about this equipments. My grandfather has one but his rollator is very old and i was thinking to make him a gift on this Christmas holidays. 

    I’m looking for a good height adjustment and weight capacity around 250lbs. I’m sure that Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator will be the best choice for my gift. My grandfather will be very happy and will go out more often now.

    I hope to see more posts like this. All the best ! 

  14. I have seen such kinds of devices being used by handicaps but they are not as good as this Folding Rollator Walker. Maybe they are other brands.

    What I like about this Folding Rollator Walker is the hidden brake because it’s not obvious. The fact that it’s folding it is an advantage to keep in space when carried inside the vehicle.

    As it is described in this review I would say this Folding Rollator Walker is worthy of the price. I like the lifetime warranty particularly on the frame and the brake and handle housing for five years will prove that it is made durable.

  15. This is good and for a truth, I found it informative. For elderly ones, having a rollator is not an issue of a discuss, most of them really needs it for steady movement. Also, we have patients around in need of this. Hence, having an upgrade in it to make them look a lot more fancier and even with improvement is great. Thank you so much for sharing this here. I truly appreciate it.
    i know of a person who can really make good use of this now. Also, I like theDrive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator and it would be the one I will choose for anyone if I were to select.

  16. Hi! This is such a practical solution. And I really like it can be folded. We’re searching a Rollator for my gradma but our search has ended. She has to take the subway every once in a while and this one is just perfect. She could even take it for her flights once a year to visit her grandchildren. Thanks for this post.

    • Happy to see your search has ended and you’ve found the ideal rollator for Grandma. Hope she loves it and it helps keep her independant.

  17. Yeah, I agree with you, walking frames are outdated. Who would want one when you can have a rollator.

    I like the cool style this Nitro Rollator has. I’ll take the red one. But one of the most important points for me to make up my mind when deciding to purchase this one is its lightweight at 17 lbs. Very nice!

  18. I work in health insurance and I talk to people all the time who need assistance to get around. I love this ‘walker’ because it has a seat and is stable. For a person who is out and about and gets tired easily, it’s great to have the option to sit for a bit or even sit and push with the feet to get around. This looks like a great product and very useful for people with mobility issues. 

    • Thanks for stopping by. Please note that rollators generally do not recommend that they are used while sitting and pushing with the feet as they are really not designed for that type of use.

  19. Thank you Ann for a very informative and insightful review. A relative of mine suffered a stroke a number of years ago and lost a lot of mobility due to paralysis down one side of his body. Currently he uses a walking cane to get around but this is can be frustratingly slow.  I have often wondered if there were other options available to support his mobility other than the standard cane or wheelchair.  Never was a rollator or similar device discussed with our doctor as an option, but I can see now from your review just how awesome the rollators are.  What are your thoughts on users who are partially paralysed and may not be able to hold or maneuver the rollator evenly (picture rowing a dinghy with only one oar)?

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. I think a rollator could help as stroke patients with paralysis down one side need a wider base of support. A rollator could provide this as compared to using a cane. It could also be easier to move a rollator compared to a standard walker without wheels. 

      However, as every stroke patient is different you would need to try it out to check that it works for your relative.

  20. I know that there is a huge demand for rollator walking seats in the general public of older people because  they want to get to places easily and effectively. I think that rollators are the best way because they support the person better. Rollators do make it easier to get around compared to regular walkers.

  21. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us .I’ve been looking for a rollatar like this for a long time .My older brother just had a stroke and for a while he used wheel chairs .Now he is fairly healthy but if a rollatar he had the benefit of running well .I like the Nitro Euro Style Rollator and feel comfortable with the rollatar provided in your article .I will definitely buy it and hopefully be much better .Convenient products and good quality products are always a bit pricey but I have no problem with it .For everyone’s sake, I hope it will be a good idea for those of you who have problems .

  22. I couldn’t ask for a more detailed and comprehensive review of the drive medical’s euro nitro rollator. You can agree that it doesn’t hurt to do a little digging when searching for an item of this nature. I just so happened to have your recommendations compelling. 

    One of the numerous attractions of their nitro is its ability to fold side to side and remain locked in position. That can come in really handy.

    Thanks again for sharing, it has been informative 

  23. Hello, I am a full-time bus city bus driver and I can personally attest that more and more elderly people use this type of walker. Oftentimes I see them sitting on it and getting up as they see the bus coming. This design is so much useful compared to the traditional walker. I really like your website btw. I was just perusing your other articles. You offer so much useful information. I bookmarked it, Thanks! 

  24. Hello, I enjoy a lot while reading your article and find it very useful. I worried my mother’s diabetes might finally hurt her knees, so I came across your post about the walker. I must say you provided some good ideas and suggestions. Often times, he’d be tripping over the carpet or rugs.  He now has a rollator.  It’s got brakes and a seat, just as the ones you mention in your post.  It has helped him get around so much better than his old walker. Thanks for the review.

  25. Hi, I enjoyed reading your article on Folding Rollator Walker/ Seat Included Drive Medical Euro Nitro Review.  There’s a lot of helpful and interesting information about the folding rollator walker.

    My mother is 90 years old.  I’m afraid of her losing her balance and falling.  I thought about getting her some type of walker, but they are so many to choose from.  I like this one because it does fold and it would be great for travel and outdoors.  I think I will get her this walker for Mother’s Day.

    Thank you,


  26. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. The use of rollators can only be made more important as they are also been used by the young people now. The drive mechanical Nitro euro rollator has great features and I am thinking of getting it for an aunt of mine. Thank you for this post


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