Top 10 Blogger Sites Sending A Positive Message About CFS/ME

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Do You Need To Read Something Positive About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

There can be so much negativity surrounding this illness. If you visit Chronic Fatigue Syndrome forums I’m sure you’ve read some very sad stories of people suffering with this debilitating illness. Personally, when I was ill, I had to stop visiting those forums as I found them a real downer. Guarding my emotional energy reserves was crucial to remaining positive enough to look for a way to recover.

Let’s face it, when you’re going through your own struggle, battling with the horrible symptoms of this illness, it doesn’t help to read about people who have had the illness for several years, are not coping well at all.

As with everything in life, a positive attitude is really important in helping you to not only cope with your illness, but persevere in finding the reasons for your illness. If you’ve read other posts on my site you’ll know that I was a sufferer for 8 years before finding an experienced naturopath to help me recover. It took fully two years of committed effort and a change to my lifestyle, diet and attitude to work, but I made a complete recovery from my particular form of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Many of you look to your GP for a cure to this illness, however it is more than a little unlikely that your doctor will be able to help you. I get many desperate comments on my quit chronic fatigue Facebook page with horror stories of people not only receiving no help from their doctors, but in one unbelievable case the doctor didn’t know what chronic fatigue syndrome was…..Wow!

top 10 blogger sites

I firmly believe you can only recover using the help of a naturopathic practitioner experienced in treating chronic fatigue syndrome. And only if you are committed to doing the work needed to persevere through all the required testing to get to the root cause(s) of your illness.

While you are trying to recover, it’s important to believe that you CAN. It’s also important to have a positive attitude to your current situation and how you go about coping with your illness on a day to day basis.

Hopefully, you can find a lot of helpful information and tips here at Quit Chronic Fatigue that can lead you to think about discovering the root cause(s) of your illness.

However, in this particular article I’m giving a shout out to some chronic fatigue syndrome bloggers who either write about their recovery, or write about the positive and creative ways they’ve found to deal with their illness.

Check out my top 10 blogger sites, as well as the positive messages they provide, at the very least you’ll find confirmation that you’re not alone. There are many other people going through, or having gone through a similar experience to you. They’re managing their illness and finding ways to live with chronic fatigue syndrome positively..

In no particular order, here are some uplifting blogs from chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers that are sure to make you feel a little better, more positive and hopeful about your own current situation. Click on the blog title to link through to each site.

A Snoozie Life

This blog is written by Suze, a young woman from Victoria in Australia who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, and made a recovery. Her blog charts her journey with the illness and how it helped her see life in a different way. Suze attributes her illness as helping her recognize what is really important in life. Read about a journey to France Suze took to celebrate her recovery.


Living With ME/CFS

A family living with chronic illness which includes chronic fatigue syndrome is the theme of this blog. Sue Jackson and her 2 boys all suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome, happily, one of her sons recovered. Sue’s blog is her story about how the family copes with chronic illness.

Maintaining a positive attitude they work on improving their condition and enjoying their lives even with the illness. The blog contains a lot of posts and information from dealing with crashes to information on allergies and adrenals.

CFS Survivors Blog

Graham developed chronic fatigue syndrome after having a flu like illness. He describes his chronic fatigue syndrome as being 70-90% healed. His blog focuses on the emotional aspects of chronic fatigue syndrome, isolation, loneliness etc., and how past trauma can affect you. Graham is now a coach helping others by providing emotional support for their illness.

Corina Duyn Little Wings

Corina’s creative output would put healthy people to shame, she writes, creates sculptures and tapestry weavings. Some of her work is undertaken 20 minutes at a time within the limits of her available energy. Her blog explores ways to live life creatively despite chronic illness, and her stories have been made into documentaries as well as radio interviews. You can find general information about chronic fatigue syndrome and even a favorite recipe on her blog.


I love the name of this lighthearted blog that is all about the writer’s journey with chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s full of helpful information, hints and tips. Currently living with chronic fatigue syndrome this blogger now enjoys a different career as a Reiki master and Wedding Officiant, a career which she feels is more suitable to their illness.

Get Up And Go Guru

Louise Bibby’s inspirational blog shares her journey with chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain of approximately 23 years. With an honors degree in Psychology Louise is a CFS/ME life coach. Louise’s cheerful and positive attitude shines through in her blog where she states ‘Life is what you make it’. Never a truer word……..

Chronically Hopeful

Charlene’s says she loves helping others with chronic fatigue syndrome and raising awareness about the illness. One of the categories on her blog is entitled ‘Practical Help’ and is exactly that. ‘How To Have ME Succesfully-11 Tips For Coping’ is a funny but true list of what it can be like living with the illness on a daily basis.

Quixotic ME

Patrick W Calvin’s blog journals the progress he makes from acceptance to living with chronic fatigue syndrome for several years. It charts his successes and failures during the time of living with the illness and provides a huge amount of information.

Patrick states that he named his blog ‘Quixotic ME’ because ‘I have a tendency to stay optimistic even in the face of information that tells me I shouldn’t be’.

Super Pooped Blogspot

As you can probably tell from the blog name, Hannah’s blog is written in a humorous and light-hearted style whilst delivering some profound messages about how she lives with and copes with chronic fatigue syndrome. There’s so much controversy over the naming of this illness, Hannah decides she’ll call it ‘The Big Bad Tired’.

Useful articles include ‘Visiting a sick person: A rough Guide’ which helps readers understand the preparation needed for a CFS sufferer to simply attend an event. While her brave video ‘Energy Crash Diary’ shows what happens during a crash.

Dreams At Stake

Laurel has been housebound and often bedridden for several years with a severe case of chronic fatigue syndrome. She started her blog because in part as she says:

‘More needs to be done to educate doctors so that patients are not so easily dismissed or mistreated. And more needs to be done to change the name to one that doesn’t trivialize the condition, and doesn’t merely focus on just one of the many different symptoms associated with the disease. The word “fatigue” doesn’t come even remotely close to describing what we experience. We are sick, not tired’.

I couldn’t agree more with Laurel’s sentiment that the name chronic fatigue syndrome trivializes the illness.

Dreams At Stake Posts include a resources list which has helpful information for those who are bedridden, as well as thoughts and observations on daily life with the illness.

Putting It All Together

So there you have it, Quit Chronic Fatigue’s Top 10 Blogger Sites, which hopefully will provide some interesting and uplifting reading.

As Always Please Feel Free To Leave A Comment.

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  1. Hi, Ann – Thanks for including my blog, Living with ME/CFS, along with such other wonderful blogs on your list!

    I would like to point out for your readers that although I do post frequently about a positive approach to life and coping with illness (including a Weekly Inspiration feature), the focus of my blog is on real medical treatments that can improve your symptoms – and your quality of life – dramatically. I report on the latest research as well as treatments that have helped our family the most. We now live semi-normal lives and are quite active again, and my goal is to help others with ME/CFS and related illnesses do the same!

    Thanks again for including me on this great list – I will go check out a few of these I hadn’t seen before!


    Living with ME/CFS

    • Hi Suze, thanks for your comment. Yes it’s really important to create more awareness not only of this debilitating illness but also to build knowledge that recovery is possible.

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