What is a Microbiome and How Does It Affect Gut Health?

What is a microbiome? Living in your intestinal tract is your “gut microbiome.” It’s made up of trillions of microorganisms that are mainly bacteria. These bacteria are extremely important to your health and wellbeing. They live in your digestive system, where their role is to help digest the food you eat. They also help with … Read more

What To Do With Bone Broth – 10 Great Ideas

Can’t Face One More Cup Of Bone Broth? Wondering What To Do With Bone Broth? You’re on a health kick and you heard about the great health benefits of bone broth. You’ve put your slow cooker to work. And now, your freezer is chock-full of mason jars brimming with gut healing, nutritious bone broth. Now … Read more

Healing Leaky Gut Diet – GAPS

Healing Leaky Gut Diet The GAPS diet, commonly known as a ‘healing leaky gut diet’, is a comprehensive healing diet that combines particular food with lifestyle changes. Originally formulated to serve as a natural therapy for patients suffering from brain-related disorders. Nowadays disorders related to a leaky gut and other digestive system ailments are associated … Read more

Are Wheat And Gluten Free Foods Best For C.F.S. Recovery?

  Why It’s Important To Pay Attention To Your Gut It is important to consider if eating a diet of wheat and gluten free foods could help in your recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome. A study carried out by researchers from Columbia University Medical Center found that significant numbers of chronic fatigue sufferers had gastrointestinal … Read more