This Is the Reason a Gut Health Test Is So Important

Gut health is not just a trendy phrase. Your gut is an integral part of your health, with connections to the immune system, mental health, and hormone regulation. Taking good care of your gut can help you avoid chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases, in addition to improving your mood. Just knowing how important your gut … Read more

What You Actually Need to Know About Improving Digestive Health

While digestive issues affect people from all walks of life, women are more likely to suffer from poor gut health symptoms. These symptoms can lead to broader health issues down the line, from mental illness to chronic disease. Improving digestive health can reduce or eliminate an unhealthy microbiome’s symptoms and lead to a longer and … Read more

How To Use Emotions to Increase Your Gut Health

Gut health and mental health are more closely related than most people realize. On the one hand, stress and emotional traumas can affect your gut’s ability to function smoothly. On the other hand, a healthy digestive system can lead to an improved mood and overall sense of wellbeing. Finding ways to manage your emotional health … Read more

What is a Microbiome and How Does It Affect Gut Health?

What is a microbiome? Living in your intestinal tract is your “gut microbiome.” It’s made up of trillions of microorganisms that are mainly bacteria. These bacteria are extremely important to your health and wellbeing. They live in your digestive system, where their role is to help digest the food you eat. They also help with … Read more